Goiter Home Remedies

Iodine is the most common home remedy but it is not for everyone

Are there any goiter home remedies that actually work?

The answer to this question is not only a very definitive yes, there are several nutrient deficiencies that can actually cause it.

Because of this, some very simple remedies may correct it.

If you have a deficiency of zinc, manganese, selenium, or vitamin A, you may be at a much higher degree of risk of developing this condition.

However a severe protein malnutrition may also be the cause of it, as well as the over or underproduction of your thyroid hormone itself.

However, what is not well known about this condition is that there are also certain food groups that may interfere with your normal thyroid process.

As a result, interfere with the production of iodine in your thyroid glands, which is perhaps the single largest cause of this condition and opens the doors for goiter home remedies.

If you are a vegetarian and you eat these food groups almost exclusively, you should definitely be aware of the nutrients that can help prevent it.


Goiter natural treatmentsGoiter home remedies include several key nutrients

In fully understanding these remedies, it is extremely helpful to understand exactly what this condition is.

Your thyroid gland is located at the very base of your neck slightly below what is referred to as your Adam’s apple and is similar in shape to a butterfly.

When this gland swells and becomes larger than normal, this condition is referred to as goiter.

In most cases it will not produce any type of pain; however, if they become excessively large, it can make it very difficult for you to swallow normally.

If this condition becomes extreme, it will also make it very difficult for you to breathe properly.

By far and away the most common cause of this condition is from the lack of iodine in your daily diet.

However, with the introduction of iodized salt in most developed countries, this has helped with this condition.

But this by no means has put a stop to it, as there are several medical conditions as well as some diets that totally restrict the use of salt.

However, this is not the only cause, as it can also be triggered by an overactive as well as an under active thyroid.

This can interfere with the production of your thyroid hormones or the nodules that help to actually develop this critical gland.

Although not all forms of this condition will need treatments, it is still very important to catch it as early as you can by watching for the symptoms.

Once you understand these symptoms, goiter home remedies will be your next step.


Understanding the goiter home remedies will all begin with the actual symptoms of this condition.

However, this is where this condition can become extremely challenging as not everyone will develop symptoms, but if you do, here are the most common ones.

The first symptom and by far and away the most common will be a very visible swelling at the base of your neck and in some cases, will appear as what is referred to as a double neck.

This symptom can range in degree of severity to hardly noticeable to the other extreme where it can make you very self-conscious.

In the vast majority of cases, people will try several different techniques as well as exercises to reduce this swelling as it is very easily confused with fat in your neck.

However, as hard as you try, nothing you do will work as it is goiter and not fat.

Because of this, although it may not be physically painful, it can become emotionally painful as it begins to lower your self-esteem.

The next set of symptoms includes a very tight feeling in your neck that is followed by coughing, hoarseness, as well as a difficulty in swallowing.

If the goiter is severe enough, it can also make it very difficult for you to breathe. At this point, the swelling is not only emotionally challenging, it is now affecting your daily activities.


Although the most common link between goiter home remedies is the interference of iodine production to your glands, it is not the only cause.

Your thyroid glands produce two major hormones that circulate in your bloodstream and are key ingredients in regulating your metabolism.

They do this by maintaining the rate that your body burns both fats and carbohydrates, controls your body temperature, regulates the production of proteins, as well as influences your heart rate.

When you develop goiter, it does not mean that your thyroid is not working normally; it simply means it is not producing these hormones in the adequate amounts.

Graves’ disease may also be the underlying cause as it will result in your thyroid producing too much thyroid hormone as the antibodies in your body mistakenly attack this gland.

Once this occurs, it causes it to produce excessive thyroxine, one of the two major hormones produced and this stimulates your thyroid and causes it to swell.

However, the complete opposite can also happen and this is referred to as Hashimotos disease, where your thyroid is damaged and it produces lower amounts of these hormones.

Once your body senses this attack, your pituitary glands produce more TSH which stimulates your thyroid and enlarges it.

Thyroid cancer as well as pregnancy can also trigger this condition.


Goiter home remedies start with some form of treatment with iodine supplements, especially if it is caused by hypothyroidism.

This supplement can dramatically reduce the size of the goiters if it is not complicated by any type of malnutrition.

However, iodine supplements should never be taken without direct supervision by your doctor as they can be dangerous if not used properly.

They can be extremely effective in the very early stages, but not nearly as effective in the later stages of this condition.

Vitamin A and E are the next forms of goiter home remedies as they can be quite helpful and are much safer.

In fact there have been several tests that have demonstrated that rats with this condition have low blood levels of these two nutrients.

There are, however, several other nutrients that can also be goiter home remedies including the minerals zinc and manganese, as deficiencies of these nutrients may trigger iodine deficient goiter.

A deficiency of the mineral selenium has also been suggested to trigger this condition.

There is another very interesting fact about goiter home remedies; some foods may interfere with the use of iodine in your thyroid glands.

If you eat a diet that is heavy in foods that are referred to as goitrogens, you are definitely at a much higher degree of risk of developing this condition.

The reason for this is they actually interfere with these glands producing iodine.

These foods include broccoli, cabbage, kale, and mustard, as well as millet, soybeans and pine nuts. However, if you supplement properly with a balanced nutrient supply, these will not be a problem.


Goiter home remedies can very easily be simplified by taking a very high quality liquid multivitamin daily.

However, there is one other word of caution; iodine is not used in most prenatal multivitamins as it is not mandated in the United States to be added to these nutrients.

Because of this fact, goiter home remedies even if you are pregnant, should include iodine. Iodine is critical in fetal development and this is definitely something you should discuss with your doctor.

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