Boils and Cysts

They can not only be very painful they can also be extremely dangerous

Boils and cysts are not only very painful; they can also be extremely dangerous in some cases.

If the bacteria from either of these forms of infections enter into your bloodstream, they can very easily travel to other parts of your body spreading an infection referred to as sepsis or blood poisoning.

However, there are several natural treatments in the form of nutrients as well as one very powerful herb that can provide relief as well as eliminating both boils and cysts very rapidly.


Boils are very well known, but what is not as well-known are cysts, although they are very closely related.

Both are pus filled bumps that form under your skin when there is a bacterial infection and as a result, they inflame one or more of your hair follicles.

They almost always will start out as red lumps that are very tender and can very quickly fill with pus.

The larger they grow, the more painful they become until they rupture and begin to drain.

A cyst is very similar but with one major difference; they are a cluster of boils.

In most all cases you can treat either one of these conditions on your own if you understand which nutrients as well as herbs actually work.

These infections can occur anywhere on your skin but they are much more common on your face, neck or buttocks.

However, they can also occur in your armpits and thighs as they will generally attack hair bearing areas that are subject to sweating or any kind of friction.

In either case, your first inclination is to rub them or pick them, which is the worst thing you could possible do.


Cysts can be painfulAfter years of fighting them I finally found the answer

The symptoms of boils and cysts are very similar with the major difference being the actual severity or aftermath of damages they can cause.

Most boils will start out as a red bumps about the size of a pea, and within a matter of hours they can be very tender as well as painful.

As they intensify, they will also cause the skin around them to swell as well as turn a reddish color.

Once this process has started, they are beginning to fill up with pus and in some cases can grow as big as a golf ball.

Once they have reached their peak growth, you will see a yellow-white tip that will eventually rupture which allows the pus to drain out.

Once they have completely drained, they will heal entirely on their own unless it has become very large, in which case they may leave some scar tissue.

Cysts will show the exact same symptoms expect they will be even more pronounced will attack the back of your neck, your shoulders, or thighs.

They are considered to be much more dangerous as they are a deeper form of infection, take much longer to develop as well as heal, and in most all cases, they will leave scars.

If you develop chills or a fever from boils and cysts, you need to seek immediate medical attention.


Painful boilsTo clear boils and cysts naturally take a teaspoon full of Turmeric once a day for 3 days

In most cases both will form as the result of one or more of your hair follicles becoming infected with staph bacteria.

These forms of bacteria normally live or inhabit on your skin, but on occasion they can affect your throat or your nasal passages.

When this occurs, they can lead to very serious diseases such as pneumonia or endocarditis, which is an infection that attacks the lining of your heart.

When this bacterium causes boils, it has usually entered into your skin by some type of a cut, a scratch, or a tear of some kind.

As soon as this occurs, your body sends out a very specialized white blood cell that is referred to as neutrophils to fight this invasion.

Once this fight begins, inflammation occurs and pus begins to develop which is a mixture of your white blood cells fighting the infection, bacteria, and dead skin cells.

This attack has several potential causes and leading the list is a deficiency of Vitamin A or Vitamin E, blocked sweat glands, stress, or some type of an immune problem or disorder.

However, it can also be caused by clothes that are chafing your body, tooth decay, as well as poor hygiene.

But the list does not end there, as it can also be caused by close contact with someone that has a staph infection, as well as other skin disorders such as acne or eczema.


They both have several natural treatments and the first will involve Vitamin A and E, as well as the mineral zinc.

Vitamin A plays a very important role in your immune system as well as your skins health, but when combined with Vitamin E, it can be very effective in stopping both boils and cysts before they ever start.

Vitamin E is extremely important as it helps to destroy damaged skin cells which are part of boils and cysts, as well as protecting the top layer of your skin.

This layer is made up partially of fatty acids and helps to protect it from free radical damages.

The mineral zinc taken orally is also believed not only to prevent boils and cysts from developing, but can also help them heal much quicker.

Topical forms of zinc ointment are also very helpful as it helps to speed up the process of the boil coming to a head as well as dramatically easing the pain.

However, although these nutrients can help prevent boils and cysts as a deficiency might be the underlying cause, there is nothing even close to what the natural herb turmeric can do. 

Turmeric has several wonderful qualities, and fighting boils and cysts is one of them. Taken internally, it can help to both shrink them as well as heal them in three days or less.

If the infection has not yet broken your skin, the healing process may take only one day as it will work that quickly.

If there is any doubt in your mind if you have boils and cysts or if it simply a pimple, there is a very easy test.

Take a cotton ball and soak it in hydrogen peroxide on the infected area. If it is a pimple, it will turn white and will begin to heal immediately; it they are boils or cysts, it will do nothing.

You can buy turmeric supplements at any health food store; however, much like liquid vitamins, taking it in a liquid form is much more effective as well as much cheaper.

You can buy a 10 ounce bag for three to four dollars and you simply take one teaspoon in warm water three times a day.

Turmeric can cause constipation so will want to make sure that you drink two to three glasses of water after each dosage, which also helps to purify your system.

Both can be extremely painful and in some cases can easily lead to blood poisoning.

However, by taking a multi-liquid liquid vitamin once a day you may never become deficient of vitamins A or E, or for that matter, zinc.


Turmeric, which has been used for thousands of years, will be the most effective treatment for boils and cysts you have ever tried, and if you have any doubts; test it for yourself.

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