Fibrocystic Breasts

Preformed Vitamin A is extremely effective at relieving the pain in your tissues

Can fibrocystic breasts actually be helped by natural treatments as well as vitamin therapy?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes as there is more and more evidence every day that there are several natural treatments available for this condition.

Although this condition is not considered to be life threatening, it can be extremely painful as well as very common.

In fact, it is estimated that over fifty percent of all women will experience this condition at some point in their lives.


Fibrocystic breasts are considered to be extremely common and are composed of tissue that is either lumpy or bumpy in texture.

These lumps can range from the size of small BB’s to as large as eggs in some cases, and are often referred to as nodular or granular breast tissues.

It was not that long ago that this condition was referred to as fibrocystic breast disease, but that has changed for one very simple reason; it is not a disease.

Instead, it is considered to be more of a condition than a disease as it is quite common during child bearing years.

However, there are still some very strong concerns about this condition as it has no real cure and it can be extremely painful.

It can cause tenderness, lumps, as well as extreme pain in the breasts in some cases.

There are some very distinct symptoms that can be associated with this condition and it is very helpful to understand them so you will know what to look for.

Although it can be very frightening when you discover any type of a lump or bump in your breast, in the vast majority of cases it is fibrocystic breasts and not breast cancer.

The first set of symptoms will be a lump or areas of thickening on your breasts that is almost always associated with tenderness, and as a result of this, they can be quite painful.

Lumpy breastsFibrocystic breasts can be helped by taking two powerful vitamins

These lumps may also fluctuate in size as well as begin to cause a discharge from your nipples.

This discharge will generally be green or dark brown in color, but it will not be bloody.

If it is bloody, you need to seek immediate medical attention.

In some cases these symptoms will affect both breasts simultaneously, however, it is much more common to affect only one, but it may also switch back and forth.

There is one other symptom that will confirm that this is indeed fibrocystic breasts; the pain will intensify during your mid-cycle or ovulation and continue right up to your period.

This condition is almost always exclusive to the 20 to 50 year old age range, as it is considered to be extremely rare for it to occur in post-menopausal periods unless you are on some type of a hormone therapy.

Although this condition and these symptoms are all considered to be normal, there are also some real warning signs that you can watch for.

If you find a new lump in your breast or if the area that has become thick extends after your period, it is definitely time to seek professional advice.

If it starts to grow or change in any way at all, this is also considered to be abnormal and should also be taken very seriously.


One of the major factors that make fibrocystic breasts so challenging is that to this day there is still no known actual cause.

However, most all medical experts considered it to be related to your reproductive hormones, especially the hormone estrogen.

It is also extremely important to understand that having this condition does not increase in any way your chances of developing breast cancer with one exception; atypia.

This is also referred to as atypical hyperplasia and is a situation where there is a very unnatural appearance as well as an overgrowth of the cells that line your breast lobules and ducts.

This is why it is so important to watch for any of the real warning signs after your period.

If it is this condition, it can easily be caught during a mammogram by your professional, but only if you have it examined.


There are several treatments for fibrocystic breasts that may utilize medical as well as natural methods, and these natural methods will include a very powerful herb as well as vitamins.

However, if the pain is considered to be severe and the cysts or lumps are very large, medical treatments may be needed.

This could involve fine-needle aspiration to drain the cyst, or a surgical excision to remove the cyst, but both are considered to be quite rare and only used in extreme situations.

In the vast majority of cases you can very easily treat this condition with Evening primrose oil as well as with vitamin E, B6, and Beta-carotene.

The first natural treatment will come with Evening primrose oil which is a form of linoleic acid and is readily available in any health food store and in most drug stores.

It is believed by the medical community that this natural supplement may actually replace the linoleic acid in women that have a fatty acid deficiency, which is very common with this condition.

It is also held that because of this, it makes the breast tissues much less sensitive to any type of hormonal imbalance.

If you are pregnant or are breast feeding, you will want to discuss using this herb first with your physician, but in all other cases, it is considered to be extremely safe.

Vitamin E is also commonly recommended by doctors, but much like Evening primrose oil, no one knows exactly how it helps.

However, what is known is that it has several anti-inflammatory benefits that can immediately impact the pain that fibrocystic breasts are causing.

It is also believed that this vitamin and its effect can also be doubled by adding vitamin B6 into the natural therapy program.


When these two vitamins are combined, they can virtually neutralize the swelling effects of estrogen as well as increasing the metabolism of the female hormones that may be causing this problem.

Once this occurs, it will basically take them out of your circulation where they can no longer cause any type of pain or swelling.

Beta-carotene, which is also referred to as preformed vitamin A, naturally converts to vitamin A in your body.

It is also extremely effective at relieving pain in your tissues as well as reducing inflammation caused by this condition. 

This nutrient can also be taken in supplement form but you can also get it by eating orange and yellow fruits.

If you like sweet potatoes, they are packed full of this nutrient and just one can give your body over 10,000 international units immediately.


Fibrocystic breasts are not a real threat or a disease, but it is very common and can be quite painful to some women.

By supplementing your diet daily with one dosage of any quality brand of liquid vitamins, you get all of these vitamins and more.

You may also get relief very quickly as liquids absorb into your system much quicker.

Combine this with an Evening primrose oil supplement and the pain may be a thing of the past.

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