Drugs and Vitamin Deficiencies

Is it possible that some drugs actually steal the nutrients in your body?

Are drugs and vitamin deficiencies real, or is this just a myth?

These drugs, also known as over the counter drugs as well as prescription drugs, can and do cause deficiencies of not only vitamins, but also minerals which are just as critical for your body to operate properly.

However, what is not well known is the number of these drugs that can severely impact these vital nutrients.


You may be eating what would be considered a very healthy diet.

However if you are taking any of the drugs that can interfere with this process and you are not supplementing them with a liquid multi-vitamin, you are not properly protecting yourself.

Although the below list is certainly not all inclusive, it will cover several of the most common drugs and what nutrients they affect and the possible damages that may occur as a result.

Because of this, it is extremely important to not only read the warning labels on these drugs; it is also just as important that you discuss the possible nutrient damages with your pharmacist or doctor.

Vitamin deficiencyCertain drugs can and do cause vitamin deficiencies


The list of drugs and vitamin deficiencies starts with one of the most common drugs, antacids.

Some people will take them only on rare occasions for indigestion problems, but other people will take them several times a week, or in some cases, several times a day.

Regardless of what brand they are, they will all have the same common ingredients that will include aluminum hydroxide as well as sodium bicarbonate.

These ingredients can very easily after the calcium, copper, and folate in your body.

Calcium when combined with phosphorus form very hard almost crystal like substances that create the foundation of both your bones as well as your teeth.

However, what is not well known is that over 99 percent of the calcium in your body is found in your skeleton where it is stored.

This process is referred to as remodeling as old bone is removed and new bone is formed.

If this is interrupted because of a deficiency, it can severely impact this process. The mineral copper is essential for life, and if your body is deprived of it, it cannot stay healthy.

Copper helps transport oxygen throughout your body, as well as assisting in hormone production and keeping your hair a natural color.

It is also very important in the maintenance of your bones, connective tissues, as well as preforming several tasks in your critical organs such as your heart and your brain.

However, the list does not end there, as it also helps with the formation of your red blood cells as well as in the absorption and utilization of iron.

Folate, or folic acid, is an absolute powerhouse that makes several things happen in your body. It helps with over 20 different enzymes to build your DNA and is also critical for proper nerve functions in your body.

It also helps to control the levels of homocysteine that can cause heart attacks, as well as helps to protect a fetus from brain and spinal damages.


The next potential cause of drugs and vitamin deficiencies is from antibiotics.

These drugs are commonly used to fight most kinds of infections, especially bacterial, and will contain gentamicin or tetracycline.

These ingredients can very easily affect the levels of calcium, potassium, as well as magnesium in your body.

Potassium’s largest single role in your body is maintaining your blood pressure at the proper levels.

It does this by pumping out sodium in your cells which reduces your body fluid. It also affects how your blood vessels stay toned or resistant, which can also affect your blood pressure.

Potassium also helps with muscle contractions, nerve impulses, and electrical activity in your heart.

The most common signs of drugs and vitamin deficiencies with this mineral are muscle weakness, numbness, as well as nausea and vomiting.

The mineral magnesium helps you turn food into energy as well as transmitting electrical impulses across your nerves and muscles.

It is also crucial in balancing the calcium levels in your body.


Drugs and vitamin deficiencies next biggest offender is anti-inflammatory drugs that include Aspirin, Colchicine, Prednisone, as well as Sulfasalazine.

These basic ingredients are found in almost every anti-inflammatory drug and this category includes both prescriptions as well as OTC or over the counter drugs.

The nutrients that are affected by this grouping include folic acid, iron, calcium, as well as vitamin C and B12.

The mineral iron, which is naturally absorbed in your body by your intestines, comes in two basic forms; heme and non-heme.

The heme form of this mineral is found in several red meats and is very easy to absorb.

However, the non-heme form is found primarily in vegetables and it is almost the complete opposite, as it is not easily absorbed into your body and if has any type of interference, it can be totally depleted.

Most of the iron that you consume in your diet helps to form hemoglobin, which is major substance that promotes proper red cell movement.

Hemoglobin helps to move oxygen form your lungs to the all major parts of your body, and what is not moved is stored in your bones marrow, as well as your liver and other organs.

If the mineral becomes deficient as the result of these drugs, it can very easily lead to anemia. In young developing children, it can stunt their growth, as well as impair their ability to learn.

Vitamin C is considered to be one of the most critical of all the nutrients, as it can help to protect several parts of your body from attacks by foreign substances.

It can help to protect your stomach, pancreases, esophagus, as well as your oral cavity, and it is also believed to help protect several parts of your body from cancer.

It does this by fighting off what is known as free radicals, which are naturally occurring molecules that have one objective in mind; to attack your healthy molecules by stealing their electrons.

However, vitamin C can neutralize this process as it offers these attacking molecules their own electrons which neutralize the attack.

It has long been held that several forms of cancer are caused by these free radicals, but drugs and vitamin deficiencies that can occur may stop this process.

Vitamin B12 is another essential vitamin to your overall health as it helps to promote proper nerve functions in your body by the production of myelin.

Myelin is a fatty sheath that covers and insulates your nerve fibers which allows for the proper flow of electrical impulses through your body.

Drugs and vitamin deficiencies of this critical vitamin can very easily cause memory loss, confusion, as well as numbness and tingling sensations.

However, it can also cause a loss of balance, a loss of most of your reflexes, as well as tinnitus and hearing problems.


Drugs and vitamin deficiencies has several other potential dangers as anti-bacterial drugs can affect riboflavin, Niacin, folate, and vitamins B6 and D.

Anti-cancer drugs can affect your body’s supply of calcium, and magnesium, and Diuretics can affect both of these minerals as well as potassium.

However, there is one more very common drug that can affect your body’s supply of nutrients; laxatives.

Laxatives can also affect your body’s supply of calcium and potassium, as well as vitamins D and K.


Drugs and vitamin deficiencies are a very real threat and should not be ignored, as they can lead to some very serious health conditions.

If you are taking any of these drugs, make sure you read the label and discuss the potential dangers in detail with your professional.

The only way to fully protect your body if you are taking any of these common drugs is to supplement your diet with a very good liquid multi-vitamin.


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