Alternative Asthma Treatments

Can a few key nutrients actually help with this very dangerous condition?

Can alternative asthma treatments actually help this very challenging condition that it is now considered an epidemic?

The answer is yes, it can be controlled, depending on the kind that you may have, but it can also be fatal if severe enough.

Because of this, it is a must to fully understand which of the six types you may have so you can properly select which of these key nutrients may actually help you. 


This condition is the fastest growing chronic condition in America, estimated to currently affect over 15 million Americans with an estimate to possibly double that number in the next 10 to 12 years.

In fact, a child born 10 years from now is expected to be twice as much at risk at getting asthma than a child in 2009. Worldwide numbers simulate these numbers.

As many asthma suffers know; there is no known cure, there is no real known cause, and there is no real treatment program that works effectively for the majority of asthma patients all of the time.

Do you not have to ask yourself than, is there anything else that could be done for this condition?

Could there actually alternative asthma treatments that work?

By definition, this condition is a chronic, long term disease that inflames and narrows the airways, making it very difficult to breathe when an attack happens.

The airways are the tubular like structures that carry the air we breathe in and out of our lungs.

Inflammation of the airways causes them to tighten, which narrows them, and as a result, less air flows into your lungs.

The inflammation also causes swelling and makes these air ways very sensitive, which often causes the cells of the airways to produce more mucus than normal.

In our respiratory systems, mucus actually aids in protecting our lungs as it traps foreign particles that may enter, especially through the nose.

Too much mucus being produced, however, is what triggers most of the Asthma attacks.

For the huge number of people that are affected by it, you might want to step back and ask if alternative asthma treatments might actually work.

History and research clearly shows that it took the medical and the scientific community just slightly over 200 years to finally realize that thiamine could actually help beri beri.

So why would Asthma and supplements be any different?

There are differing opinions on how many different types of asthmatic conditions there actually are, but the consensus among most experts is that there are six different types.

They are grouped by what may, and that is the cogitative term, be causing the condition.


Asthma typesAsthma cannot be cured but it can be controlled

The list of six types of asthma include; allergic, non-allergic, exercise induced, nocturnal, asthma in pregnancy and occupational.

The allergic form is obviously triggered by an allergic reaction to something such as pets and pollen, especially seasonal types of pollen.

Non-allergic forms are considered to be caused by irritants in the air such as second hand smoke, room deodorizers, fresh paint, perfumes, and very cold temperatures, just to name a few.

The exercise induced form seems to be set off by exercise or physical activity, while nocturnal forms of this condition can occur with any type of asthma.

This form seems to happen most frequently after 3 to 4 hours of sleep.

The possible reasons for this are that adrenaline and corticosteroids levels produced by the body to fight off this condition are lower the longer you sleep.

This is where the alternative asthma treatments begin to emerge. 

Asthma in pregnancy is a condition where a woman already has it, but may have different affects of from it  because of pregnancy ranging from the condition almost abating entirely to getting much worse.

Occupational forms are obviously caused by something you are exposed to at work such as chemicals, dust, and other like substances.

Victims of this condition all know very well the medicines used to “control” it such as bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory medications.

However what about nutrients that are used to treat different asthmatic conditions.


Would it not be logical that if these alternative asthma treatments are used to help treat asthmatic conditions, that regular intake of the same nutrients might in the long run help to reduce or even eliminate asthmatic conditions?


Magnesium is the first of the alternative asthma treatments and is a mineral that is needed in every cell in your body as it helps more than 300 biochemical reactions within it.

But what is extremely interesting about magnesium, is what it does for this condition.

A deficiency of magnesium was found in a study at the University of Nottinghams Division of Respiratory Medicine to be a major cause of this condition.

It was found that an intravenous shot of magnesium can immediately stop even the most acute attacks. 

Backed by the Journal of Medicine, this same study of 2,633 asthmatics increased lung functions, airway responsiveness, and wheezing conditions when magnesium levels were raised to normal levels.

Magnesium also helps to control muscle spasms and is able to smooth bronchial muscles so they don’t contract and close off air.

The same study found it very ironic that several of the prescribed medications for asthma can cause magnesium depletion and recommended 200-600 mg of magnesium supplements a day.

Vitamin B 12

Further studies documented in the Natural Healing Encyclopedia and then backed by a U.S. Department of Agriculture biochemist found that with injections of Vitamin B12  80% of asthmatic children responding immediately. 

However, continued frequent injections virtually eliminated all asthmatic conditions making this nutrient next on the list of alternative asthma treatments.

The B class of vitamins in general is severely depleted in your body by stress, and it is difficult to think of anything more stressful than not being able to breath.

Vitamin B12 is different from all other vitamins in that its chemical structure is much more complex and it is the only vitamin to contain an inorganic element, the mineral cobalt.

Because of this, it may be the most effective of the alternative asthma treatments.

Only microorganisms and bacteria can make this vitamin, as plants and animals cannot.


Vitamin B 6 has also been shown to be another of the effective alternative asthma treatments, as asthmatics seem to have an exaggerated need for B6, not from a deficiency, but from an error in metabolism.

The largest role of Vitamin B6 is in the repair and optimal function of the nervous system which controls the functions of all systems and organs in the body, but especially important for breathing.

It is also is extremely interactive with Vitamin B12 in the body.


While here is no cure for this condition and no one knows the exact cause, what is known is that alternative asthma treatments are extremely effective in controlling it reducing the affects.

If they work so effectively to treat this condition after an attack and than to reduce the regularity of them, would they not be very beneficial in preventing the attacks?

Only you can be the judge of this.

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