Weight Loss and Nutrients

In fully understand how nutrients can help you need to understand the myths

Weight loss and nutrients, is there any possible connection?

In almost any place you go including a drug store, supermarket, or a mass retailer; you will be lambasted with all the new fad items and products to lose weight.

However, there are two basic questions that you should ask; are they safe and do they actually work.

In most cases, it will be very difficult to answer these questions, unless you have tried the products for yourself.

But then ask yourself the real question on how many of these products have you have tried that did not work, or worse yet, actually made you sick.

Then ask yourself the logical set of questions such as how did I put on this weight and how many vitamins or minerals have ever made you sick or did not work.

In some cases, you may not take any type of daily nutrient, and if not, could this be contributing to your weight gain?


In fully understanding how weight loss and nutrients may be connected, the first thing that should be discussed is some of the myths that are out there.

It is also very important to understand that your weight gain did not occur overnight unless you have some form of medical condition.

Instead, it has developed over a period of months or years in most cases.

Because of this, does it really make sense that you could safely and rapidly lose weight and then continue to keep it off?

The first myth about weight loss and nutrients surrounds vitamin B12 and injections for weight loss.

This is not only a myth; it is also basically a lie.

B12 injections are extremely helpful for several conditions with the most common being shaky leg syndrome, pernicious anemia, as well as malabsorption syndrome.

They may also be used for an actual B12 deficiency, as well as severe alcohol abuse, but they are not given to lose weight.

In fact, if this is suggested, you should question the credentials as well as the documentation of any one that is suggesting it.

The next major myth about weight loss and nutrients is is that if you can help speed up your metabolism and this will help you achieve a weight loss.

This is also inaccurate in the fact that although it may be helpful, it alone will not cause you to lose weight.

You have gained weight for a couple of very basic reasons; you increased your caloric intake and you did not burn off these calories fast enough to avoid a weight gain.

Even if you try the newest fad out there and you do lose weight very rapidly, will you be able to keep it off in the long run. The third myth is that chromium picolinate is the real answer.

Although this mineral can be very helpful, if it is not combined with a new diet as well as exercise, it does not work. However, it can be quite helpful if used properly, but the key is how to use it.


Weight lossWeight loss and nutrients center on both Vitamins and Minerals

Weight loss and nutrients start with one basic premise.

They can be extremely helpful but they alone will not work.

You must also modify your diet and you should also increase the power of your immune system.

It is a well-documented fact that if your immune system is weak and you are overweight, it increases your chances of several diseases such as heart disease and diabetes just to name a few.

However, it is also a well proven fact that if this system is weak you will also not feel as good as you could or will you perform at your best.

But the real key in this to weight loss and nutrients is that it can open the gate for abnormal immune activity.

If you are overweight it can cause excessive estrogen production to occur, as well as lowering the production of testosterone, which can be a very dangerous combination.

However, antioxidants may be able to help prevent this as they will protect your body against the damages caused by free radicals.

Free radicals have one objective in mind when they invade your body and your immune system is low; to steal the nutrients from your cells.

They do this also for one very basic reason; they use these nutrients to feed themselves.

Free radicals steal the electrons from your cells which can very easily lead to this dangerous combination, but antioxidants in the form of vitamin A, C, and E, can help to prevent this from occurring.

All of these will act as nutrients for the free radicals, and because of this, it stops this process as they eat them instead of the electrons in your cells.

Once stopped, it helps your immune system return to full operating strength and improves your energy levels which will help you lose weight.

However, contrary to most of the misconception that surrounds weight loss and nutrients, vitamins are not the real key, minerals are.

The mineral chromium may not be the miracle cure to weight loss, but is starting to gain a lot of attention and certainly can be very helpful.

Chromium comes in several different forms, but by far and away the most effective form with weight loss and nutrients is chromium picolinate.

This form is gaining a lot of attention in its ability to help build lean muscle and reduce fat if you are overweight, but even this scenario has skeptics.

There is one very large caveat to this formula; it only helps with these functions if you exercise.

This is extremely important in your battle to lose weight for one reason; lean body mass burns more calories.

The problem with most any type of fad diet or new wonder drug is that it does not address the lean body fat issue.


If you are really serious about losing weight and then keeping it off, you need to try this form of chromium.

There is however, another thing that separates this from most of the pack of fads; it is documented.

The first study done was at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge where 59 college age students were tested and half were given 200 micrograms of this form of chromium once a day for several weeks.

The group that took the chromium picolinate gained almost twice the amount of lean body fat as compared to those that did not take it.

However, the benefits of this mineral do not end here, as it also helps with the insulin in your body.

Insulin, which is a hormone, allows your cells to acquire glucose from your blood, and is very effective at preventing diabetes, which is more of a threat when you are overweight.

Although chromium may be the main catalyst in weight reduction, there are other minerals can help especially if you go on a caloric reduced diet.

A reduction of calories is absolutely critical to lose weight, but in can affect your immune system and will need to be backed up with zinc, magnesium, iron, as well as calcium.

Low levels of zinc as the result of reduced calories can cause brittle and dry hair, as well as hair loss. It can also affect your nails, skin, as well as your gums.

Magnesium is critical for normal heart beat functions, and if your diet causes of deficiency of this mineral, it could be devastating.

Iron backup is also very important, especially for women that are pre-menopausal to prevent iron deficiency which can lead to severe headaches, fatigue, as well as heart palpitations.

Calcium is also commonly depleted in low calorie diets, and a deficiency of this mineral can have long term implications on your bones and teeth.


Weight loss and nutrients do have a connection, and one that is not only safe, but also critical for your immune system and your overall health.

A fad diet or a new form of diet supplement that has not been tested may do a lot more harm than good.

You put on this weight for a reason, and only a well-planned attack should be used to correct it.

Chromium picolinate alone is not the answer as it must be combined with a controlled diet, exercise as well as other nutrients.

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