Fibromyalgia Symptoms

It is not well known that the mineral magnesium can be very effective in fighting it

Fibromyalgia symptoms and the group of conditions that it encompasses, is it actually a disease or is it a syndrome, and can supplements help in any way with these conditions?

There are so many different medications that are used to treat these set of conditions that it could make your head spin trying to understand them all.

There are also several experts on this subject and numerous companies on the internet that claim to have miracle supplements that will help to fight all of the conditions associated with this syndrome.

However if you experience the symptoms of the chronic fatigue and pain associated with this condition, you should be very cautious and use some common sense about what can really help you.

It’s your pain.

Fibromyalgia, or as many people refer to it, chronic fatigue syndrome, is really something that if you don’t actually have it, is very difficult to understand. So what exactly is it.


Chronic fatigue syndromeThe profound pain caused by Fibromyalgia symptoms may be helped by some key nutrients

Fibromyalgia is both a common and at the same time a complex grouping of pain disorders.

They affect millions of people worldwide with physical conditions, mental conditions, and as a result, social barriers or conditions.

It has to be classified as a syndrome, as it has no real medical condition that can be specifically treated.

But rather it is a collection of symptoms as well as quite defined medical problems, but at the same time not actually related to a specific cause.

It cause a multitude of spreads pains in the body, several tender points, fatigue most likely caused by sleeping disorders, and in several cases can lead to psychological stress, or if severe enough, distress.

These chronic conditions took years to actually be recognized, as it was in most cases ignored, dismissed as being in your mind, and looked upon as perhaps being someone who is a hypochondriac.

But they did not have it, experience it, or try to live with it. Because if you have it; it is real, very, very real.


Trying to tame this beast that for so long was ignored, you must first really try to understand the Fibromyalgia symptoms, many which overlap each other.

The best known of all the Fibromyalgia symptoms has been described by many as profound pain.

A pain that seems to travel into several parts of the body in different degrees of intensity, and has been described as shooting pain, deep pain, or just throbbing, or twitching pain.

Pain is not a disease, it is a condition, but this condition has been with us for thousands of years.

Numbness, tingling, burning, all with different degrees of severity depending on the person, but it is a real viable pain.

And usually as a result of this pain, both physical as well as mental, will result in fatigue.

Fatigue is not a disease, but it is real. But it is much broader than just being tired. It can be for many that suffer from this beast, feel almost like exhaustion.

You have no strength, you have no stamina.

And then to make these conditions worse, or what may cause the condition as no one really know, if the sleeping problems.

Problems that prevent you from getting any type of a deep, restful sleep. For whatever the reason, your mind just won’t let you sleep.

Then the other Fibromyalgia symptoms that come as a result, such as headaches ranging from mild to migraines, and bladder problems, especially irritable bowel which was also ignored for several years.

Other symptoms include  memory problems, dizziness, ringing of the ears, and vision and coordination problems.


No one knows the exact causes, but there are several research groups that are starting to acknowledge that most of the causes are some form or forms of neurotransmitter regulation problems in the central nervous system.

OK, but what exactly does this mean.

Your brain is made up of billions of cells that communicate with each other. These cells rely on neurotransmitters to control the signals.

When your ear itches, for example, it is being communicated to.

They also tell the lungs when to breathe, the stomach when to produce enzymes, and so forth. With Fibromyalgia symptoms, it is very possible that your cells are not communicating properly.


The best form of treatments will be medications, if this condition was actually a disease, but this is not a disease.

Dietary supplements, your diet, as well as your exercise habits and sleeping habits will all be factors.

But let’s look at supplements, but not those that are called miracle supplements, just a few basic ones that are proven to work in preventing deficiencies, and well as helping with these neurotransmitters.

Magnesium and magnesium malate, most likely will be found in all of these miracle cures for Fibromyalgia symptoms. So if that is the case, what about just supplementing with them?

Magnesium is an essential mineral that our body needs in over 300 enzymatic reactions.

However, it is absolutely critical for cell formation, especially in the brain. It also assists in energy transport and storage and helps to breakdown fatty acids, DNA metabolism, and hormone regulation.

Magnesium malate contains malic acid, a natural fruit acid that is present in most all cells, helps with enzyme synthesis, and is one of the few substances that can bind aluminum in tissues from the body.

It is also extremely important in cell communications. Combined with magnesium, it is very important in fighting this beast.

Vitamin B12 is also essential for activating cells in both the brain and the nervous system, but it is also involved in the activation or signaling of every cell in the body.

A deficiency of this vitamin leads to concentration difficulties, confusion, irritation, impaired memory, dementia, and depression, all classic Fibromyalgia symptoms.

Vitamin D is widely involved in brain functions with nuclear receptors as well as the encoding of enzymes in metabolism and the nervous system.


Deficiency of this vitamin is linked with vision and coordination problems, as well as depression and sleeping problems, again all key factors with Fibromyalgia symptoms.

All of these supplements will be mainstays in all of these miracle cures, but use some common sense.

Basic supplements can and do cause deficiencies.

Remember that it took the medical community over 200 years to accept that thiamine cured Beriberi, and it has taken them much loner to acknowledge that this beast indeed is real.

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