Human Vitamin Health

Explore how vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutrients can really effect your overall health

Human vitamin health involves a lot more than just taking a single vitamin in the old fashioned pill or caplet.

Please read more if you want to see the benefits of vitamins, minerals, and herbs as well as the myths surrounding them. 


  • Compare the benefits of liquid vitamins compared to “dry vitamins”
  • Why the absorption ratio is so important in this process 
  • Why nutrients are essential for your overall health 
  • Why you cannot get everything you need from your diet
Human vitamin healthYou may be shocked at how much they can help you

This site was created with YOU in mind and will address a lot of different issues head on such as:

  • There is not one vitamin myth that can’t be proven wrong
  • The myths surrounding overdose 
  • How certain deficiencies are very real and growing rapidly 
  • Is the medical community finally beginning to accept them?
  • The real difference between fat and water-soluble vitamins

Explore how they can help with the special needs of men, women, adolescents, as well as infants.

This site also addresses several stomach and eating disorders, your overall immune system health, as well as several bone and joint problems.

Acid refluxThey can help with acid reflux


  • Specialty Vitamin Needs
  • Stomach and Eating Disorders   
  • Your Immune System      
  • Bone and Joint Problems    

However, this is just the beginning, as human vitamin health will also help you explore the numerous skin conditions that can be helped with the correct nutrients.

It also shows how they may also help improve your heart's health and possibly prevent strokes.

This site also explores numerous allergy as well as respiratory conditions that these supplements can help with.

Allergy reliefThey can help with allergies and other respiratory issues
GoutThey are powerful in fighting inflammation and swelling


  • Numerous Skin Conditions 
  • Heart Disease and Stokes
  • Allergy Problems
  • Respiratory Problems

There is still more as we also explores the emergence of nutrients in cancer, as well as its growing connections with your nervous system and muscle development especially vitamin B12 health benefits.

It also addresses numerous disorders and deficiencies intertwined with human vitamin health as well as the benefits it may bring to your tissue and cellular development.

B12 health benefits have also been linked to your brain and several mental disorders because of its powerful role in the development of myelin and your myelin sheath.  

Vitamins for toddlersToddler vitamins are critical
Brain vitaminsThey can help protect you myelin sheath

Finally this site explores the health benefits of vitamin B1 as well as several other nutrients with your bladder and stone issues, your liver and pancreas, as well as your eyes, ears, teeth and foot problems,

Human vitamin health concludes with the assistance it provides with vein and blood disorders, as well as numerous fungal, viral, and bacterial infections. 

Hearing problemsYour overall ear health may depend on them


  • Bladder and Stone Issues
  • Your Liver and Pancreas
  • Your Ears, Eyes, Teeth, and Feet
  • Blood and Vein Diseases
  • Bacterial and Fungal Diseases