Migraine Headache Remedies

There are a few key nutrients that can help keep your oxygen properly metabolized which is the key

Migraine headache remedies and nutrients, could there possibly be any viable connection between them?

If there is, can they help to prevent this condition that is often overlooked and not always properly diagnosed.

The answer is a resounding yes, as the vitamin Riboflavin, also referred to as B2 and its relationship to flavocoenzymes, and the mineral magnesium.

This is referred to as the power mineral and can both have significant impacts in preventing this very painful condition.

Migraine headache remedies can help the over 28 million Americans daily and millions of others worldwide from a consistent never ending trail of pain from this painful condition.

However, even with the large numbers, this condition has been reported to be diagnosed improperly in over fifty percent of the cases.


Migraine headaches is considered to be a form of a vascular headache, in that it seems to be caused by combinations of enlarged blood vessels known as vasodilatation and the release of chemicals from nerve fibers that surround these blood vessels.

While experiencing migraine headache symptoms, the temporal artery which lies outside of your skull and under the skin of your temple, enlarges.

By enlarging, it pushes the stretching of the nerves around the artery, which than causes them to release chemicals that causes further enlargement, which in turn produces inflammation.

It is this entire process that causes the excruciating pain that you feel.

Migraine headachesThye will start out as a dull throbbig in your head

This process usually starts with just a dull throbbing, but most all cases of migraine headache symptoms, it will affect those that suffer in a myriad of different ways.

In fact no two people seem to be alike, which does make it very difficult to properly diagnose.

From the dull throbbing will come a consistent throbbing and pulsating pain that is felt in your temples, as well as the front, side, or back of your head.

Full blown attacks usually include nausea and possibly vomiting, as well as an extreme sensitivity to light and noise.


There are two very common types of migraine headaches, those with aura and those without aura, with aura basically meaning some type of perceptual disturbance.

However, there are also several other types.

The other types include hemiplegic, ophthalmologic, retinal, and basilar artery migraines.

Migraines with aura is a symptom when those attacked may actually see jagged lines, dots, even lightning flashes before the actual symptoms set in.

In can also include hearing hallucinating sounds and sensing strange smelling odors.

However it can become very serious to the point of being frightening when the sensations of being stuck with needles hits or the inability to speak attacks, with both symptoms happening very quickly.

These neurological sensations can last as long as an hour and will start to fade when the symptoms start.

Migraines without the aura will not have the sensations, but will still have the before headache stage where the blood vessels constrict and vascular dilation occurs.

About one third of all migraine victims experience some type of an aura prior to a headache beginning.

Hemiplegic migraines are believed to be hereditary, and are very, very serious.

Although quite rare, this condition is almost always accompanied by an aura, and actually has temporary body paralysis and possibly sensory disturbances prior to the headache.

However they will all but dissipate once the headache starts.

Ophthalmologic migraines are also very rare, but also very serious, as it surrounds the eyeball and can last from just a few days to as long as a two to three months.

What is happening is pressure is building on the eye and immediate medical attention should be sought as pressure on the eye is very dangerous.

Retinal forms can actually cause either temporary or partial vision loss in one eye, and in the severest of conditions, complete loss, again until the headache actually starts, where once again the conditions will disappear.

Basilar artery forms are very rare, but will start with dizziness, confusion, and often results in a lack of balance.

It is most commonly caused by hormonal connections, and thus occurs in young women and adolescent females in the majority of reported cases.

Most people that suffer from migraines will experience two to four attacks per month, but some people can get them every few days.

So where exactly does vitamins and minerals come into play as migraine headache remedies?

Horrible headachesMigraine headache remedies start with the mineral magnesium


There is a lot of evidence that impaired mitochondrial oxygen metabolism in the brain may be the cause of most all types of these headache.

Because of this, this is where the connection with nutrients as migraine headache remedies emerges.

Basically, because mitochondrial DNA contains genes for 13 proteins involved in oxygen consumption, it is believed that certain people have problems with oxygen being properly metabolized.

This may also account for the different levels of severity as well as the sensations suffered.

Bottom line is that there is not enough energy being generated to brain cells.

Riboflavin, Vitamin B2, is next on the list of migraine headache remedies  as it  is the precursor to two very critical flavocoenzymes that produce this energy.

Riboflavin has shown time and time again to be absolutely critical in the enhancement in the body’s energy production, specifically with cells and brain cells.

Our bodies do not manufacture vitamins, and as a result we must get this essential vitamin from either the foods that we eat, or through supplements.

Magnesium, a mineral, works in almost perfect cohesion with Riboflavin ans is the next of the migraine headache remedies.

In several tests, it has been shown that migraine victims have lower than normal inter-cellular magnesium levels in both red and white blood cells, than individuals that did not suffer from migraines.

Magnesium is needed in every cell of our bodies, as about half of the magnesium in our body is found inside the cells of body tissues.

However, it is also found in the organs, and the other half works with calcium and phosphorus in the bones of our body.

It is also critical for over 300 biochemical reactions that happen in our body.

Magnesium loss in our bodies happens through a process of the kidneys excreting more than the normal amounts of magnesium usually do to a medical condition.

This could include chronic malabsorption, severe diarrhea, steatorrhea, which is excess fat in the feces, and chronic vomiting.

Chronic alcohol abuse also increases urinary magnesium loss, and will affect well over 40 percent of those who abuse alcohol, and over 90 percent of individuals recovering from alcohol abuse.

For this group it is a must as on of the migraine headache remedies.


Magnesium supplements have shown in several tests to increase the magnesium levels and assist the processes of Riboflavin in reducing both the severity and the number attacks.

When they are combined they are very powerful migraine headache remedies.

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