Cures for Dizziness

May be as simple as some key natural treatments and what they do for your brain

is there any truth that some key nutrients may actually be cures for dizziness, or is this just another myth?

The answer to this question is not only a very definitive yes.

However it may come as a surprise to a lot of people that a deficiency of some nutrients may actually be one the leading cause of dizziness, if not the leading cause.

There is another very interesting fact about this condition that most people will not realize.

It is one of the leading reasons for doctors’ visits worldwide and as it ranks right behind chest pains and fatigue.

For this reason alone, it is extremely important to understand how they can actually help as possible cures.


In fully understanding the potential cures for dizziness, it is extremely important to understand exactly what it is, as well as the most common causes.

Although a deficiency of certain nutrients is one of the leading causes, it is certainly not the only one.

However, some of the other potential causes may also be the result of some type of a nutrient deficiency.

The actual term dizziness can cover a very broad spectrum that will include feeling faint or very lightheaded to the other extreme, where you suddenly become very weak as well as unsteady.

If you have even experienced this condition, it can be terrifying for those few moments when you feel like you are losing total control.

This is referred to as vertigo, where it creates the sensation that you, your surroundings, or both, are both spinning and moving.

Although this condition can be quite frightening, in most cases it is not considered to be life threatening, as it can very easily be treated, especially if it is a vitamin deficiency.

Vertigo in most cases is the result of some type of a problem with your nerves or the structures of your balance mechanism.

This is your inner ear and is referred to as your vestibular system.

When you do experience this sensation, in most all cases trying to set up or move will actually make the condition worse, and if it severe enough, it may cause to lose your balance and vomit.


In further understanding the possible cures for dizziness, it is also very helpful to understand how some of causes will interact, but there will be some cases where they may not.

There is also another interesting twist to this scenario.

There are cases where taking too many vitamins may actually cause the dizziness, especially if they are synthetic and in pill form as they will not absorb effectively which may trigger this condition.

It is for these reasons that natural vitamins as well as liquid multivitamins should always be used if you experience these sensations.

The first of the potential causes is referred to as BPPV, or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, and is considered to be far and away the most common.

BPPV can easily result in very short but quite intense periods of dizziness with a sudden change in the position of your head, as well as sitting up quickly after sleeping.

DizzinessIt can be random or it can last for several days

The next potential cause of dizziness is an inflammation of your inner ear, referred to as acute vestibular neuritis, and this condition is often anything but brief.

In fact, in most cases, it can and often does last for several days.

If you experience this form of inflammation, you will most likely experience random or spontaneous episodes of dizziness.

This will not only cause you to easily loss your balance, it can also develop into nausea as well as episodes of vomiting.

If it is severe enough, it can be quite debilitating to the point that it will require complete bed rest.

Next on the list of the causes  is Menieres disease, which is an excessive buildup of fluid within your inner ear.

Although it is considered to be uncommon, it can easily trigger periods of vertigo that can last from a few minutes to as long as several hours.

Migraine headaches are also a potential cause, and in addition to the vertigo, you may also experience a visual aura that can also affect your sense of balance.

Acoustic neuroma is yet another one of potential causes as this is a noncancerous growth that will develop on your vestibular nerve, which is what connects your inner ear to your brain.

The most common symptoms with this condition are tinnitus, hearing loss, as well as vertigo.

Pre-syncope can also be an underlying cause and this is a situation where feel very weak and lightheaded, but you will not actually lose consciousness in most cases.

Underlying causes of this condition could also include a drop in blood pressure or an inadequate output of blood from your heart.


BPPVThe cures for dizziness center on three key B-vitamins

The causes can also include disequilibrium or a loss of balance, and this may be the result of sensory disorders, joint or muscle problems, some medications, as well as neurological conditions.

In most all cases however, the link with cures for dizziness and nutrients may involve a deficiency of three B vitamins, B-2, B-6, and B-12, as well as the mineral Iron.

Vitamin B-2, also referred to as riboflavin, is best known as an antioxidant, but it also has some other very powerful qualities, as it assists with several chemical processes in your body.

Both Folate and B-6 need this vitamin to undergo their chemical changes, and your amino acids are also transformed by B-2 into what are referred to as neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters are the chemicals that are critical for both your memory as well as your thinking, and a deficiency of this vitamin can cause blurred vision, as well as severe fatigue.

This nutrient is often used to treat migraine headaches, and this is the where the connections with the cures for dizziness really begin.

The next link in the cures for dizziness involving nutrients is with B-6, also referred to as pyridoxine.

This nutrient is considered as essential to your body as water and oxygen, as it also assists with several biological processes.

These processes include fat and protein metabolism as well as also assisting with your neurotransmitters which also allows your brain cells to communicate with each other.

A deficiency of this nutrient can cause nerve damage, numbness and tingling in your in hands and feet, as well as fatigue.

These are the major reason why it is included as one of the potential cures for dizziness. 

However, the real power player in the connection with cures for dizziness and nutrients  is with B-12, as this nutrient is absolutely critical in the production of  your myelin.

Myelin are fatty sheaths of protection that actually insulate your nerve fibers and there is no other nutrient that can short circuit your body faster than a deficiency of this one.

If your body has low levels of this vitamin it can and does lead to memory loss, confusion, delusion, as well as a loss of balance, dizziness and severe fatigue.

If there is a severe deficiency, it can rapidly erode these protective covers and cause long term episodes of vertigo.

The final nutrient  that may be one of the cures for dizziness is the mineral iron, which makes hemoglobin which in turn produces your red blood cells.

It is these cells that help to transport oxygen throughout your body, and a shortage of these cells will definitely lead to a shortness of breath, fatigue, as well as severe dizziness.


Cures for dizziness and nutrients have a very strong connection.

In fact a deficiency of these four critical nutrients can not only cause vertigo, they can also potentially trigger most of the other potential causes.

However, by taking a high quality multi-liquid vitamin, you may stop this condition before it ever starts.

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