Causes of Low Sperm Count

Could the answer to this problem really be this simple

There are several potential causes of low sperm count but there is one major setback; most men do not know how to correct them.

However, the medical community, including the prestigious Mayo Clinic, is now giving one of the biggest potential causes a lot more attention.

In fact, if there are no underlying medical conditions, a deficiency of certain nutrients is considered one of the leading causes.

In fully understanding the connection between the causes of low sperm count and vitamins, it is very helpful to know exactly what it is as well as the symptoms to watch for.

It also helps to know the huge list of potential causes as well as which vitamins can help and why they will help.

Low sperm count can be very demoralizing for men, but it should not be as in most cases if it is not the result of an underlying medical condition, you will simply need to change some of your habits.

This will include the way you eat and the nutrients that you get, as well as some lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking.

However, that may be easier said than done for some men and if that is the case, the connection between low sperm count and vitamins is even stronger.

Both drinking and smoking can very easily deplete certain nutrients in your body.

If you have a low sperm count, it simply means that the fluid, which is also referred to as semen, that you ejaculate during an orgasm has fewer sperm than what is considered normal.

This condition is also referred to as oligospermia, and to put it in numerical terms, if you have fewer than 20 million sperm per milliliter of your semen, it is considered to be below normal levels.

This by no means implies that you cannot father a child, it simply means that the chances of fertilizing your partners egg is much lower.

However, if the underlying cause of this low count can be identified, this condition can very easily be treated.

However, to in order to do this, you need to understand the symptoms you need to watch, and this list is quite surprising to most men.


The connection between the causes of low sperm count and nutrients continues with the symptoms, and most people think there is only one symptom; the inability to conceive.

Although that is obviously the most common symptom, there are others you can watch for.

The first of these are any type of a problem with your sexual functions, and this would include any type of an issue that would involve a low sex drive or what is referred to as erectile dysfunction.

Although it is now well known that there are medications that can help with this, if you have a deficiency of certain nutrients and you smoke, by supplementing your body correctly, you may be able to correct this naturally.

Other symptoms that you can watch for include any type of a pain or swelling in your testicle area, as well as any type of a sudden decrease in your facial or body hair.

Although this is very easy to dismiss as hereditary, it can also be the first warning signs that you have either a chromosome abnormality or a hormone imbalance of some type.


Sperm countsThe the causes of low sperm count may be helped by some key nutrients

The connection between the causes of low sperm count and nutrients continues with the very long list of potential problems.

It is here that it is also helpful to understand the complexity with sperm production.

Your sperm production is extremely complex as it will require that not only your testicles function properly, it will also include two very important glands functioning properly.

They include your hypothalamus and pituitary glands.

It is these glands, which are located in your brain, that basically signal your sperm production. If for some reason this signal is not functioning properly, your problems begin to develop.

However, if they are operating properly and your sperm is produced, very delicate tubes will move them until they mix with your semen, where it is then ejaculated.

If there are interruptions in any of these critical steps, you will develop low sperm counts.

The first of the potential causes of low sperm count is a swelling in your varicocele, which are the veins that drain your testicle.

If this occurs, it will prevent normal cooling in this complex process, which can easily affect the numbers of your sperm.

There are also certain infections such as sexually transmitted diseases, a prostrate inflammation, as well as urinary tract infections that can interfere with the process.

Another potential cause is referred to as retrograde ejaculation, which is a situation where your semen enters your bladder during organism instead of exiting through your penis.

If you have a prostrate problem and are taking medications for it, it can very easily trigger this condition.

Other potential causes include a lack of ejaculation, antibodies that will attack your sperm, as well as tumors that are affecting your male organs.

Hormone imbalances and chromosome defects, sperm duct defects, as well as stress, alcohol and smoking, are also potential causes.

However one of the fastest emerging potential causes, nutritional deficiencies is also gaining a lot of attention. 

There are also several environmental factors such as exposure to pesticides, radiation, or overheating in your testicles that may trigger it.

The connection between the causes of low sperm count and nutrients includes B-6, B-12, E, and C, as well as the minerals zinc and selenium.


Vitamin B-12 is a power player with your nerves, as it is vital in the production of myelin, which is the fatty sheath that insulates your nerve fibers.

It is these fibers that keep you electrical impulses moving in your body, and they become weak from the lack of this nutrient, it could interfere with your glands from your brain sending the correct signals.

However, it also increases the motility of your sperm, as it is considered a key player in the development of your erythrocytes.

These are essential in not only transporting oxygen and nutrients to all of your cells; it also helps to move your sperm cells as well.

B-6 is next on the list of connections between the causes of low sperm count and nutrients, as it is essential in creating your neurotransmitters.

These are the chemicals that allow your brain cells to communicate with each other.

If this process is interrupted because of a deficiency, your brain cannot properly signal any of your nerves or organs.

However, it is also very important for men for another reason; maturation.

This nutrient helps to improve your maturation as well as the growth and motility of your sperm cells as it balances the levels of the hormone testosterone in your body.

Vitamin C is a very strong antioxidant, and with this condition this attribute helps by protecting the DNA in your sperm cells from both damage as well as mutations. 

The connection continues with vitamin E and the minerals zinc and selenium.

Vitamin E is also a very strong antioxidant, and because of this, it can help protect the DNA inside of your sperm.

This in turn improves not only the development, it also improves the number as well as the growth of your sperm.

The minerals zinc and selenium also help with the motility of your sperm.


The connection between the causes of low sperm count and nutrients is very strong.

While it is not well known, the medical community is starting to recognize it as one of the leading causes of this condition.

If you are having problems and have not tried nutrients, maybe it is time you tested them for yourself.

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