Liver Health Vitamins

Will include several key nutrients as well some herbs

Are there any liver health vitamins that will actually work to improve this critical glands function?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes for several important reasons.

There are several supplements including some herbs that can not only help to keep your liver healthy, they can also help prevent several infections as well as breakdowns from occurring.

However, when discussing them it is extremely helpful to also discuss what several of these supplements can also do to help your kidneys as well, as both are critical to your overall internal health.


Your liver is the single largest internal organ in your body and it is also one the most important, as it performs several critical tasks non stop in keeping you healthy.

Because of its role, it is also very important to the overall health of other organs such as your kidneys and gall bladder, both prone to developing stones.

In fact, if your liver is not a full operating strength, your quality of life is challenged. If it becomes damaged and cannot operate properly, you may not survive.

As critical as it is to your overall health, it only weighs about three pounds but it receives 1.5 quarts of blood every minute that you are alive.

It is actually considered to be a gland as it secretes several chemicals and well as producing what is referred to as bile.

Bile is critical to your health as it helps to digest fats, but it’s salty like substance also breaks down fat into smaller pieces where it is much more easily absorbed into other organs.

However, this is only the beginning of jobs it performs in your body and because of this; liver health vitamins become even more important.

Your liver is also the major detoxifying system in your body, as well as the major storage house. It helps to store several vitamins as well as the mineral iron, but it also stores simple sugar glucose.

Once stored, it will release the usable sugar into your body when your glucose levels fall below the normal ranges.

It also helps to breakdown hemoglobin, insulin, and other hormones as well as helps to convert ammonia in your body.

The ammonia that it converts is essential to your overall metabolism. However, perhaps one of its most important functions is in the destruction of old and used red blood cells.

Your liver than works hand in hand with your kidneys which are filtering like organs that remove wastes from your bloodstream and then flush them out through your urinary tract.

In order for these organs to remain healthy, they must be fed the proper nutrients and this is where liver health vitamin begins to emerge.


Liver painLiver health vitamins must start with Vitamin A for one key reason


Liver health vitamins will always begin with vitamin A for one simple reason.

The majority of this nutrient is stored there.

This nutrient is a very powerful antioxidant but it also plays a major roll with cellular growth and division which is critical to your overall immune systems health.

However, this nutrient also plays a major role with your kidneys as it helps to heal the lining of your urinary tract which helps to prevent infections as well as treat them as they occur.

Next on the list of liver health vitamins is vitamin C which works very closely with A and E as extremely powerful antioxidants.

Combined, they help to fight off the damages of free radicals that are attempting to steal the healthy cells from both your liver and kidneys.

They also help to keep your cholesterol levels in check as well as supporting the overall health of your arteries.

If your arteries are not at full strength, your livers detoxification functions will become challenged. Vitamin C is also very active with your kidneys as it helps to acidify your urine to the proper levels.

Vitamin E is the next as it helps to keep your blood free from toxins. This not only makes your livers job much easier, it also helps your immune system.


Liver health vitamins next turns to the mineral magnesium, as well as choline which is a member of the B class of vitamins.

Magnesium is best known for keeping both your blood pressure and blood sugar at normal levels, but it is fast emerging as a liver nutrient as well.

Most everyone that suffers from fatty liver syndrome, cirrhosis of the liver, or other liver disease all have one thing in common; low blood levels of magnesium.

However, there are other very strong connections with magnesium and the liver.

As you begin to age or if you consume large amounts of alcohol and a regular basis, you also risk developing low magnesium levels which may place your liver’s health in jeopardy.


Choline, although not nearly as well known as other B vitamins, is also a very powerful member of the liver health vitamins because of the role it plays with fat in your body.

It is a very powerful nutrient that helps to remove the fat from your liver and without it; the bile that is produced cannot function properly.

In fact, without ample supplies of this nutrient the fat may become trapped in your liver, which in turn will begin to damage your kidneys.

The next groupings of nutrients are actually herbs, but when they are combined with these helpful vitamins they blend together to provide your liver all the nourishment it needs.

These herbs include Milk Thistle, Chinese Mushrooms, Licorice, as well as the nutrient SAM-e.

Milk thistle has been used for centuries to treat the liver because of its natural defense in protecting against toxins.

However, this is not its only benefit as it also helps your livers ability to regenerate healthy cells.

If the cells of your liver are not regenerated on a daily basis, it cannot stay healthy.

Chinese mushrooms are also believed to strengthen the liver in much the same ways, and has also been used for centuries.

However, of the three herbs, there are some experts that think Licorice root may be the most powerful, but that is still quite controversial.

Although SAM-e is still relatively new to the marketplace, it is considered an essential nutrient in producing glutathione, which helps to protect your liver naturally from oxidative damages.


Your liver must be at full operating strength for your body to remain healthy.

When you combine the antioxidant and detoxifying benefits of all of these liver health vitamins, you will help keep it at full strength.

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