Dysthymia Disorder

There are several natural treatments including the B-class of vitamins

Are there any natural treatments for dysthymia disorder that actually work, or are conventional treatments the only options for this very challenging condition?

The answer to this question is a very resounding yes for one simple reason; neurotransmitters.

Although the exact cause of this condition is still not fully understood, there are several medical experts that believe it is a breakdown in these brain chemicals that may play a huge role in causing this condition.


In fully understanding why natural treatments, especially certain vitamins can help with dysthymia disorder, it is very helpful to understand exactly what it is and the symptoms you can watch for.

It also helps to understand the potential causes as well as exactly what nutrients can help and why they help.

Dysthymia disorder is best described as a mild, but very chronic form of depression.

The symptoms can affect you for as long as two years in most cases, and if it is not identified and treated, it can even last for several years.

However, there is one major misconception about this disorder; it is not as serious as depression.

Although depression is considered to be much more severe in nature, it is in most all cases a short term condition.

However this disorder, because of the length of time it affects you, can actually be much more serious in the long run.

In fact, the symptoms that it causes can very easily make you over-critical of every situation that surrounds you and turn you into a constant complainer that no one wants to be around.

As a result of this combination, your will become almost incapable of enjoying people, yourself, and life in general.


DysthymiaThis form of mild depression can easily be controlled naturally

In further understanding how natural treatments for dysthymia disorder may help you, it is also very important to understand the symptoms as the list is quite extensive.

However, the earlier that you can identify these symptoms, the quicker you can begin treating them.

The first set of symptoms with will be a gradual loss of interest in most any type of a daily activity, feeling sorry and sad for yourself most of the time, as well as a feeling of almost total hopelessness.

Once these signs occur, the next signs will begin to develop which will be a lack of energy to do anything, a feeling of complete fatigue and exhaustion without really exerting yourself.

As a result, you will begin to have a very low self-esteem because in your perception no matter what you do or try, nothing is working.

You will also begin to have trouble making even the simplest of decisions, begin to criticize yourself in every decision that you do make, and as a result of these symptoms, you will be begin to feel angry at yourself.

You will also begin to feel angry at everyone around you and even with people that really have nothing to do with any situation that you are involved with.

This will then bring on the next set of symptoms, which be a decreased productivity to the point of getting almost nothing done at all.

You will begin to avoid any type of social activity or involvement with people, and you will have a feeling of guilt about life in general which will cause the final set of symptoms to occur.

These include a loss of appetite or at best, a very poor appetite, or the complete opposite where you will begin to overeat as an escape from your feelings.

In most all cases, you will also begin to have a very difficult time sleeping which will only exasperate your sense of fatigue and exhaustion.

Once all of these symptoms have come to a head, you will be viewed as a constant complainer, someone with a very gloomy outlook, and in general, someone that no one will like to be around.


Dysthymia disorderDysthymia disorder needs to be treated with strong B class vitamins

The final area that will help you to identify which natural treatments for dysthymia disorder may be the best for you, it is extremely important to understand the potential causes.

The first of the three potential causes is genetic, as it is becoming more widely accepted that this disorder seems to run in families, and this is where the connection with certain vitamin deficiencies begin to emerge.

High levels of stress are also believed to trigger this condition, and this is another area where a deficiency of certain vitamins may come into play, as well as a biochemical imbalance.

Although the first two potential causes are widely accepted, it is this third potential cause that is really beginning to emerge as the actual trigger point for dysthymia disorder.

Neurotransmitters are natural occurring brain chemicals that rely on certain vitamins to not be created, but to operate properly, and this is where the connection with natural treatments begins.


The first and perhaps most important of all the natural treatments for dysthymia disorder is vitamin B6, which helps with several very important biological processes such as protein and fat metabolism in your body.

However, with this disorder, it plays a huge role as it is the key nutrient in creating your neurotransmitters.

It is these chemicals that allow your brain cells to properly communicate with each other, and if this process is interrupted by a deficiency, you will not be able to retain information, retrieve it, or register it.

This can and does lead to the majority of symptoms that you will experience with this condition.

Because of this, B6 is finally starting to be recognized by the medical community for what it can do to prevent all types of depression, including this form.

Next on the list of natural treatments for dysthymia disorder is vitamin B-2, also known as riboflavin.

Amino acids in your body are transformed by this nutrient into neurotransmitters, and if you are deficient, the process does not even begin.

Next on the list is vitamin B-12, which is critical in making what is referred to a myelin, which is a fatty sheath that insulates all of your nerve fibers in your body.

Even if your neurotransmitters are created and operating properly, if they are not being transmitted and protected by these nerve fibers, signals from your brain will not be sent to the rest of your body.

This in turn can easily trigger this condition.

But the list of natural treatments for dysthymia disorder is still not complete, as vitamin B-1, or thiamine, can also help.

Thiamine is perhaps the strongest of all nutrients in fighting fatigue but it also preforms one other very important task with this condition, it helps to prevent memory loss.

When it is combined with these other B-vitamins, it may not only reduce the symptoms of this condition, it may eliminate them altogether.

SAMe, which is a synthetic form of chemical that also occurs naturally in your body, is also emerging as a real power player in the battle against all forms of depression, including this one.


Natural treatments for dysthymia disorder are very effective, very safe, and do not have any of the side-effects that anti-depressant drugs will have, but there is one other nutrient that may also help.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also growing in popularity as mood controlling nutrients.

If you have this condition or someone you care about does, maybe it is time you tested all of them for yourself. You may be very pleased by the results.

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