Why Liquid Vitamins?

The superior absorption ratio and the ease of swallowing is just the beginning of the list

Liquid vitamins and much better than vitamins that are either in a capsule or tablet form as they have very low bio-availability, or in other words, they just don't match well with our digestive system.

However there is also other drawbacks to conventional forms; they don't produce the described results that you are looking for.

The ability of your body to absorb the benefits of the nutrients that we eat, and the vitamin supplements that we take, starts to decrease between the ages of 40 to 45, by as much as 70 percent.



Reductions in the absorption processes can lead to the reduction of digestive enzymes that start within your mouth, and than your pancreas and intestines.

It is then combined with the reduction of hydrochloric acid that you are producing as you age, within your stomach.

Essentially these pills become locked up in your system, and you or your pet are not getting the full benefits.

However, there are also several other reasons why so many people are switching to the liquid vitamins and minerals.

Quite simply, they taste good, they are a lot easier to swallow, and they leave no bitter aftertaste.

Capsules or pills are packed for the most part into pork based gelatin with such additives as talc or other types of fillers.

They are often than pressed into pill or capsule form using additives that naturally will require extra effort on the part of your digestive system.

In addition they often times leave bitter after tastes, so they just do not taste good either to you, or to your pet.

Ask yourself this question; are you being too picky or trivial to now question the additives used in making vitamins in pill or caplet form?

Liquid vitamins and minerals are also much easier for small children to swallow as well, and there are a lot of very good tasting flavors available for small children that actually make them fun to take.

Small children, and a lot of pets, have immature attenuated digestive systems.

With this restriction, it becomes even more difficult for them to digest these caplets or pills that have talc and other additives.

A good multi-vitamin is one of the building foundations for health and overall nutrition.

However they can be a lot more effective if absorbed by a 90 percent absorption factor as compared to a 20 percent in the pill or capsule form.

Liquid vitamins and minerals help in many other ways as well.

Cooking kills whole raw foods naturally packed digestive enzymes, and when this occurs, the digestive process itself may be in placed in jeopardy.

Liquid vitmainsLiquid vitamins absorb into your body at a much higher ration

These digestive enzymes, derived from plants, are very helpful replacements for our digestive system that starts in the upper part of the stomach.

There are several types of digestive enzymes such as Amylase for digestion of carbohydrates, protease for the digestive of protein, lipase for the digestion of fat, and cellulose for fiber digestion.

Enzymes from animals such as pepsin and pancreatin, which is composed of amylase, lipase, and protease, also help in the process of digesting food once it reaches the lower stomach and the intestinal tract.

Stomach acid in both humans and pets has the responsibility of starting the activation process of these specific enzymes.

These are necessary for the digestion process as the nutrients start their travels into the small intestine and then into your colon.

However, low levels of stomach acidity may allow the undigested nutrients to travel further into the digestive tract.

This processes than bypasses what may be the optimal distance that is effective for proper digestion and absorption.

Aging and Absorption

As we all get older, especially anyone past the age of 50 and pets past the age of 7, neither is very likely to produce the same amount of stomach acid as you did in your mid-twenties or your pet at 3 to 4 years of age.

This lack of digestion can also lead to lowered levels of Vitamins B2, B6, and B12 as well as decreasing the absorption of zinc that is found in many vegetables.

Estimates have shown that 20 to 30 percent of adults between the ages of 60 and 80, and pets older than 8 years of age, could suffer from the lack of a digestive acid that is known as atrophic gastritis.

Atrophic gastritis is essentially the process of chronic inflammation of the stomach mucosa.

This condition leads to the loss of gastric glandular cells, which causes even more digestive problems.

The acid that is in your and your pet’s stomach is the key in thoroughly breaking down the food that we both eat.

If you or your pet does not have enough stomach acid, you will have difficulty in digesting foods rich in fiber, rather it is whole foods or vitamin pills.

As a result, you may have to turn to food that has been highly processed for the energy that your body needs.

The absorption issues in the body combined with other health conditions that you or your pet may face such as ulcers, diverticulitis, and acid reflux, could possibly make the issue even more serious.

Anyone that suffers from acid reflex syndrome knows firsthand how painful that ordeal is, but you may want to step back and ask yourself what is actually causing this? 


Acid reflex syndrome is what made for personally look for some type of option in nutritional supplements,

Since taking liquid vitamins instead of daily attacks of this very painful ordeal, it may now only happen two to three times a year.

Because of these digestive issues, it is not how much or how many supplements you or your pet takes.

It is how much your body actually absorbs, and this is the key to properly placing the needed nutrients into your body.

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