Home Remedies for Sciatica

Any natural remedy must begin with Vitamin B-12 for one critical reason

Is there any possible connection between home remedies for sciatica  and vitamins, and if so, do they actually work.

The answer to this question is yes, and if you suffer from this condition and you have not tried the nutrients that can help and nothing else seems to be working for you, maybe it is time that you tried them.

There are also other alternative treatments for this very painful condition.

While most people can recover from it, if it is not treated in some way, it can very easily lead to other forms of nerve damage.

These include a total loss of feeling in the affected leg, a loss of movement in the leg, as well as a loss of your bowel or bladder functions.


In fully understanding the connection between home remedies for sciatica and vitamins, it is very helpful to understand exactly what this condition is and the symptoms.

It also helps to know the potential causes and exactly what nutrients can help and why they help.

Sciatica is best described as a pain that will radiate along the path of your sciatic nerves as well as their branches, which run from your back and buttock areas, as well as through your legs.

This particular nerve is considered to be the longest nerve in your body.

This is one of the reasons the vitamins that can help with your nerves are so critical with this condition, as it runs from your spinal cord to the back of each of your legs.

However, there is a very large misconception about this condition; it is a disorder. It is not a disorder; instead, it is a symptom.

The reason for this is a simple one; the pain that you are feeling in most all cases is signaling to you that there is another problem that involves your nerves, and in most cases it is a herniated disk.

However, this is not the only potential cause, and if it is the acute form, even though it can be extremely painful, it can go away in a few months especially if you feed your nerves the proper nutrients.


The connection between home remedies for sciatica  and vitamins continues with the symptoms.

By far and away the most famous is a pain that will literally radiate from your lower spinal area down to your buttock, where it will than continue down the back of your leg.

In the vast majority of cases, only one of your legs will be affected.

However, you may also feel pain as well as discomfort anywhere along the path of this huge nerve, but it is most commonly felt in your lower back as well as your thigh and calf areas.

The pain that you will feel can vary dramatically with each episode, as it may be very mild one day, only to become so sharp the next day that it literally feels like the affected areas are burning up.

It has been described by several people as very similar to an electrical shock as it can be that sudden.

In some cases, if you cough, sneeze, move suddenly, or sit in one place for too long and then move, the shock will hit you again.

However, this is just the beginning of the list of symptoms, as you may also experience either a numbness or weakness anywhere along this nerve path.

It is not uncommon for you to have pain in one area of your leg and numbness in a different area.

SciaticaHome remedies for sciatica include the B class of vitamins

You may also experience a tingling sensation in your toes or areas in your feet, and this has been described as felling like someone is placing very small needles in these areas.

Although it is considered to be very rare, there is one other symptom to watch for; a sudden loss of control of your bladder or your bowel.

This may be the early warning sign of something much more sinister such as cauda equina syndrome, and this is extremely serious and is considered to be an emergency that needs immediate treatment.


The connection between home remedies for sciatica and vitamins also includes the potential causes, and although a herniated disk is the most common cause, there are also several others.

Your sciatic nerves control the muscles in your lower legs, but they also help to provide the feeling to several of the other lower extremity areas in your body including your thighs, legs, as well as your feet.

A herniated disk will cause compression in what is referred to your lumbar spine, and can very easily trigger this condition.

However, there are other potential causes including lumbar spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of one or more areas in your spine, as well as spondylolisthesis.

Spondylolisthesis is a condition that develops as the result of a degenerative disk disease. Other potential causes include spinal tumors or some type of trauma, such a fall or car accident.


The connection with home remedies for sciatica and vitamins begins with B-1, which is better known as thiamine, but there are also two other B-vitamins that may help you with this condition.

Thiamine is believed to help in the overall health of your spinal cords as it assists in repairing damages to your nerves, and because of this, it may help you with this condition.

However, this is not nearly the power player with this condition that B-12 may be, as it is the next connection between home remedies for sciatica and vitamins.

B-12, which is also referred to as cobalamin, is extremely important in the production of a substance called myelin, which is a fatty sheath that covers your nerve fibers.

Its major role is to basically insulate your nerves much the same as you would insulate water pipes to prevent them from exposure to very cold weather.

However, this insulation is much more important as it helps to keep the electrical impulses moving properly throughout your body.

Whatever the underlying cause of this condition is, when it affects you, your electrical impulses are interrupted.

It may be a pure coincidence that one of the major symptoms of a deficiency of this nutrient is numbness and tingling in your legs.

However, if you make absolutely certain that your myelin can adequately build this fatty sheath that protects your nerves electricity by feeding them this nutrient, you may be shocked at the results.

However, there is one other very important factor to consider with this condition as age is one of the leading risk factors in developing it.

It is estimated that about 40% of the population over the age of 60 cannot extract this vitamin from the food they eat, and as a result, it must be supplemented.

The connection between home remedies for sciatica and vitamins continues with B-6, which is critical in creating neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that allow your brain cells to communicate with each other.

Although this is most often associated with memory, it is very closely linked to B-1 and B-12 in repairing nerve damages and protecting your nerves.

It may be another coincidence that a deficiency of this nutrient can also cause tingling and numbness in your feet, but only you can be the judge of that. 

There are also other alternative treatments for this condition such as acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, as well as massage therapy.

When combined with the these B-vitamins, they may be extremely effective.


Home remedies for sciatica and vitamins have a very strong connection, and most while most all cases can be resolved with self-care treatments.

If you suffer from this condition and have not added these nutrients to your arsenal, maybe it is time you tested them for yourself as a possible remedy.


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