Kidney Stones Home Remedy

The mineral magnesium is perhaps the best known but there are also several others

Is there really any truth to kidney stones home remedy, and if there is, you should ask two questions:can it work and what is it?

This very painful condition has no one single cause as it most cases in involves several factors that usually occur in some type of combination.

Although they generally do not cause any permanent long term damages, that is very little relief to you as they can be extremely painful when they attack.

If you have ever undergone this excruciating attack, you will look for any type of relief.

The relief that you are looking for may be as simple as some very important supplements, as they may be the real kidney stones home remedy that you are looking for.


Kidney stones are also referred to as renal lithiasis and are very small deposits that form inside of your kidneys.

They are made up of minerals as well as acid salts, and it the vast majority of cases they form when your urine becomes concentrated, which in turn allows the minerals to crystallize.

Once they crystallize, they stick together and are ready to attack.

The pain that you feel will almost always start on your side or your back just below your rib area, where they start to progress to your abdomen and groin areas.

As soon as they start to move, they can be extremely painful.


Kidney stonesAn effective kidney stones home remedy must include B 6 and magnesium

In most cases, treating them is not necessary unless they start to occur on a frequent basis, but if this does happen, you will then need to have them treated.

If the symptoms do not become extreme, this is where the connection with kidney stones home remedy begins to emerge.

The symptoms can vary from person to person, but there are several that are quite common.

The first sign that you have kidney stones will be a very sudden pain in your side or your back and can feel like something is literally hitting you from the inside.

You may also feel pain when you urinate, and if this does occur, your urine may be pink, red, or brown in some cases.

You may also begin to feel very sick and may begin to vomit as the attack is intensifying.

In rare cases, you may also begin to develop a fever as well as chills, and if this does occur, you need to seek medical help as soon as possible.

If the pain becomes so intense that you cannot sit or find any type of a comfortable position, it is also time to seek professional help.

There are four different types of kidney stones; calcium, struvite, uric acid, and cysteine stones. There are some other types, but they are extremely rare.


Most all types of kidney stones are the calcium form, and are considered to be made up of calcium oxalate.

Fruits and vegetables contain very high levels of this form of calcium as does chocolate and nuts.

Your liver also produces oxalate and if you have any type of metabolic disorder, you may be a prime candidate for these stones, and kidney stones home remedy may be exactly what you are looking for.

If you take high dosages of vitamin D and you eat a diet consisting of the foods that have high oxalate levels, you may be at a higher degree of risk.

There are some cases where calcium stones may also consist of calcium phosphate, although they are not nearly as common.

Struvite stones are generally the result of a urinary tract infection, and can be even more painful as they can grow very rapidly.

Uric acid kidney stones can be the result of not drinking enough water as well as eating a diet high in protein.

Cysteine stones are considered to be quite rare and usually only occur in people with a heredity disorder that can cause excessive excretion of amino acids.

There are also several factors that may place you at a much higher degree of risk of developing this pain condition.

If your family has a history of developing kidney stones, if you are over the age of forty, and if you are a male, you are in the higher risk group.

Not drinking enough water, obesity, and some diseases such as inflammatory bowel and chronic diarrhea can also cause this condition.


In fully understanding any type of kidney stones home remedy, it is important to understand they are generally treated by adjusting your diet or by diuretic drugs that help to decrease urinary calcium as well as increase your urinary flow.

However, there are also several nutrients that can help in the same manner and can also help in totally dissolving them and this is where the connection with kidney stones home remedy begins.

One of the best ways to picture a kidney stone is to place sugar into a glass of water.

Even though you still it vigorously, there will be some grains that drop to the bottom of the glass. This is exactly what is happen with kidney stones and the calcium levels in your body.

You cannot reduce the calcium, but you can help to balance it out another mineral; magnesium, which is next connection in kidney stones home remedy.

The ratio of your body’s content of calcium and magnesium is extremely important.

If you are suffering from this condition, it is not because you are getting to much calcium; instead, you are not getting enough magnesium.

There are several experts in the medical community that scoff at this idea, but that is usually because they have not tried it.

Stanley Gershoff, Ph.D., who is the professor of nutrition and the Dean of Emeritus at Tufts University School of Nutrition, ran a test to see if this connection with kidney stones home remedy was true.

He tested 149 people who had had at least two kidney stones once a year for over five consecutive years.

He gave them 300 milligrams of magnesium as well as 10 milligrams of vitamin B6 and then followed them for a period of four to six years.

The results were amazing as over 90 percent had no stones during this period of time.

Magnesium helps prevent calcium oxalate from crystallizing although it is still not fully understood how.

His recommendation is to take 300 milligrams of magnesium a day for at least a year to help dissolve this extra calcium.


However, there is more you can do and this comes in the form of vitamin B6, as this is critical for your body’s metabolism to function properly and is also a critical part of kidney stones home remedy.

If your body is not metabolizing food correctly, it can cause more oxalic acid to form, and once it does, it goes directly into your urine.

However, you should not take more than 50 milligrams a day unless your doctor recommends it, as high dosages of B6 may cause some nerve damage.

The mineral potassium may also be very effective, especially if you are taking any kind of diuretic medicines.

You can get an adequate of potassium through you diet if you eat at least five serving of fruits and vegetable each day.

However there are very few people that ever come close to that amount, and this is why you should also consider it as part of kidney stones home remedy.

If you are having trouble with kidney stones, ask your doctor about potassium citrate which must be given via a prescription.

This form of potassium is extremely effective in changing the pH of urine and allows it to hold more calcium without forming crystals.


These stones may not cause any long term damage, but try convincing yourself of that with your next attack.

If you drink plenty of water and balance it with magnesium and vitamin B6, you may never have another issue, and this kidney stones home remedy may be exactly what you are looking for.

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