Body Odor Cures

To see if vitamins are actually one of the cures, test them for yourself

Are vitamins one of the body odor cures that actually work, and if so, what is the connection and how strong is it?

If you suffer from this condition or you know someone that does, you might be very pleasantly surprised just how strong this connection is.

Although this condition is not common, when it does occur, it is one of the most embarrassing conditions anyone could have and it works both ways.

If you know or work with someone that has body odor, you understand how difficult it is to approach the situation.

If you suffer from it, it is even more difficult as you know that you have it, you use deodorant and have tried every home remedy on the internet including aluminum chloride.

However it still occurs and you may not fully understand why.


In fully connecting body odor cures and vitamins connections, it is very helpful to understand exactly what this condition is, why it occurs, and which vitamins actually help.

However, instead of just listing the vitamins and giving you a one line reason why they help, it is important to understand in detail just exactly why they may help you possibly ending this condition once and for all.

Sweating and body odor can very easily occur when you exercise or exert yourself in several different ways, as well as when you are in a very hot environment.

This will happen to you several times in your lifetime and is considered quite normal, but it can also occur when you are nervous, anxious, or under a lot of stress, which may not be normal.

Both sweating and odor also considered to be natural and healthy functions simply because if you did not sweat and have some odor, it would be very unhealthy.

In fact it would almost always be the first signs of something very sinister happening in your body.

However, what is not normal is the body odor intensifying for one simple reason; if everything is operating properly in your body this perspiration should be odorless in most all cases.

When you have persistent body odor and there is no underlying medical causes, this unpleasant odor may be the result of your perspiration coming into contact with bacteria.

This bacteria is in your skin at a much higher rate than normal.

This as well as controlling your mood and anxiety is where the connection between body odor cures and vitamins begin.

It is also very important to understand that any type a sudden change in your sweating or your body odor should not be taken lightly.

Again it may be the first signs that you see of some type of an underlying medical condition.


Wet arm pitsYour immune system needs to be at full strength

In further connecting body odor cures and vitamins, it is also helpful to understand exactly why you sweat.

The actual cause of both sweating and body odor is the result of one of your body’s immune systems, the temperature regulation system, also referred to as sweat glands, maintaining your temperature.

It does this in order to accomplish two things; hydrate your skin and maintain your body fluids and electrolytes.

Your electrolytes are made up of several chemicals, but the two most prominent ones are sodium and calcium.

There are two different types of sweat glands in your skin; eccrine and apocrine.

Your eccrine glands are located over the majority of your body, and if they are operating properly, they will end up directly on the surface of your skin.

Your apocrine glands are located in the areas of your body that are covered with hair follicles, and these areas include your head or scalp, your armpits, as well as your groin areas.

If these are operating properly, they will open up first in your hair follicles, and then will open on your skins surface.

When your body temperature begins to rise for any type of reason, another one of your immune systems, your autonomic nervous system, will stimulate your eccrine glands.

Once this occurs, they will secrete fluid on your skins surface where it does exactly what it was designed to do; cool your skin.

Once it has cooled your skin, it evaporates normally without any type of an odor.

Perspiration in your body is made up of two primary components, water and sodium chloride, but it also contains very small amounts of electrolytes which regulate your skins fluid balances.

However, the real connection between body odor cures and vitamins occurs with the apocrine gland, as it secrets a rather fatty sweat like substance in your skin.

If this is caused by stress, anxiety, or nerves, the walls of the tubule that hold this gland expands.

Once this occurs, the sweat is pushed to your skins surface, where the normal bacterium in your skin starts to break it down.

It is this process that you need to be concerned about, as this is when the odor begins to develop.


Body odorNatural body odor cures center on the B class of vitamins

The form of perspiration that is caused by some type of stress or anxiety, in most all cases, will develop under your armpits.

However it may also develop in the soles of your feet or in your palms, and this is where the term sweaty palms originated.

The connection between body odor cures and vitamins begins with vitamin A, which helps your skin in several ways.

This nutrient is best known for its ability to rejuvenate your skin by producing new skin cells, but it also helps to maintain the moisture in your skin as well as helping to build your immune system.

Vitamin A is a generic name for retinoids that are naturally occurring molecules in your body that help to build your immune system, especially those that are associated with your skin.

It is for this reason that it is often recommended for age spots, dark under eye circles, and several other skin conditions

However, it is also believed to help prevent unwanted bacterial growths, which may be what triggers the odor when fatty sweat is released from your apocrine glands.

The next connection between body odor cures and vitamins is with the B-class of vitamins and include B-6, folic acid, and B-12.

The reason these vitamins are so critical with this condition is what they do for your nervous system in helping to control your moods, which in turn, helps to control both stress and anxiety.

Folic acid is considered to be a nutritional powerhouse for your body as it essential for over 20 different enzymes that not only build your DNA.

They also help to control your nerves functions which in turn, control your stress levels.

B-6 helps with the process of fat and protein metabolism, which is critical for your immune system that protects your temperature controls, but it is also critical in building neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters are the chemicals in your body that allows for your brain cells to communicate with each other, and if this process fails, it will very easily affect your ability to handle stress or anxiety.

B-12 is also very important as it is essential in building myelin, which is a fatty sheath like covering that protects all of your nerves.


If you are deficient of this nutrient it can very easily result in the electrical signals set from your brain malfunctioning, which is believed to be the major reason behind stress and anxiety.

The final connection with between body odor cures and vitamins involves two minerals, magnesium and zinc, as well as vitamin C.

These minerals also help to build and maintain your nervous system, and a deficiency of either can weaken it.

Vitamin C helps vitamin A fight off the damages of free radicals, which are naturally occurring molecules that threaten your cells, including your skin cells.

This happens as the result of taking the food sources from them as their own, which can lead to excessive bacterial growth on your skin surface. 

However, these vitamins offer themselves as the food source which in turn protects your skin cells and protects them from any type of excessive bacterial growth.


The connection between body odor cures and vitamins appear to be very strong.

If you suffer from this condition and even aluminum chloride has not helped, perhaps it is time you tested these nutrients for yourself.

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