Home Remedies for Night Blindness

What most people do not understand is that a deficiency of Vitamin A is the leading cause

Home remedies for night blindness can be extremely effective but the key is finding the right one for you.

While the prevalent cause is believed to be a deficiency of Vitamin A, a deficiency of the mineral zinc is also a contributor.

However, there are some other nutrients that will help with this condition, as well as one wonder fruit that anyone that has the slightest effects of night vision should at least try.


Night blindness is the first indication that you may have that your body is deficient of Vitamin A which can and often does lead to other serious eye problems.

This condition is a direct result of the way in which your eyes actually receives light rays.

Any type of light will travel through the cornea and the lens in your eye and then finishes up on the retina, which is located on the back portion of the eye.

The retina of your eye is made up of very small specialized nerves that are known as photo-receptors.

These nerves are responsible for both the receiving of light rays as well as changing them into the signals that are than transmitted to the brain.

It is from these signals that actual images in our eyes are formed almost instantaneously.

There are two types of these specialized nerves: rods and cones.

It is estimated that there are over three million cones and somewhere near 100 million rods in each of your eyes, indicating just how small they actually are.


Night blindnessHome remedies for night blindness includes Vitamin A and Zinc

The rods in your eyes are the specialized nerves that pick up motion and produce the ability for you to see peripheral vision, but they can only transmit in black and white.

Cones, on the other hand, have the ability to see colors.

It is the rod portion of these very small nerves that produce the ability to see when the light is very dim and are spread throughout the retina.

It is the cones that helps produce the bright lights, but are only located in the center of the retina.

The major reason the sight becomes blurry to you when it is dark or the light is very shallow is that the connections between these photo-receptors and the actual nerve cells are linked to the brain.

Rods also have to share in this connection.

It is because of this sharing factor that the brain does not know exactly which rod is producing the actual signal.

Conversely, cones do not share, but rather have a direct link to the brain which is the reason why your vision is so sharp when the light is very bright.

Rods also have another feature; they allow your eye to adapt to the darkness. When you enter into a dark room or one that is very dim, they automatically go into action.

This adaptive action is the result of a chemical nature of rhodopsin which is the pigments in your eye that are sensitive to red light and allows you to see black and white at night.

This pigment becomes totally useless as it decomposes as soon as it senses bright light, but in near darkness it is regenerated by your eye faster than it can decompose.

It is a malfunction of this process, generally caused by a deficiency of Vitamin A, which causes night blindness. However, there are also several other potential causes.


What causes this condition can be difficult to answer in some cases.

However by far and away the leading contributor is a deficiency of vitamin A and this is where the home remedies for night blindness being to emerge.

In fact, it is in most all cases the first indicator that your body is suffering from a deficiency of this extremely valuable eye nutrient. But there are also other causes.

Cataracts may also be the underlying cause , as they can inhibit your eyes ability to adapt to darkness.

This occurs as the result of a cloudiness affect in your eyes at all times, making it virtually impossible for them to adapt.

Any type of a liver disease or condition that you may have may also be the cause, as this can also affect your ability to see at night because it severely impacts the metabolism of vitamin A in your body.

Macular degeneration is a disease that affects the macula portion of the retina, and as a result, is may also trigger night blindness.

Retinitis pigmentosa is also an inherited disease that most commonly runs in entire families, and this may also be one of the potential causes.

The rods of the retina are affected in most cases, but with this disease it can attack the cones as well. This disease is easy to identify by the presence of dark lines in the retina.

As it becomes worse, peripheral vision is also lost and it usually results in partial blindness.

Zinc deficiency is also a potential contributor, as zinc is paramount in its partnership with assisting vitamin A and producing maximum vision.


In selecting home remedies for night blindness, it is very important to understand exactly what role Vitamin A plays with vision.

Vitamin A or retinol has two important active metabolites; retinal, which is critical in assisting several vision processes, and retinoic acid, which serves as an inter cellular messenger.

It is essential in the processing and transcriptions of a number of genes that are essential in the nerve transmissions between both the rods and the cones.

Retinal is critical in the chemical nature of rhodopsin, the light sensitive pigment that is found inside both the rods and the cones.

If retinal is not operating at its full capacity, rhodopsin does not regenerate at full capacity when your eyes are subjected to darkness.

This makes this nutrient a must in your selection of home remedies for night blindness.

Vitamin A should be part of every daily vitamin routine but there is always a word of caution with this vitamin.

It is a fat soluble vitamin and as such it can be toxic if taken in excessive quantities for several days.

For optimal effect you should not exceed 10,000 IU per day.

The mineral zinc is also necessary in transporting Vitamin A from your liver to the retina in your eye, and it is recommended to supplement zinc up to 25 mg daily to help in assisting this nutrient.

Because of this it another player for home remedies for night blindness.

However, there are also an herb and a fruit that can assist both as home remedies for night blindness.

Bilberry, which has been used for centuries, is an herb that assists with supporting the flow of blood though the very small vessels that deliver the needed nutrients to both your eye muscles as well as the nerves.

It is also extremely effective at easing the eye strain from too much computer time.

The standard dosage is 60 mg or one capsule making it a natural fit for your selection of home remedies for night blindness. 

Blueberries, not an herb, just plain old blueberries, contain very generous quantities of compounds that strengthen the capillaries and increase the natural peripheral circulation.

There have been several documented studies done with pilots, where their night vision improved dramatically when eating blueberries either raw or in jam form.

In this form it is perhaps the easiest of all the selections for home remedies for night blindness.


This challenging condition can be caused by underlying diseases as well hereditary factors.

However, if it is not an inherited disease, it can virtually be eliminated by the correct daily recommended dosage of vitamin A and the mineral zinc in your search for home remedies for night blindness. 

However, when these nutrients are combined with blueberries, it may be a thing of the past for you.

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