Fatigue Symptoms

Is in most cases classified as a lack of sleep which is a huge misconception

Can fatigue symptoms actually be helped by vitamins and other forms of nutrients, or is this all hype?

The answer to this question is a very definitive yes.

There are several vitamins that can help with this condition such as vitamin D, C, E and B-12, as well as a mineral that is also extremely helpful, magnesium.

However, there is also one other nutrient that can help and is technically not a vitamin but it has the same chemical makeup as vitamin E and K; Co-enzyme Q 10.


Fatigue can affect anyone at some point in their life and in most cases it is only a temporary condition that is the result of overwork or just flat out not getting enough rest.

However, when it starts to become an issue or a chronic condition it may be the result of a vitamin deficiency or something much more sinister as the underlying cause.

If this condition lasts for any extended period of time and you are in an almost constant state of weariness, it can severely impact both your way of life as well as your quality of life.

Fatigue symptoms are often classified as a lack of sleep, which in most all cases is a misconception.

Although it is generally accompanied by a desire to get more sleep, is can also become a situation where you lack the motivation to do anything at all.

In the majority of cases it will involve your lifestyle as well as you’re eating habits which can very easily be corrected by supplementing your body with the proper nutrients and correcting some bad habits.


FatigueLifestyle habits are one of the leading causes

Fatigue symptoms have several potential underlying causes.

They include the lifestyle that you lead, psychological problems, as well as some type of underlying medical condition.

If you are lacking some of the vitamins that can help with this condition and supplementing does not correct the situation, the next step should be going to your doctor for a very detailed examination.

Lifestyle factors that can contribute to this condition almost always involve excessive alcohol abuse as well as too much caffeine.

Excessive amounts of alcohol on just one occasion will not only cause a hangover, it can also make you feel very tired for a couple of days after the fact.

However, long term alcohol abuse can dramatically affect your body as it will eventually start to steal several important nutrients, especially vitamin B12.

Too much caffeine in any form may give your body a real boost in energy, but with every high there must be a low, and in this case, the low is fatigue symptoms. 

Inactivity can also cause this condition as well as a lack of sleep for extended periods of time.

There are also some medications that can trigger fatigue symptoms for several reasons but the most common cause is they will also steal nutrients from your body.

Psychological problems include anxiety, some type of depression, as well as grief and stress. The good news with this potential cause is that these vitamins also help with these conditions.

There are also several medical conditions that may be the cause such as anemia, emphysema, several types of heart conditions, as well as an overactive or under active thyroid condition.

Other potential medical causes include diabetes, sleep apnea, and obesity.


There are several vitamins that can help with fatigue symptoms, but perhaps the most important of all of them is B12, which is also referred to as cobalamin.

There are several problems that have been linked with a deficiency of this vitamin, and some of these problems include memory loss, confusion, a loss of coordination, as well as fatigue.

When your body suffers from a deficiency of this vitamin it will begin to raise the blood levels of a substance that is referred to as homocysteine.

This substance is not only toxic to your brain cells, it is also believed to one of the major causes of heart problems which can very easily trigger this condition.

However, one of its most important roles it plays is in the production of your red blood cells.

If you are not getting enough of this vitamin from your diet and you are not supplementing it, it can very easily cause a condition known as pernicious anemia which results in a dramatic drop in energy levels.


Loss of sleepFighting fatigue symptoms will involve both vitamins and minerals

The next set of vitamins that help in fighting fatigue symptoms are vitamins C, E, as well as beta-carotene as these are considered to be anti-oxidants.

Their major functions in your body are to fight free radicals which are unstable molecules that will attack your body with one major focus; to steal the electrons from your healthy molecules.

Free radicals will occur naturally in your body from several lifestyle habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, as well as too much exposure to ultraviolet light.

The reason they are so important in this battle is that they will provide free radicals their own electrons and when this occurs, it neutralizes any of the damage that they try to do to your healthy molecules.

However, they also preform one other very important role; they help to protect your body against deterioration, degeneration, as well as environmental stress.

Other Nutrients

There are other nutrients that can help protect against fatigue symptoms and the first of these is the mineral magnesium.

Magnesium’s major role in your body involves your cells energy production and there have been numerous studies that have linked low levels of magnesium directly to this condition.

These studies have also shown that once this mineral was supplemented, the aches and pains with this condition sharply decreased simply because your cells energy production is increased.

Co-enzyme Q10 is not considered to be a vitamin, but it has almost the same chemical makeup of vitamins E and K.

This nutrient is also a member of the anti-oxidant family and it is rapidly growing as one of the leading nutrients to combat this condition.

It reacts with other enzymes in your body and helps your cells to convert protein, fat, as well as carbohydrates into energy.


Fatigue is certainly not a life threatening situation, but it can have a huge impact on your quality of life.

It only makes sense that if vitamin B12 shots are the first form of treatment for this condition that supplementing it as well as the other nutrients should help to prevent it.

Taking these vitamins in a liquid form is much more effective as they will absorb at about a 90 percent ratio in your body compared to less than 30 percent with the traditional capsule or tablet form.

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