Energy Boosting Vitamins

While B 12 is the best known it is by no means the only one that can help increase your energy

Are there any energy boosting vitamins that actually work or is this another vitamin myth?

The answer to this age old question is a resounding yes, especially the B class of vitamins, but they are by no means the only ones.

If fact, some of them can be so powerful that if you have never tried them you may shocked at just how effective they actually are.

However, to really understand not only how they can help you, it is also very helpful to understand why they help you.

The key to this is to understand exactly how your body produces energy.


Energy boosting vitamins can help you in several ways, but to really grasp how they work, it helps to understand exactly how your body produces energy.

To make it simple and straightforward it can be summarized in one word: glucose.

However, as powerful as glucose is, to much of it can be bad for you, as well as too little of it.

In fact, if your body does have enough of it or for some reason cannot convert it properly; your health will begin to suffer very quickly.

Because of this, your energy and metabolism system must work hand in hand.

Once you have eaten, your pancreas releases insulin to your body which has one very important task; to capture the glucose.

Once it is captured, it is then carried to the various cells in your body that need the extra energy.

This process is preformed by what are referred to as glucose transporters by very specialized molecules in your cells membranes.

Energy helpYour body needs to produce the oxygen needed for energy

But this is only the beginning of this miracle like process, as each cell that needs the extra energy has its own capture process.

They have what is referred to as insulin receptors that are located of their surface that allows them to bind together which in turn makes for a very easy entrance. 

Once it enters, it will turn into energy by a burning like function that releases a molecule that will temporarily store and then release the energy as it is needed.

It is these above steps where energy boosting vitamins really begin to surface for several reasons. The actual energy converting process can occur in two different ways, with oxygen or without it.

Some of your cells have microscopic bodies inside of them that will provide oxygen, but your red blood cells do not.

However, if your red blood cells are not at fully operating strength, this conversion may not occur properly, depleting your body of needed energy.

Perhaps the most important cells that convert energy are your muscle cells, which can convert energy with or without oxygen.

However, it they do produce energy without oxygen they begin to produce what is called lactic acid, which can make your muscle cells sore and actually begin to hurt.


Energy boostersEnergy boosting vitamins cneter on the B class

The B Vitamins are by far and away the most important energy boosting vitamins but there is one critical factor to consider; they are very easily flushed from your body.

In fact, if you are on any kind of diet to lose weight or consume a lot of alcohol on a regular basis, your body is flushing them out very quickly.

There are also certain medications used for seizures as well as most all antibiotics that will also flush them out of your body very rapidly, making supplementation a must.

Perhaps the best known of all the energy boosting vitamins is B-12 which is absolutely essential for proper red blood cell formation, but it also plays several other key rolls.

One of these rolls is to release chemicals called lipids to other parts of your body which are then used as structural components.

As important as this role is, its production of protein is even bigger, as this is also used by your body as an energy source.

Next on the list of energy boosting vitamins is B-1, also known as Thiamine.

Although it is best known for its role of synthesizing your neurotransmitters, it also helps to metabolize both food and alcohol.

As you begin to age, it is even more important to use this as one of your energy supplements.

Riboflavin, which is better known as B-2, is critical for the microscopic bodies found inside of your cells which are called mitochondria.

If fact, these are so important to your body’s overall energy that they are often referred to as the energy power plants of your cells.

This nutrient also assists your body in the metabolism of three other power sources for your body; protein, fat and carbohydrates.

However, what really makes this one of the most powerful energy boosting vitamins is the role it plays in utilizing oxygen in your body.

The next two energy boosting vitamins are also from the B class; B-3 and B-5. Vitamin B-3, more commonly referred to as niacin, is also a major power player with energy production.

It also plays a major role in metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats but it also critical in helping your body in eliminating waste products.

B-5, pantothenic acid, plays a critical role as it helps to burn excessive fat which in turn produces energy.

However, it also helps to improve stamina which is critical to anyone that is trying to improve their energy levels with any type of exercise. 

There are however, two other B vitamins that play a key part as major energy boosting vitamins, although in slightly different roles, B-6 and B-7.

Vitamin B-6 is perhaps the leading nutrient for helping to reduce stress and anxiety in normal everyday life, which in turn helps to restore your energy.


Vitamin B-7, also referred to as Vitamin H, while not as well known as its fellow B vitamins, is none the less very helpful.

It is also extremely effective at metabolizing carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, but it is gaining a lot of momentum with several weight loss diets.

The reason for this is very simple; its role in fat metabolism.

It is gaining a lot of attention for its ability to burn fat and turning it into energy much faster than its better known cousins in the B class.


In discussing energy boosting vitamins you must also include Coenzyme Q10, which is a vitamin like substance that is found naturally in the microscopic parts of your cells.

It plays a critical role with what is referred to as ATP and is best described as the molecular unit of currency.

It is this unit that transports chemical energy within your cells which in turn produces the metabolic process.

If your energy has started to slow down, maybe it is time you tested these energy boosting vitamins for yourself.

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