Genital Herpes Signs and Symptoms

The two most effective natural treatments are the mineral Zinc and Vitamin C

Although genital herpes signs and symptoms are still very dangerous and have no known cure, is it possible that vitamins and minerals can help them?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes.

They will not only provide help, there is mounting evidence that they can provide assistance in helping the sores heal quicker, lessen the severity and the duration of the symptoms, and reduce the frequency of them.

They may also minimize the chances of transmitting this disease but only if your body’s immune system is operating at fully capacity.


In fully understanding how vitamins can help with genital herpes signs and symptoms, it is very helpful to understand exactly what it is.

Genital herpes is a very common reoccurring sexually transmitted disease.

Although safe sex has been a slogan for several years now, this disease still affects hundreds of thousands of people worldwide each year.

The major genital herpes signs and symptoms are sores and severe itching that is very painful.

The cause of this disease is considered to be a type of herpes simplex virus, also referred to as HSV, and this virus enters your body in one of two ways.

Through small breaks of some kind in your skin, or through the mucous membranes.

Although there are still suggestions that it can be transmitted by contact with the virus, this is misconception, as it can only be transmitted by sexual or skin to skin contact of some kind.

Genital herpes signs and symptoms are not only very painful, they can also be quite embarrassing and can cause a lot of emotional distress.

To compound these factors, there is still to this day no known cure for them or this condition, or is there?

What is also a misconception is that you will have to avoid sex with your partner.

If you take the proper precautions and then take the next step in fully protecting your body with nutrients that can help this disease, you can still enjoy a relationship.

HerpesThere are two types of infections that may be the cause

There are two types of this virus that can cause genital herpes signs and symptoms, HSV-1 and HSV-2.

HSV-1 is the same virus that causes cold sores as well as fever blisters and it can be spread to your genitals during oral sex.

HSV-2, however, is considered to be by far the most common. This form of the virus spreads by sexual contact as well as skin to skin contact.

It is extremely contagious with or without any of the symptoms.

However, it is also very important to understand that as soon as this virus leaves your body, it dies very quickly and the myth that it can be spread by a toilet seat, towels or wash cloths, is just that; a myth.


Genital herpes signs and symptoms are very challenging for several different reasons.

The first is that they may be so mild you have no idea you have them, and the second is that they can literally lay dormant and then reoccur in your body for as long as thirty to forty years before they re-appear.

When you take a step back and digest this fact, it can be a bit overwhelming.

In the vast majority of cases you are most likely living a complete different lifestyle and when they do resurface, you will have no idea where they came from.

In most all cases, the first reaction will be to blame your partner, but in reality, they may have absolutely nothing to do with it as you have had genital herpes signs and symptoms once and have forgotten about them.

It is also much more common for the first symptoms to be worse than the reoccurring ones, but this is not always the case.

The first of the genital herpes signs and symptoms will be a very sudden pain as well as a slight itching that will begin to intensify usually within a few weeks after an exposure by an infected partner.

Once this occurs, very small red bumps as well as blisters may also develop.

However, they may also appear as open sores or ulcers, but whatever form they take, they will appear in your genital or anal areas, or somewhere very close.

After a period of several days, these bumps may rupture, ooze, and then bleed, but they will eventually scab over and heal.

In females, these sores can occur in the vaginal area, the external vaginas, as well as the cervix, anus, or buttocks.

In men, the genital herpes signs and symptoms will most likely occur on the penis, the scrotum, the anus, or your thighs.

However, in some cases they can also occur on the inside of the urethra, which is the channel located inside of your penis that leads to the bladder.

If they are severe enough in men, they can make it extremely painful to urinate, and headaches, muscle aches, and fevers may also develop.

Genital herpes signs and symptoms have another very challenging factor; re-occurrence. It is impossible to speculate on how they will reoccur, simply because it is different for each individual.

These symptoms can reoccur for several years, may never reoccur, or they can literally lay dormant only to reoccur as long as two to three decades later.


HSV-2Genital herpes can be helped by Vitamin C and some powerful minerals

Although this condition has no known cure, there is a drug called Zovirax that if taken during the initial symptoms, if they do occur, can help to reduce the frequency of them reoccurring.

However, there are also some vitamins and minerals that may be able to the exact same thing and even more in some cases.

The first is vitamin C, as in most all cases genital herpes signs and symptoms reoccur when your immune system is weak.

Vitamin C is very well known for its ability to boost your immune system, but this vitamin when combined with copper in an ascorbic acid-containing preparation, has shown some very positive results with these symptoms.

In a recent set of studies done in the National Public Health Institute, Helsinki, Finland, ascorbic acid preparations containing these nutrients were tested on several patients.

The test were done by applying the treatments to the lesions using cotton pads soaked in this solution.

This test included fourteen episodes with the treatments and eighteen with a placebo.

According to the results, the treatments with vitamin C and copper demonstrated two very startling facts.

It reduced the number of days of scabbing as well as a dramatically reduced the reoccurring episodes as well as the severity of them.

The placebo set showed no changes at all.

The mineral zinc is also held to be very effective in fighting genital herpes signs and symptoms both internally as well as externally.

Much like vitamin C, zinc plays a huge role in your immune system, especially with the production of your T lymphocyte cells.

These cells help to fight off viral infections and they are especially effective when fortified by zinc supplements.

However, zinc can interfere with the absorption of copper, and for this reason, copper should also be supplemented.

Externally, zinc oxide ointments are very commonly recommended for men on the sores that develop and although is not considered to be an antiviral agent in this form, it can do wonders for the itching.

It should not be used by women on any of the mucous membrane areas as it is considered to be a drying agent, however, if not used in the vaginal areas it is also very effective in stopping the itching.

Vitamin A is also very effective in assisting your immune system in fighting viral infections. 

Genital herpes signs and symptoms are still a very large threat as well as very challenging.

Although there is no cure for the condition itself, there are certainly precautions you can take, but perhaps the biggest is protecting and building your immune system.

Nothing says that these nutrients can prevent this virus, but they can certainly help shorten these symptoms as well as dramatically decrease them from reoccurring.


Instead of taking all of them individually, consider a liquid multi-vitamin form as it will absorb at a 90% ratio or higher into your system which can provide immediate help against this virus.

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