Eye Floaters Treatment

There are several natural treatments but there is one that you may want to avoid

Eye floaters treatment centers around a few key nutrients and if you suffer from this very strange occurrence, they may be the answer you are looking for.

Although there is no cure for this strange phenomenon and while it is not considered to be dangerous, it can become very annoying.

In fact, it can become so annoying that there will be times that you may actually wonder if there is something seriously wrong with you.


In fully understanding which eye floaters treatment may be the best for you, it is very helpful to understand exactly what this condition is and the risk factors that may trigger it.

It also helps to know what may help you with it and why it will help.

Eye floaters can be a very unsettling occurrence when they begin to develop, and they are best described as either black or grey dots that seem to drift when you move your eyes.

In some people, they may be even more pronounced, and take on the shape of stings or what almost looks like cobwebs.

However, whatever the shape they take, when you begin to experience them, they will literally seem to float within your field of vision.

This very strange phenomenon can become even more unsettling for another very distinctive reason.

When you try to look at them they will move very quickly out of your field of vision almost like they have a mind of their own.

However, in most all cases, they will eventually settle down in what is referred to as your vitreous cavity, and once this occurs, they are no longer seem to be a problem.

Although they are not considered to be any type of a major threat, there are cases where they can become serious.

If they begin to develop with such intensity that they actually interfere with your vision for any length of time, the causes of eye floaters may be a real threat to your vision.

However, in the vast majority of cases, they will not become this serious and will be the most noticeable when you look at something that has two major qualities.

They include a plain background or a bright background such as a very clear sky or a solid light color wall or structure.


Eye floatersEye floaters treatment involves several key nutrients

There are several risk factors with this condition that will include some medical conditions.

The first risk factor is age, as most people that experience this very strange phenomenon do not begin to see them until they are 50 years old or older.

However, you are also at risk if you have an eye condition referred to as near-nearsightedness or have experienced any type of an eye trauma.

Inflammation in your eyes or recent surgery for cataracts also places you are at a higher degree of risk.

If you suffer from diabetic retinopathy, you are also at a higher degree of risk as this is a very progressive eye disease that can very easily trigger this condition.


The causes of this condition are not extensive, but it is also important to know exactly why this very strange pattern is happening to you.

When they begin to form, there are microscopic fibers in what is referred to as your vitreous humor that will have a tendency to clump together.

Once this occurs, they will cast very small shadows on your retina, and as a result of this, these shadows turn into images which is exactly what you are seeing.

In the vast majority of cases, the causes are age related as changes will begin to occur in your vitreous humor.

Your vitreous humor is an almost jelly like substance that fills your eyeballs and its major role is to maintain your eyes shape.

There are literally millions of very finite fibers that are intertwined within your vitreous humor, and they are attached to your retina, which are the light sensitive tissues that line the back of your eyes.

As you begin to age, your vitreous humor not only begins the slow process of changing its consistency, it also does one other thing; it begins to partially liquefy.

Once this process begins, it starts to both shrink and pull away for the interior surface of your eyeball, and is one of the leading causes of eye floaters.

The reason for this is quite simple; it is beginning to clump up and become almost stringy in nature.

It is this clumping and stringy situation that causes minuet bits of debris to black small portions of light that passes through your eyes.

However, there is one other potential cause; sections of your vitreous humor pulling away very rapidly.

If this occurs, this strange phenomenon suddenly becomes much worse as you will see several new and very rapid floaters appearing all at the same time.

If this does occur, you may also begin to see very bright flashes of light or in very rare cases; start to lose your vision.

Once this happens, you need to seek emergency medical treatment as quickly as possible.


This condition can be helped with several natural forms of eye floaters treatment, and the first of these is vitamin A.

Vitamin A is well known for supporting overall eye health, and there is mounting evidence that if you become deficient of this nutrient, it can very easily lead to eye floaters.

Next on the list for a potential eye floaters treatment is vitamin C, which preforms several beneficial functions in your body, including nourishing your eyes.

It preforms this task by strengthening your retina capillaries which in turn makes them stronger and less likely to result in this separation.

If you have begun to experience this phenomenon, you need to strengthen these connective tissues as quickly as possible.

Next on the list of potential eye floaters treatment is glucosamine sulfate, which has demonstrated its ability to regenerate your connective tissues of your vitreous.

If you can help this process, you may be able to reduce or even stop these attacks from occurring.

However, there is one drawback to this nutrient; allergic reactions.

If you suffer from even mild allergic reactions to shellfish, you need to avoid this nutrient and try taurine as well as bilberry.

Taurine can also help as an eye floaters treatment as it acts as an antioxidant in your body as well as helping to support your ability to eliminate waste products.

If you can build your immune system to eliminate all waste products, it will help with the waste in your eyes as well.

Bilberry is considered to be very similar to vitamin C in its ability to support collagen and your connective tissues.

It also helps to improve the circulation in your eyes blood vessels which is critical in preventing this condition.


All of these nutrients can be useful as an Eye floaters treatment but when they are combined they can very effectively attack this very strange phenomenon head on.

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