Multiple Sclerosis Numbness

The early symptoms includes a weakness or numbing in your limbs as well as a partial loss of vision

Multiple sclerosis numbness and other symptoms of this dangerous disease can be debilitating if not caught very early.

Understanding the early symptoms of multiple sclerosis is extremely important for one simple reason; to this date it still has no known cure.

In fact, the actual cause is still not fully understood, but there are some very strong theories.

There are several conventional treatments that can help with Multiple sclerosis numbness and may also modify the course of the disease itself.

But what is not well known, is that there are also some nutritional treatments that may also provide the same types of relief without the risk of side effects.


This disease, which is also referred to a MS, is a potentially very debilitating disease where your own immune system seems to attack your body.

During these attacks, your immune system will slowly eat away the protective areas that cover your nerves referred to as sheaths.

Once this occurs, it will begin to interfere with the communications that your brain is sending out to the rest of your body.

Although this is a very slow process, it will eventually cause so much damage and deterioration to your nerves that your body will not be able to reverse the damage.

Because of this, understanding the early symptoms of multiple sclerosis numbness is critical.

What makes this disease still such a threat, is that despite years of research, there is still known cure.

The symptoms that this disease causes can range from very mild to extremely serious as it may totally eliminate your ability to walk as well as speak.

However, there is another very challenging aspect about this disease; it can be extremely difficult to identify.

Because of this, the early symptoms of multiple sclerosis numbness may appear and then recede for several months only to reappear with more severity.

By the time it is actually identified for the real threat that it is, the damage may already be done. From this point, it can be controlled, but the damage that it has caused cannot be reversed.


Any type of disease will have some distinctive symptoms and the earlier you can catch them the better chances you have of beating that disease.

However, it will be absolutely critical that you know the early symptoms of multiple sclerosis numbness to watch for, as there is perhaps no other disease where catching them early is as crucial as this one.

If you experience any of the following early symptoms of multiple sclerosis numbness you need to treat them very seriously as they will all have one thing in common.

They will disappear or recede as quickly as they develop.

However, if it is this disease, you can take it to the bank that it is only a matter of time before they attack you again.

The first of the early symptoms is almost always a weakness or numbness that affects one or more of your limbs.

However, what happens next can help you identify it the very early stages; this numbness will occur on just one side of your body or just the bottom half of your body.

The next sign to watch for is partial, or in some cases, a complete loss of vision in one of your eyes that will also be accompanied by severe pain.

You may also experience double vision or blurred vision as the result of the communication interruptions that are occurring in your body.

The next set of early symptoms of multiple sclerosis numbness may be tingling or pain in several parts of your body at the same time.

This will then be accompanied by sensations that will feel like electric shocks when you try to move your head.

You may also experience tremors, a lack of coordination, as well as extreme fatigue and dizziness.

All of these early symptoms of multiple sclerosis numbness are very serious and should not be ignored.

However, in the vast majority of cases, they are ignored for one reason; they go away very quickly.

The exact cause of this disease is still not fully understood by the medical community, but what is known is that during this process the myelin in your body is being destroyed.

Myelin is the fatty substance that is critical for your body to function properly as it both coats as well as protects the nerve fibers in your brain and spinal cord.

This substance is such a critical factor with this disease that it is often referred to as multiple sclerosis myelin.

It is very similar to the protective covering that you would find on electrical wiring and just like these wires, if this covering if compromised, the electricity that flows is impaired or stops.

The same thing occurs with your body; it becomes impaired and some of your basic functions can literally stop.

Multiple sclerosisMultiple sclerosis numbness must be attacked by slowing the free radical damage

There are several risk factors with Multiple sclerosis numbness and the first is age.

For some reason this disease strikes people in the years right after adult hood and before middle age and it also seems to attack women much more frequently than men.

A family history also places you at a much higher degree of risk, as does certain infections.

The infections most commonly associated with this disease include Epstein-Barr virus as well as the virus that causes mononucleosis.

If you are Caucasian and live in a temperate climate, you may also be at a higher degree of risk.


As important as early symptoms of multiple sclerosis numbness are, you must remember it still has no known cure, but it does have several conventional as well as nutritional treatments.

The most common conventional treatments are corticosteroids to reduce inflammation, as well as plasma exchanges if the symptoms are severe and the steroids are not working.

There are also several drugs that may be used to try to modify the actual course of the disease.

There are also some natural remedies for multiple sclerosis that have shown a lot of promise.

There is a lot of evidence emerging that the damages that are being done to the nerves fatty sheath protective cover is caused by what is referred to as oxidative injury.

This damage is also referred to as lipid fat peroxidation, and it develops as the result of free radical damage in your body.

Free radicals steal the electrons from the healthy cells in molecules in this protective covering.

Once this occurs, the scarring that occurs will eventually destroy the nerves and fully expose them to open attack by this disease.

There was a study done at the Cook County Hospital in Chicago that demonstrated that patients with this disease had very high levels of pentane, which is a by-product of lipid peroxidation as a result of the damages.

To counter these damages, they used several anti-oxidant nutrients to neutralize the free radical damages as they provided these free radicals their own energy source.

The nutrients used were Vitamin C and E, beta-carotene, as well as the mineral selenium.

However, there is also one other nutrient that seems to be very effective in fighting this disease, vitamin B12.

There is no current evidence that a deficiency of this vitamin leads to the development of this disease.

However there is mounting evidence that taking it helps to reduce the early symptoms of multiple sclerosis numbness.

The reason for this is quite simple; vitamin B12 is absolutely essential for proper nerve functions and with this disease this is critical.

In fact, the symptoms of a deficiency of this vitamin closely emulate MS and it will cause tingling and numbness as well as a loss of balance.

A severe deficiency also causes a breakdown of your myelin sheath which is exactly what this disease does to these protective coverings.


It cannot be expressed enough how important the early symptoms of multiple sclerosis numbness are.

If you ignore them because they go away and you do have this disease, they will keep coming back with more fury each time they occur.

Protecting yourself with these nutrients may prevent this disease from ever attacking, and vitamin B12 appears to be the strongest in this battle.

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