Essential Tremor Causes

In most cases the underlying cause may be the result of a vitamin deficiency

Essential tremor causes for years have been a mystery to the medical community, but is all that about to change?

If you or someone that you know suffers from this disorder, there may be some key nutrients that could not only help with the symptoms; they may also slow down the process that leads to them intensifying.

There is also some evidence emerging that if you have a family history of it, supplementing your body with these nutrients may prevent you from ever developing it.


In fully understanding essential tremor causes, it is very helpful to understand exactly what it is, and the symptoms to watch for.

It also help to know how it is different from Parkinson’s disease, and which nutrients can help and exactly why they help.

Essential tremor is best described as a disorder that affects your nervous system, and as a result, it will cause a rhythmic shaking to occur.

It can affect any part of your body, but its primary attack in most all cases will first appear in your hands.

However, it can also affect your head, your arms and legs, as well as your voice.

Although it is not considered a dangerous condition, it can become quite severe over time if you do not treat it and try to control the symptoms.

It can also affect anyone at any age, but in the vast majority of cases, it will attack you as you get older.

When you understand how your body does not absorb some nutrients as you age, the essential tremor causes may begin to become much clearer to you.

It is estimated by the medical community that over 50% of all cases of this disorder appears to occur as the result of some type of genetic mutation, where it is then referred to as familial tremor.

However, the key cognitive in this statement are the words “appears to occur”, which implies that it may not be the cause.

In the other 50% of all cases of this disorder, there is no actual cause, or is there?

If you fully understand what a deficiency of three key nutrients can lead to, maybe you can answer this question yourself.


Essential tremorsEssential tremor causes may be helped by the powerful B class of vitamins

Understanding essential tremor causes continues with the symptoms and as well as how this disorder is different than Parkinson’s disease.

When the symptoms do begin to develop, in almost all cases they will begin to surface very slowly and will generally affect only your hands.

This can make even the most simple of tasks very difficult such as trying to hold a glass of wine steady, drinking any type of fluid from a glass, as well as shaving if you are a man.

It can also make it very difficult to tie your shoes, write any type of a letter or memo, as well as work on a computer because of this shaking.

It may also affect only one of your hands, or it can affect both of them, however, all of these symptoms will have one thing in common; if you do not treat them they will all worsen over time.

If the symptoms move to your head, they will be almost impossible for you to detect, but everyone that is around you can easily see them.

The reason for this is quite simple; a double yes or no sign.

If someone asks you a question and you normally would move your head up and down for yes, you do the same motion with one major exception; you do it twice.

The same process will occur if you normally would move your head left to right for a no, as you would do a no-no type of movement.

This shaking may also affect your ability to eat normally, and if your voice box or tongue is affected, it may also affect your speech.

These symptoms can very easily be aggravated by stress, fatigue, as well as caffeine and extreme temperatures, and this is exactly why these nutrients may help the essential tremor causes.

There are also some very distinct differences with this disorder and Parkinson’s disease.

Although both will affect your hands, with this disorder the shaking occurs when you try to use your hands.

Parkinson’s disease tremors almost always occur when you’re hands are at your side or when you have them in a resting mode, such as on your lap.

Parkinson’s disease can also affect your overall health, as it can affect your posture, cause very slow body movements, as well as a shuffling gait when you walk.

This disorder, if it becomes severe enough, may cause you to occasionally lose your balance, but this is quite rare and none of the other symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease will develop.

This disorder can also affect your head and your voice, while Parkinson’s disease does not.


Essential tremor causes and the nutrients that can help are all B class vitamins and include B1, B6, and the real power player in this connection, B-12.

Vitamin B-1, which is also known as thiamine, performs several critical functions in both your brain and your nerves, and if you are deficient of this nutrient, several bad things begin to occur.

The most prominent of the neurological symptoms are tremors, but it can also lead to nerve damage, muscle weakness, as well as numbness in your hands, feet, arms or legs.

The major reason for this is that a deficiency of this vitamin will affect your brains ability to use glucose, which will have an immediate impact on your mental functions.

The next nutrient in this connection is B-6, which is considered by some medical experts to be as critical to your body as water and oxygen, as it is crucial for normal brain functions.

It is an essential ingredient in the creation of what is referred to as neurotransmitters, which are the chemicals that allow your brain cells to communicate with each other.

However, with this disorder, it’s most important process is protecting against nerve damages in your hands and feet, and a deficiency can easily trigger tremors.

However, the real power player with essential tremor causes is B-12, and as you begin to age, your body does not absorb this nutrient from the food that you eat like it once did.

B-12 is also vital in the production of what is referred to as myelin, which is a fatty sheath like substance that insulates your nerves fibers.

It is this protective coat that allows the electrical impulses to move throughout your entire body, and if it becomes damaged as the result of a lack of this nutrient, several bad things begin to happen.

The first is the development of tremors, but it can also cause a loss of balance, numbness and tingling in your hands and feet, as well as hearing and speech problems.

But there is one other very distinct problem that will develop; your blood levels of homocysteine will begin to rise.

As these levels begin to rise, they become toxic and begin to kill your brain cells which not only causes memory loss, it also causes tremors.


Essential tremor causes may still not be fully understood, but what is fast emerging is the understanding of how critical these three nutrients are to your body and tremors.

It might just be a coincidence that a deficiency of them can lead to tremors, but if you have this condition, only you can answer this question.

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