Make Your Skin Healthy

There are two vitamins that are absolutely critical for you to accomplish this

if you want to make your skin healthy there is one thing for certain; it will not happen on its own, especially in the fast paced world that we live in today.

There may be no one single attribute about you that is more important than your skin, as it can literally tell you what is going on not only on the outside of your body, but also the inside.


Of all the recent news and advancements that have happened in the beauty community in recent years, perhaps the most important has been the discovery of what vitamins as well as some minerals can do to help develop and maintain its health. 

There are several critical vitamins that can you to make your skin healthy, and they include Vitamins C, A, E as well as vitamin K.

There are also some key B-vitamins that are involved in this process.

What Else Is Included?

If you really want to make your skin healthy if it helpful to understand this cannot be achieved by just your diet and vitamins. Instead, there are also several other steps that you can take to promote it's care.

By far and away the most important thing that you can do to make your skin healthy is to protect it properly from the sun.

Suntans may be your goal most of the time, but a lifetime of unprotected sun exposure can lead to several problems with your skin including the most devastating; skin cancer.

The most common of these problems will be wrinkles, freckles, age spots, as well as both rough and dry skin. Because of this, there are very basic precautions that you should take.

The first is to avoid sun between the most extreme hours which are 10 A.M to 4 P.M.

You should also wear protective clothing whenever possible, especially some type of a hat or visor.

You should also use a protective sunscreen and try to apply it at least 30 minutes before you are exposed to the sun.

However, the protection does not end there, as you should reapply it every two hours that you are exposed to direct sunlight.

Right behind sunlight in the fight to make your skin healthy is smoking. Smoking does several things to your skin, and none of them are good.

Smoking not only makes you look older, it also drastically increases your chances of wrinkles as it narrows your blood vessels in the outer layers of your skin.

However, it also does one other very damaging thing; it depletes your skin of oxygen as well as vitamin D.

But the list does not end there, as it also damages the collagen as well as the elastin in your skin which is the fibers that gives it not only its strength, but its elasticity.

If you really want to make your skin healthy, maybe you consider quitting.

Keeping your skin clean is also very important and there are also some critical steps in this process as well.

The first is to limit your bath times as long baths can remove oils from its outer layers and you should also avoid strong soaps that can also strip oils from these outer layers.

Pat drying instead of vigorous drying is also very important, as is properly moisturizing these important outer layers after bathing or showering.

Healthy skinMaking your skin healthy invloves several key nutrients

Eating a healthy diet as well as avoiding stress are also counter measures you can take.

Vitamins C and E

There are several vitamins that are critical if you want to make your skin healthy.

However none of them are as important as these two vitamins as they are critical in the battle against sun exposure.

Both of these vitamins are very strong antioxidants and one of their major rolls is to fight off as well as protect against free radical damages.

Free radicals attack molecules in your skin cells, and as a result, they take these molecules as their food source for survival.

In this process, they also severely damage your collagen as well as your elastin which not only causes wrinkles; it also leads to premature aging in your outer layers.

However, when these two vitamins are taken orally as well as used in topical creams, they dramatically reduce this damage.

However, there is some misconception that topical creams alone can prevent these damages, which is not true.

You need them in sufficient quantities either from your diet or by supplements as internally they fight free radicals by offering themselves as food sources.

By doing this, free radicals will attack them and ignore the molecules in your outer and inner layers.

In order for you to maximize ways to make your skin healthy with vitamin C, you need to eat citrus fruits as well as green leafy vegetables.

It is also suggested that you take between a 500 and 1,000 milligrams in a supplement form each day.

Vitamin E can be found naturally in vegetable oils, several types of nuts, seeds, as well as asparagus. A 400 milligram supplement once a day is also suggested.

Vitamins A

Vitamin A is the next nutrient needed to make your skin healthy as a deficiency of this vitamin as well as low levels can cause dry as well as flaky skin.

This vitamin is critical in this process as it is needed to not only maintain skin tissue; it is also needed to repair it.

There are also topical creams that are very good for your skin and if you suffer from any form of acne, Retin-A which is derived from this vitamin, has become one the most effective measures for treating this condition.

The Vitamin B-Complex

All of the B-vitamins are also critical to make your skin healthy, but the most important of this class is biotin, also referred to a B-7.

Biotin helps to prevent dermatitis which causes itchy as well as scaly skin, and it is very easy to have a deficiency of this nutrient. Even mild forms of deficiency can lead to problems.

Niacin or vitamin B3 is also very important as it helps to retain moisture in the skins cells and it also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to prevent against dryness and irritation.

Vitamin K

The final vitamin in the fight for to make your skin healthy is vitamin K, but it does not help your on the outside, instead, it helps from the inside.

This vitamin not only helps prevent bruising, it can also help with dark under eye circles.

When it is combined with vitamins A, E, and C, it is even more effective.

There are also some minerals that can help and the first of these is selenium, as it plays a key role in the prevention of skin cancer.

Copper helps with your elasticity in the mid and outer layers as well as its structure, and zinc helps with  inflammation and is also very effective in fighting acne.


If you truly want to make your skin healthy it will not just happen. You must help it by not only taking the precautionary steps, you must also supplement with vitamins and these other nutrients.

A liquid vitamin is extremely effective at protecting all of the layers for two reasons.

It provides you with the right amount of these nutrients and it absorbs at a 90 percent of higher ratio which is exactly what you need in this battle.

Sources of Help to Make Your Skin Healthy

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