Menieres Disease Symptoms

Can very easily be controlled with the right lifestyle and nutrients

Can Menieres disease symptoms be helped by simply cutting back your salt intake as well as balancing it with other nutrients?

Only you can be the real judge of that but there are several experts that not only suggest this theory about salt intake, but also suggest offsetting the imbalance with both vitamins and minerals.

In fact they may help prevent it from ever occurring again.

If you have ever suffered from this disorder, you will understand that although the actual episode itself may only last for several minutes, it can literally affect you for several days.


Menieres disease is considered to be a disorder of your inner ear that can result in vertigo that can become chronic and can attack you at any time.

Vertigo, which is a sensation of a spinning motion or feeling like you are literally drunk and have absolutely no control, is not the only danger with this disorder.

It can also cause a severe hearing fluctuation, ringing in your ears, as well as a feeling of tremendous pressure on your ears. It can affect both ears, but in the vast majority of cases it will only affect one.

If Menieres disease symptoms are not treated and managed, if can affect any type of a normal life and may in some cases be life threatening.

This is especially true if it causes you to fall, or worse yet, if it attacks while you are driving.

There are several different symptoms of Menieres disease and you may experience all of them at some point in the attack, or you may experience only one of them.


Menieres diseaseIt can easily make you lose control of your balance

The best known as well as most common of the Menieres disease symptoms is referred to as vertigo.

This is the exact same feeling you used to have as a child when you played any type of spinning game where you spin several times and then stop.

Although you have stopped, the environment around you has not, and as a result, you lose complete control of your balance.

These attacks of vertigo can come without any warning and they can vary dramatically in duration.

In some cases, they may last for less than thirty minutes, but they can also last as long as 24 hours.

They can be so severe that it results in both nausea and vomiting, and can take up to two days to recover.

The next Menieres disease symptom is some type of a hearing loss that will come and go in the early stages of the disorder.

However, as the attacks increase, it may take much longer for your hearing to return to normal and may reach a point where it never does.

Ringing in your ears, referred to as tinnitus, can also occur, which can also result in roaring, whistling, as well as hissing sounds in your ears.

The last of the common symptoms is referred to as aural fullness, which can cause varying degrees of pressure in your ears and make them feel like they are full of fluid.

Once you begin to experience Menieres disease symptoms, you need to consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

There is the potential that it may be early signs of a stroke, a brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, or some type of a heart disease.

If any of the following signs accompany the vertigo, it just pasted into extremely dangerous territory.

These signs include sudden and severe headaches, loss of vision or double vision, temporary loss of speech, as well as fainting.

Other serious warning signs include a difficulty in walking, chest pains, as well as a rapid or very slow heart rate.

Double vision causesMenieres disease symptoms can be helped by some strong minerals


This is where the real challenge with Menieres disease symptoms starts; the real cause is still not fully understood.

However, it is believed to be a buildup of fluid in your inner ear in abnormal amounts.

Your inner ear is basically a cluster of both passages that are connected as well as cavities and is referred to as the labyrinth.

The outside of your inner ear is made of bone, and the inside is made of membranes that are very soft and smaller but quite similar to the outer form.

Your membranes inside your ear contain fluids that are lined with very small sensors that are built to respond to these fluids.

In order for your ear to operate exactly as it was designed, this fluid control must do three things; maintain safe levels, control pressure, and control the chemical balance.

If something occurs to interrupt this process, it can trigger this disorder.

This control can be disrupted by some type of drainage problem, a blockage problem in your ear, as well as an allergy of some kind.

It can also be triggered by viral infection, a head injury, or a genetic disorder.


Menieres disease symptoms can be a very serious condition if it is not treated, but it does have some very effective treatments.

In the very early stages your doctor may give you motion sickness medication such as Valium, as well as anti-nausea medications.

However, this is not considered by any means to be the long term solution.

Most doctors, including Michael Seidman, M.D., director of the Tinnitus Center at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, strongly suggest cutting back on sodium or salt in your diet as the first real step in fighting this disorder.

The reason for this is quite simple; once salt becomes concentrated in the fluid in your inner ear, it will naturally draw in more fluid disrupting the balance.

However, it is also widely held that this will not work by itself as you need to offset the sodium with other minerals that include magnesium, calcium, as well as potassium.

All three are important for your ears to function properly, but magnesium may be the most effective in fighting off sodium imbalances.

Although magnesium deficiency is considered to be quite rare, it is not a deficiency that is the question here, it is how it helps.

Magnesium is found naturally in the fluid that surrounds your cells and is believed to help maintain those levels at the proper balance. 

Another very prominent doctor, Susan J. Seidel, hearing specialist at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, found that women taking a multi-vitamin and mineral formulas for premenstrual problems also had a dramatic reduction in this disorder.

Also, in some cases, there was a complete abatement of the symptoms associated with Tinnitus.

Only you can be the real judge if any of these methods actually work with Menieres disease symptoms.

However taking motion sickness and anti-nausea medications is not the long term answer; preventing the fluid buildup is.

Reducing your sodium intake is the first step, and then backing it up with minerals is the next step.


Multivitamins and minerals in liquid forms are much safer as well as much more effective for two reasons.

You will not only be getting the optimum as well as the safe amounts, they will absorb at over a ninety percent ratio immediately.

This is exactly what you want in this counter attack against Menieres disease symptoms.

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