How Do You Get Warts?

This question is best answered by understanding exactly what they are

How do you get warts is an age old question that has several potential answers.

if you have them and have never actually found a good answer, the next questions to ask is are they contagious and is there a natural remedy to stop them.

The answer to both of these questions is a very definitive yes.

The are extremely contagious but the good news is there are several natural treatments that can slow them down, stop them in most cases, as well as prevent them from reoccurring.

If you have tested several different brands of wart removers that contain salicylic acid and you still have them or they reoccur, perhaps it is time your tried another treatment.

A treatment that will work both internally as well as externally.


How do you get warts is best answered by understanding exactly what they are, the symptoms, and why they keep coming back.

It also helps to know the different types as well as exactly what nutrients can help and why they help.

Warts are best defined as skin growths that are caused by a virus that is referred to as the HPV virus, which is also known as the human papillomavirus.

What is not well known about this particular virus is that there are literally 100 types of it.

It can lead to relatively harmless growths such as warts, but it can also lead to very serious diseases such as cervix cancer.

Because of this and the fact that these skin growths can spread very rapidly not only on your body but to other people, is where the question how do you get warts warts and nutrients begin to emerge.

If you have this skin condition you are very familiar with the fact that once it appears that you have finally defeated it, it will reappear.

This is why it is very difficult to treat if you are using the wrong approach.

The reason it can reappear so rapidly is quite simple; warts shed this virus, and because of this, they can develop even faster than you can treat them conventionally.

This is perhaps the biggest reason to try natural remedies for warts.


WartsThey can easily spread to other people

There is one other very important fact about this virus; it can also easily be spread to other people.

Warts are sometimes confused with moles, but they are very different than moles which can become cancerous, where warts cannot.

Even though they are not dangerous, they can still be extremely uncomfortable as well as embarrassing if they appear on certain parts of your body.

The other very challenging aspect about them and the virus that causes them is that in most cases you will have no idea where or how you came into contact with it. 


How do you get warts and the connection with natural treatments continue with the different types of these skin growths as well as the symptoms to watch for as each type will have a different set of symptoms.

There is actually four different types of these skin growths; common, planter, genital, and flat.

By far and away the most frequent are common warts, and this type will in most all cases affect your hands or your fingers.

The symptoms for this type will be the appearance of very small and fleshy bumps that will be quite grainy in nature when they first appear, and will then turn one of four colors; flesh, white, tan, or pink.

There does not seem to be any real reason why the will appear in these different colors, but regardless of what color they are, they will all have one thing in common.

They will be extremely rough when you touch them.

This form may develop as a singular growth or there may be multiple growths, and if you knock, bump, or worse yet, try to pick them, they will begin to bleed.

Once the bleeding starts, they will put out what appears to be very tiny black spots that are commonly referred to as seeds, but this is a misconception.

What this actually is are very small pieces of blood vessels that have clotted. It is not these seeds that spread this infection; it is the virus that spreads it.

How to you get warts continues with the next form of this skin growth which is referred to as planter warts, and they will attack you on the soles of your feet.

The symptoms with this form are different in that they will look like flesh colored lumps that have black dots on the inside of them.

In some cases, they may appear as brown lumps, but will still have the tiny black dots which are also small clotted blood vessels.

The third form is referred to as genital warts, and they will appear in your genital areas that include the anal canal and your pubic area.

This form is transmitted sexually, and if you are female, they can grow on the inside of your vagina, which can be extremely uncomfortable.

The final form is referred to as flat warts, and these will grow on your face or your legs.

They are not nearly as common, but if they do appear, they will be both smaller as well as much smoother in texture.


Wart virusNatural remedies for warts must include Vitamin A

In further answering the question of how do you get warts, it is extremely important to understand exactly how they spread.

This virus is no different than any other infectious disease, as it can very easily be spread from person to person.

You can get this infection by coming into contact with almost anything an infected person has touched, but you will not develop these growths immediately.

In fact, it can take anywhere from two to six months after you have been exposed before they begin to attack you.


How to do get warts and what natural remedies can help them will involve three nutrients; vitamin C, A, and E. However, vitamin A is by far and away the most powerful of the three.

Everyone’s immune system is different, and just because you have been exposed, it does not mean that you will develop these skin growths.

In fact, if you’re immune system is strong to begin with, you may never get them.

If you have them and they keep reoccurring, this may be a sign that your immune system is not as strong as it needs to be.

Vitamin C is an extremely effective anti-oxidant, and because of this, it is very effective in answering the question how do you get warts.

The reason; it helps to fight off the damages that free radicals can do to your immune system.

In some cases stop the virus before it ever attacks you. 

Free radicals are rogue like molecules that attack your cells and take the elections from your healthy cells as their personal food source.

However, vitamin C helps to stop this process by offering itself as the food source, and because of this, these rogue molecules will quit attacking your cells.

Once these cells are at full strength again, they are much more effective at stopping bacteria as well as viral infections.

However, the real power player in how do you get warts and are there natural remedies for them is vitamin A.

This nutrient is very effective in helping your overall skin health as well as helping to strengthen your epithelial membranes, which are underlying layers of specialized connective tissues in your skin.

By taking a liquid form of vitamin A daily in the recommended quantities, you may stop these growths from ever developing, but if they do, it can definitely stop them from reoccurring.

However, there is also something else you can do with this nutrient to answer the question how do you get warts.

You can take a vitamin A tablet and mix it with a very small amount of water to make a paste, and then place it directly on the wart and cover it with a bandage.

Leave it on for a couple of days and then remove the bandage and gently take a piece of pumice and scrub off the dead skin.

If you combine this treatment with a daily dosage of liquid vitamin A, you may be shocked at how quickly your warts go away.

You can also take vitamin E in a liquid caplet form, prick the caplet, and apply it directly to this skin once you have scrubbed off the dead skin as an extra punch to stop this growth from ever attacking you again.


How do you get warts is answered by the virus that you have come into contact with, but the question of what natural remedies can help is also quite easy.

There are some very powerful connections between natural remedies for them and nutrients that can be much more effective than salicylic acid.

There are some that will even suggest using duct tape over the salicylic acid solutions, but nutrients attack these growths both externally as well as internally.

If you have tried everything else and nothing has worked, perhaps it is time to treat these growths naturally.

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