Blepharitis Home Remedies

There are several natural treatments that are very effective at slowing down and preventing the symptoms

Are there any Blepharitis home remedies, or are medications the only form of treatments. The answer to this question is yes for some very basic reasons.

Contrary to whatever claim anyone or any website makes about a cure for this condition, to this date there is still no known cure.

However there are several natural treatments that can very easily help you control the symptoms.


In fully understand how these Blepharitis home remedies can help, it is very helpful to know exactly what it is, what the symptoms are, and some of the complications.

It also helps to know exactly what natural treatments can help and why they help.

Blepharitis is best described as an inflammation that affects your eyelids and in most all cases it will only involve the part of the eyelid where your eyelashes grow.

It occurs as the result of some type of a malfunction of very tiny glands that are located at the base of your eyelashes.

Once this occurs, your eyelids can show several different symptoms, however, unless it becomes chronic, it will not cause any type of permanent damage to your eyesight.


Although the best known of all the symptoms are itching and inflammation, there are several other signs that you can also watch for that will help you identify this condition.

The most common of all the symptoms are watery eyes as the result of what is happening to your eyelashes that will very quickly result in the next sign, which are red eyes.

Once this has occurred, you may also begin to feel an almost gritty like sensation that in most all cases will be accompanied by a burning sensation as well.

These symptoms will than lead to the next set, which are the best known of all the signs and that is swollen and very itchy eyelids.

Once these signs have occurred, when you examine your eyelids closely, they will look almost greasy like in appearance and you may also see skin that is beginning to flake around your eyes as well.

However, perhaps the most telling of all of the Blepharitis symptoms is the next one; crusted eyelids when you wake up in the morning.

If your eyes are crusted over, the odds are very high that you have developed this condition.

You may also experience a gradual sensitivity to any type of light, eyelashes that begin to become misdirected, as well as a loss of several of your eyelashes.


In further understanding which Blepharitis home remedies may help you, it is also helpful to understand what can cause this condition.

The most common cause is believed to be seborrheic dermatitis, which is a type of dandruff that not only affects your scalp; it can also very easily affect your eyelashes.

The actual cause may also be some type of a bacterial infection, a malfunctioning of the oil glands in your eyelid, as well as Rosacea.

Rosacea is a common skin condition that is characterized by facial redness that can also spread to your eyelids.

Allergies may also be the underlying cause that are triggering the Blepharitis symptoms you are experiencing, as well as some type of an allergic reaction to eye medications or contact lens solution.

However, an allergic reaction to eye makeup is now emerging as one the most common causes of this condition.

This is especially true  if you are female or work in the television industry where you will almost daily be required to put on some type of makeup.


BlepharitisBlepharitis home remedies include Vitamin C and Selenium

This condition can cause several potential complications and the first of these will involve your eyelashes.

These symptoms can easily cause your eyelashes to slowly begin to fall out, or grow abnormally.

When this occurs, your eyelashes will grow very unnaturally as they will not be symmetrical and provide natural protection, as they will begin to grow in different directions.

This can very easily lead to the next complication, which is eyelid scarring.

Other potential complication includes the development of a sty, which is a very painful infection that develops on the base of your eyelashes.

This can dramatically affect your eyelashes, but it can also affect your eyes. However, these symptoms can also cause other complications and the next on the list is referred to as chalazion.

This is a situation that develops as the result of a blockage in one of your small oil glands in the margin of your eyelid that is located directly behind your eyelashes.

However, it is much different than a sty, as the infection that causes it to swell and affect your eyelids that are on the inside, not the outside, of your eyelashes.

Excessive tearing or the complete opposite, dry eyes are also potential complications as is a chronic pink eye.


Although there are several conventional treatments for the symptoms such as antibiotics, steroid eye drops or ointments, as well as artificial tears.

There are also several Blepharitis home remedies that can help you control these symptoms.

However, it is worth repeating again, although they can help control these symptoms, they will not cure them.

The first of the Blepharitis home remedies is with alpha-lipoic acid, which is an extremely powerful antioxidant that can help prevent the damages done by free radicals.

This nutrient is in the same family that vitamin A is in, and both are considered to be very powerful for your eyes as they attack free radicals head on.

Free radicals are naturally occurring renegade like molecules that have one objective in mind; to steal the electrons from your healthy molecules.

If this occurs, the symptoms will only become worse, but if you can stop them naturally, you can begin to control them.

If you combine these natural treatments with vitamin C,  the next of the Blepharitis home remedies, they form a very powerful one-two-three punch against this attack.

The reason for this is simple; they offer themselves as the food source for the free radicals, which in turn protects your healthy molecules and allows them to attack the causes of these symptoms.

The mineral selenium is the next of the Blepharitis home remedies as it is also a very powerful antioxidant.

When it is combined with the others, they also protect your eyelashes against infections, inflammation, as well as any type of ulceration such as a sty or chalazion.

However, the list is still not complete as vitamin E as well as the mineral zinc are the next of the Blepharitis home remedies that can help with these symptoms.

Vitamin E is critical for the respiration of your cellular structures as it helps them to repair themselves very quickly, which is exactly what you need when fighting these attacks.

Zinc is also helpful as it aids in the healing process both internally and externally, and is found in most all skin medications.

However, it is even more powerful in a supplement form as it will assist the healing processes internally.


There are several Blepharitis home remedies, and while they may not cure the symptoms, they can very easily help to control them.

This is exactly what you need with this very painful and challenging condition.

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