Narcolepsy Symptoms

Include sleeping disorders and hallucinations

Narcolepsy symptoms and nutrients have a very definitive connection as a deficiency may lead to this condition, and the medical community is finally starting to recognize that they can help with this disorder.

Not only is this disorder completely misunderstood by someone that has had no experience with it, it also has a lot of misconceptions.

Contrary to some myths out there about this disorder, is has absolutely nothing to do with depression, a simple lack of sleep, or other conditions that disrupt normal sleeping patterns.

In most all cases, it is the result of a normal sleeping pattern that never actually occurs.


In fully understanding the narcolepsy symptoms and nutrients role with them, it is very helpful to understand exactly what it is for several reasons.

The first reason is that it is one of the most misunderstood disorders as the general public has very little understanding about it.

For this reason, it can cause serious personal problems as well as professional problems simply because you may be viewed as being extremely lethargic, lazy, or even rude.

The next reason is that it can have a very serious impact on any type of intimacy in your relationship, as extreme sleepiness can result in a very low sex drive.

NarcolepsyMost people have no idea what it really is

However, while these two implications can be extremely embarrassing as well as humiliating, they are not anywhere near as serious as the third reason; it could result in several types of serious physical harm.

If this disorder is left untreated, you dramatically increase the risks of being injured while driving, walking, or doing any type of physical activity as you may fall asleep with no warning at all until it is too late.

Narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder that is well past what would be referred to as insomnia, as it is best characterized by an overwhelming drowsiness during the daytime.

This drowsiness will in most all cases have only one outcome; a very sudden attack of sleep.

However, people those people that have no experience with narcolepsy symptoms do not understand, are that anyone affected cannot physically stay awake for long periods of time.

It will make absolutely no difference what the circumstances are, what surroundings you are in, or what time of day it is; you basically have no control over it.

To make this disorder even more challenging, it has no known cure, but there are medications as well as several nutrients that can help it by returning you to normal sleeping patterns.


Daytime sleepinessNarcolepsy symptoms can be helped by the powerful B class of vitamins

This condition and nutrients role is also best defined by understanding the narcolepsy symptom as there are four very distinctive ones.

They include excessive daytime sleepiness, loss of muscle tone, sleep paralysis, and hallucinations.

The first and most common of the narcolepsy symptoms is excessive daytime sleepiness that will cause an overwhelming sense of drowsiness as well as an uncontrollable need to sleep.

Once this occurs, you will basically have no control over it as it can happen without any warning at all and can occur at any time.

It will make absolutely no difference where you are at or how noisy the surroundings are, you will just suddenly fall asleep.

This can even occur when you are talking to someone and it may last for a few minutes, or as long as an hour in some cases.

When you do wake up, you will feel very refreshed, but in most cases this is very short lived, as it will occur again without any warning.

Next in the line of narcolepsy symptoms is what is referred to as cataplexy, which is a very sudden loss of your muscle tone.

This can cause several different forms of physical changes that can range from slurred speech to a total loss of most of your muscles, which can be extremely frightening.

This set of conditions is also uncontrollable and it is often triggered by a set of emotions, but contrary to some more misconception about this disorder, these emotions are not sad or upsetting.

In fact, in most cases, it is the complete opposite and often will occur when you are very happy or laughing and your muscles stop supporting you, causing you to buckle and fall.

The next of the narcolepsy symptoms can also be very frightening; sleep paralysis. This can occur in two separate modes; when you are falling asleep or when you are waking up.

What occurs is that you will not be able to move or speak during this time frame which generally lasts for just a few minutes, but it can be the most frightening few minutes of your life every time it occurs.

You will be fully aware of your surroundings, but you will have absolutely no control and it has been described almost like an out of the body type of experience.

The final symptoms are hallucinations, and they will occur much like when you first fall asleep or wake up.

However, because they occur when you are still considered semi-awake, the dreams that you experience will appear as hallucinations and they will seem very real to you.


Narcolepsy symptoms and nutrients role will include vitamins and minerals, as well other natural nutrients.

In recent years, there is a lot of growing consensus that the B-class of vitamins, the minerals calcium and magnesium, as well as melatonin may severely impair your normal sleeping patterns if they are in any way deficient in your body.

The water soluble B class of vitamins has for several years been recognized for their ability to help calm your nervous system, and as such, they have a very strong sedative effect on it.

If they are in adequate supplies in your body, they will help in the natural sleep process, which in turn can reduce some of the implications of this disorder.

Although they are all effective, B6 stands out as it helps with the synthesis of two of your natural hormones; serotonin and dopamine.

These are the major hormones that are responsible for normal nerve communication which is critical for normal sleep to occur.

Calcium is also very important as it also has sedative effect on your body, and if you are deficient of this mineral, it can cause restlessness as well as interfering with natural sleep patterns.

Magnesium is also important as calcium needs it to operate at full capacity in your body.

When they are combined, they can have huge impacts on the nerves that help control healthy and normal sleep patterns.

Melatonin is a hormone that is made naturally by what is referred to as your pineal gland, and it is considered to be one of the most effective agents in promoting natural sleep.

And just like vitamins and minerals, it has very few side effects.

Your body produces this hormone primarily at night and it can help all age groups in maintaining normal sleep patterns which is one of the crucial steps in fighting this disorder.


Narcolepsy symptoms and the role nutrients play in this disorder can have huge impacts by not only reducing these symptoms, but also in the only possible method in controlling it; normal sleep patterns.

If you can dramatically increase this process, you have taken the first step in beating this very intimidating disorder.

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