Dyslexia in Young Children

Can be helped tremendously by the B-class of vitamins especially B-12 and its production of myelin

Are there any natural forms of treatment for dyslexia in young children that can actually help?

Although there is still no known cure for this very challenging condition, the answer to this question is a resounding yes,

There are several vitamins and other nutrients that can have a huge impact on this condition.

In fact, the sooner that you start natural treatments, the earlier these impacts will begin.


In fully understanding the natural treatments for dyslexia in young children, it is very helpful to understand exactly what this condition is as well as the challenges and symptoms that it will present.

It also helps to know which nutrients can help and exactly why they will help.

Dyslexia is best described as some type of impairment in your brains ability to properly translate images that are received from your eyes.

Because of this impairment, it is very difficult to make meaningful language out of them, and this is where the most important connection between natural treatments for dyslexia in young children begins.

This condition is also often referred to as a specific reading disability and is one of, if not the largest, common learning disabilities in children.

What makes it even more challenging, however, is that it is most common in children that have very good vision and normal or above normal intelligence.

They can also have absolutely no speech impediments or challenges of any kind.

Because of this, it can become very frustrating for parents as well as children and can easily continue into adulthood if it is not corrected.

But the biggest challenges with this condition is that there is no cure for it, and anyone that claims to have a cure will have no documentation to support these claims.

However, although there is no cure, there are several nutrients than have been proven over several years with a lot of documentation, to help with your brain functions.

Because of this, they can have a huge impact on this condition.

There has been some recent studies that have suggested a deficiency of vitamin D may be the underlying cause.

However the real power players with natural treatments for dyslexia in young children come from the B-class of vitamins, several minerals, and omega 3-fatty acids.


DyslexiaDyslexia in young children can be helped by the B class of vitamins

In identifying the correct natural treatments that you may want to test, it is very important to understand the early signs of this condition for one simple reason.

The earlier you can catch them, the earlier you can feed your child with the brain nutrients they may be missing.

The first of the early signs of dyslexia is a child that has a very slow start to talking, and because of this, will have a difficult time in adding in new words in their vocabulary.

However, perhaps the largest of the early warning signs will be a very difficult time in rhyming words.

In fact, if your child has not yet started school and you suspect that they have this condition, challenge them with rhyming games.

Once they have started school, if they indeed have this condition, the next signs that develop will be your child not being able to keep up with any type of reading.

As a result, will fall behind this expected level very quickly.

They will also begin to develop problems in processing as well as understanding what they hear, as well as have a very difficult time comprehending something if it is given quickly like instructions or directions.

But the list is still not complete, as they will also have trouble following more than one set of instructions at a time.

They will also have problems following any type of sequence, as well as a difficulty in seeing similarities in words.

This sign could also include seeing differences in words, as well as the inability to pronounce an unfamiliar word.

However, perhaps the best known of all the symptoms is the next one; seeing letters or words in reverse.

But there is a word of caution about this symptom in that even children that do not have this condition can also face this challenge, but in most cases this dissipates once they pass the age of eight years old.

Because of this challenge, they will also have a very difficult time in spelling words as well as learning any kind of foreign language.


The natural treatments for dyslexia in young children will all be centered around your brain functions, and most all medical experts will tell you there is no way to correct these brain malfunctions.

However, here are some very interesting facts that you can use to judge for yourself.

There have been numerous recent research papers that have linked this condition not with a deficiency of vitamin D, but instead with unsaturated fatty acids, especially those that fall in the omega-3 fatty acid class.

These reports have indicated that mothers that have consumed a lot of oily fish including tuna fish are not only less likely to have children with this condition, but other disorders such as bi-polar disorder and ADHD.

However, there is another new supplement that is gaining a lot of momentum for this condition; Efalex.

Efalex supplements are a combination of tuna fish oil, vitamin E, and the herb primrose oil, and it is absolutely loaded with fatty acids.

These are very well known for not only improving brain functions in adults, but children as well.

However, perhaps the most powerful natural treatments for dyslexia in young children are with the B-class of vitamins beginning with vitamin B-1, also known as thiamine.

Thiamine is best known for its ability to make energy in your body, which also has huge ramifications in your brain.

If you are deficient of this nutrient it very quickly reduces your brains ability to use glucose, and once this occurs, it impairs your mental functions.

Next on the list of natural treatments for dyslexia in young children is vitamin B-6, as it is also critical for normal brain functions as it is vital in creating neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that allow your brain cells to communicate properly with each other.

If you are deficient of this nutrient, it will affect your memory as well as your ability to retain and retrieve information.

This may be a coincidence that this is exactly what is occurring with this condition, but you can be the judge of that.

However, the real power player in the B-class of vitamins may be B-12, which is critical for the production of myelin.

This is a fatty sheath like substance that insulates your nerve fibers and keeps your electrical impulses moving throughout your body including your brain.

If you are deficient of this nutrient, it not only affects this process, it can also raise you blood levels of homocysteine, which can be toxic to your brain cells. 

The minerals magnesium, calcium, zinc, as well as selenium are also critical for normal body functions, including your brain.

The supplement Ginkgo biloba can also be very effective in helping this condition, as it helps to increase the blood circulation in your brain which increases it viability to reason, process, and store information.


These natural treatments for dyslexia in young children are by no means a cure for this condition as there is no known cure.

However what is known is what they do for your brain functions to remain normal.

There is something causing your child’s brain to not function properly and why it may just be a coincidence, maybe it is time you tested them for yourself.

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