Hearing Loss Nerve Damage

The real power player with B-vitamins is B-12 and what it does for myelin

Are there any natural treatments that can help prevent hearing loss nerve damage or is this condition the same as presbycusis, which is a gradual loss of hearing as you age.

The answer to this question is a yes and a no.

Yes to the first part as there are several natural treatments that when they are combined may prevent this form of hearing loss, and no to the second part, as it is not the same as presbycusis.

The reason for this is really quite simple; you cannot reverse presbycusis once it has occurred, but you can prevent hearing loss nerve damage if you understand how it occurs.


To fully understand how natural treatments can prevent hearing loss nerve damage, it is extremely helpful to understand how your hearing process actually works.

Once you understand the full process, the natural treatments that can help begin to emerge as their benefits have been substantiated by a recent study that tackles this damage head on.

n humans and most all animals, hearing will occur when sound waves that are made actually reach the structures located inside of the ears.

Here these waves or vibrations are converted into signals.

Once they are converted into what is referred to as nerve signals, the brain will then convert them into recognizable sounds.

Your ear is made up of three major components; the outer, middle, and inner ear, and these sound waves pass through the outer ear which causes vibrations in your eardrum.

From here, the eardrum and the three small bones that make up your middle ear, referred to as the hammer, anvil, and stirrup, will amplify these vibrations as they travel to your inner ear.

Once they are there, they will then pass through a fluid located in your cochlea, which is a small snail-shaped structure that is found in your inner ear.

It is in this step that natural treatments for hearing loss nerve damage begin to emerge.

The reason is simple; there are thousands of tiny hairs attached to the nerve cells in your cochlea that will help to translate sound vibrations.

This is a huge step as the vibrations of various sounds can very easily affect these finite hairs in several different ways.

This can then cause these nerve cells to send several different signals to your brain.

It is this step that helps you identify and distinguish different sounds, but it also this step where hearing loss nerve damage can begin to develop.


Hearing lossYou must protect your inner ear

There are several potential causes of hearing loss nerve damage.

However by far and away the most common are damages to your inner ear as the result of prolonged exposure to loud noises.

This will target and cause severe wear and tear in the cochlea and these finite hairs.

If these hairs or their nerve cells do become damaged, or worse yet go missing all together because of this noise, the electrical signals will not be transmitted properly.

This is the beginning step in the loss of your hearing.

The next potential cause is a ruptured eardrum, which is also the result of loud and sudden blasts of noise, as well as sudden drops in the pressure in your ears.

It can also be the result of poking or rupturing your eardrum with a sharp object, although this is very uncommon.

Other potential causes may include ear infections, bone growths of some type, and some medications, although these are also much less common.


Hearing nerve damageHearing loss nerve damage has several natural treatments

The next steps in selecting which natural treatments can help you with hearing loss nerve damage are to understand typical decibel levels that may affect you.

Decibel levels are the intensity of these sound waves and the range begins at 30 which are the lowest, and this would be the sound range of some whispering to you.

A normal conversation would be 60 decibels, and 85 to 90 would be very loud traffic or a power mower. 95 to 100 would be a motorcycle or snowmobile.

110 would be a chain saw or a very loud rock concert.

Sirens measure in at 120 decibels, a shotgun blast at 165, and a rocket launch is even more dangerous than a rock concert, as it measures at 180 decibels.

From here, there are standards that have been set by the National Institute of Deafness as well as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

They have designed duration's of time spans depending on the decibel levels.

A 90 decibel range is set at 8 hours, 92 at 6, 95 at 4, and 97 at 3 hours. 100 decibels are maxed out after 2 hours, 105 after 1 hour, and 115 at 15 minutes.

From this chart is it very easy to see how very dangerous loud noises can be and how easily they can trigger hearing loss nerve damage.


The natural treatments for hearing loss nerve damage will all center around some key nutrients; vitamins A, C, and E, as well as several in the B-complex, and one mineral; magnesium.

There have recently been monumental studies conducted by the University of Michigan Health Services.

This has demonstrated that a combination of these nutrients taken on a daily basis prior to any excessive noise exposure can have dramatic effects on the damages to these nerves.

Vitamin A is considered to be one of the most potent, as it actually helps to nourish and feed your ears tissues.

In fact, as a baby forms in the womb, it is this vitamin that has the major responsibility in forming the ears.

A deficiency of vitamin A is also one of the leading causes of most all ear problems as well as a hearing loss.

Vitamins E and C are perhaps the most powerful anti-oxidants of any nutrient, and when they are combined, make a very powerful one-two punch in fighting free radical damages.

However, vitamin E goes even one step further in fighting hearing loss nerve damage as it is the major catalyst in delivering oxygen to the cells of your ears which can help in keeping your nerves healthy.

Vitamin B6 also plays a major role in this process, as it is critical in normal brain functions by creating neurotransmitters.

This allows your brain cells to communicate to each other when they are receiving messages of what sounds to send to your ears.

Vitamin B-9 also plays a major role as it is associated with age related hearing loss but it is also a key player in controlling high-pitched hearing loss.

It also with high frequency loss which is exactly what is occurring with this condition. 

However, of all the B vitamins perhaps the real power player in hearing loss nerve damage is B-12, which is vital in the production of myelin.

Myelin is a fatty sheath like substance that is responsible for insulating your nerve fibers which in turn keeps your electrical impulses moving throughout your body.

If these impulses are not moving properly, your nerves in your ear are even more at risk.

The mineral magnesium, however, may be the most important of all these nutrients as it is has the major responsibility of transmitting electrical impulses across both your nerves and muscles.


When you combine all of these vitamins as well as magnesium into one form of attack against hearing loss nerve damage, you stand a much better chance of protecting the nerves in your ears.

Protecting your ears in the workplace with earmuffs in the form of earpieces can also control the decibel levels.

However the real protection comes internally with this combination taken once a day in the form of liquid vitamins and minerals.

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