Meningitis Symptoms

Are very serious but it is a misconception that they are always life threatening

Is there any real connection between meningitis symptoms and natural treatments, or is this a myth.

Although meningitis can be a life threatening situation, there are two huge misconceptions about it including how it can be treated, or in some cases, even prevented.

The first misconception is that it is life threatening in every case which is completely false, simply because it will depend on the cause of the actual infection.

In the majority of cases, it is caused by a viral infection, which can very easily be treated naturally, and as a result, will resolve itself very quickly.

The second misconception is that only antibiotics can be used to treat it. This statement is true if the infection is the result of a bacterial infection, but these cases are rare compared to viral infections.

Because of this, meningitis and natural treatments can have a very strong connection for one simple reason; your immune system.

If your immune system is strong to begin with, your chances of developing this condition are dramatically reduced.

However, if you do develop it and it is from a viral infection, there are several forms of natural treatments that can help you recover very quickly.


To fully understand the relationship between meningitis symptoms and natural treatments, it is extremely important to understand this condition in its entirety.

According to the Mayo clinic, this condition is the result of an inflammation that occurs in the membranes that surround both your brain as well as your spinal column.

The swelling that occurs as a result of this inflammation is what causes the almost trademark like three symptoms that occur; headaches, a fever, as well as a stiff neck.

There are certainly other symptoms that can develop, but in almost every case, these three will be the first set of symptoms.

Meningitis symptoms and natural treatments also have a very strong connection in that in the majority of cases the actual cause is the result of a viral infection of some type

If treated naturally with some very simple steps and nutrients, it can be resolved within a few short weeks.

However, it can also be the result of a bacterial or a fungal infection, in which case it is a life threatening emergency situation.

Because of this, once you identify the three trademark symptoms, you need to seek professional help as quickly as possible as the earlier you catch it the quicker it can be treated.


Meningitis symptoms and the natural treatments that can help will all depend on how quickly you catch these symptoms.

It is also extremely important to note that the symptoms are quite different between an adolescent and an adult than they are in an infant under the age of two years old.

The symptoms in anyone other than an infant will be the three classic symptoms; a headache, a fever, as well as a stiff neck.

However, this will not be a normal type of a headache as it will be so extreme that in some cases it will feel like your head is literally about to explode.

The fever will also be as dramatic as it will be extremely high in most cases.

If you experience both of these meningitis symptoms as well as a stiff neck, it not the flu, it is meningitis.

There are however, several other symptoms that may develop including vomiting and nausea as the result of the severe headache, as well as confusion.

Because your brain is under attack, you will have a very difficult time in concentrating and you will also suddenly become extremely sensitive to any type of light.

You may also become very sleepy as well as have a very difficult time waking up. If it is the result of a viral infection, you may also develop a skin rash.

Infants under the age of two will also develop a very high fever as well as a headache, but the difference is they cannot tell you they have a headache.

Instead they will begin to cry constantly, become very sluggish, and in most cases, will stop eating.

If this does occur, check them very quickly for any type of stiffness in their body as well as their neck. There is however, one other real warning sign to watch for; a soft spot on top of their head.

If they have these symptoms, you need to drop everything and seek emergency treatment as quickly as possible.


MeningitisMeningitis symptoms can be helped by some very powerful herbs

It is also very helpful in understanding meningitis symptoms and what treatments that you may use, to know what causes this condition.

Although bacterial infections are not nearly as common as viral infections, they are much more serious and if this form is not caught and quickly treated, it can be fatal.

It is estimated that about 30% of all people affected with this form will not survive, and about 15% will have some type of very serious complication.

The most common bacterial infections is Streptococcus pneumoniae, which is also referred to as pneumococcus, and this is also the leading cause of both pneumonia and ear infections in infants and children.

Other common bacterial infections are meningococcus, which is extremely contagious, as well as listeria, which is found in soil, dust, as well as foods.

Viral infections are estimated to cause between 65% and 75% of all cases of this condition, with the leading cause being the group of viruses known as enteroviruses.

However, they account for only about 30% of the viral infections as the rest of the actual viral causes are never discovered.


Meningitis symptoms and natural treatments have one commonality; your immune system. If it is operating at full capacity, you may never be infected by any of the potential causes.

Because of this, there are several natural protective measures you can take not only to prevent this condition, and if it is a viral infection that has caused it, these treatments may also help it to correct it.

The first form of natural treatment is a multi-vitamin, preferably in liquid form simply because they absorb at over a 90% ratio in your body as compared to about a 20% percent ratio in pill or tablet form.

These nutrients are the building blocks of your immune system.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also very helpful in building your immune system as is Co-enzyme Q10. This nutrient is becoming very popular for its immune building qualities as is Resveratrol.

Resveratrol is found in red wine as well as supplement forms and is a very powerful antioxidant.

Meningitis symptoms and other natural treatments will include some herbs, which can be found in pill, capsule, as well as tablet forms.

However, they can also be found in liquid extracts and just like liquid vitamins, they are much more effective when mixed with your favorite beverage as they will absorb much quicker.

Some of these herbs include Cat’s claw which is very effective in controlling inflammation as well as building your immune system to full strength. 

Reishi mushroom is also very effective at building your immune system as is Olive leaf.

Olive leaf is also very effective as an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent making it very powerful in protecting against this infection.


Meningitis symptoms and natural treatments have a very definitive connection.

They can not only help this condition from every occurring, they can also help treat the most common form caused by viral infections.

Drinking a lot of fluids as well as bed rest combined with these nutrients can help to build back your immune system.

However, if you do develop meningitis, it will be critical to understand the symptoms and seek professional help as quickly as possible.

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