Natural Acne Products

From personal experience there is a very powerful natural cure

Are there any natural acne products that can actually help to prevent this condition that seems to have no real cure?

From several years of experience with this condition as well as boils, the answer is not just yes, it is a resounding yes; this condition can be controlled and in most cases, virtually eliminated.

However, the real key is linking several nutrients with one extremely powerful herb.


There are a myriad of items advertised on the internet and on television, but if any of them worked anywhere near as effectively as they claimed, there would still not be the condition as it exists today.

In fact, almost every teenage adolescent will develop acne at some time in their formative years.

Some people continue to experience acne in their twenties through their fifties, so where is the real cure to stop this humiliating condition.

The are several contributing factors in the actual cause of this very challenging condition, but the primary problem is that your cells, when affected, abnormally flake inside the hair follicles on your skin

This leads to the formulation of what is referred to as a plug.

This plug can than become larger and rupture, and in some cases even rupture the hair follicles.

Once this happens, the hair oil and bacteria inside the hair follicles spills out onto the skin, and once this happens it will lead to swelling and inflammation, or as it is universally known, acne.


AcneThere is one simple solution that will shock you

The most common form of this condition is called Vagaries acne.

These lesions will come in several forms that include blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, pustules, papules, and even cysts or boils.

The bacteria that lives on our skin can, and in most cases with this skin condition, does play a major role in the development of it.

This bacterium is known as Propionibacterium acnes.

There are claims made by several companies that this is not the cause of these various skin conditions, while others will argue that if you simply correct this condition, you than correct all forms and you have won the battle.

But use some common sense here and ask yourself, if either of these were true, why is this condition still so prevalent?

Propionibacterium acnes also known a P. acnes, is found in the glands of human skin, and releases lipase to digest any surplus of skin oil, known as sebum, that the body has produced.

The combination of digestive products, or fatty acids, and bacterial antigens stimulates local inflammation that basically burst the hair follicles, creating the infections resulting in one of more of the various forms.

Andrograms, which are male hormones that are found in both males and females, are also major contributors.

They have two basic functions; they cause the sebaceous glands in the skin to become larger, and they cause the glands to increase sebum production, which serves as more resources for the bacteria.

During puberty, these Andrograms surge, which causes armpit and pubic hair growth, facial hair in males, as well as deeper voices.

It also leads to increased infections of this bacterium, and as a result, these troubling skin conditions.

Mild cases are called whiteheads, where the pore is blocked trapping the sebum, the bacterium, and dead cells, thus causing white bumps.

Blackheads are caused when the pore is only partially blocked, which allows the trapped sebum, bacteria, and dead cells to slowly drain to the surface.

Moderate cases are referred to as papules, which are inflamed with no head and pustules, very similar to whiteheads, but they have become inflamed.

These are the most common forms of this skin condition and this is where the the natural acne products begin to enter the picture. 

Severe forms are referred to as nodules, and these can last for months as large, hard bumps. Cysts, at first appearing like a nodule, will eventually fill with pus and can develop into boils.

All forms of this challenging skin condition can cause scarring to the cellular tissue if not corrected or treated.


There are three natural acne products that I have found to be extremely effective after several years of at least twenty five to thirty different brands of all kinds of miracle cures.

The first is vitamins, especially Vitamin A.

Vitamin A will strengthen your protective tissues, as it has been proven to reduce sebum production.

Remember, we must have sebum for several conditions involving the skin, but too much is not good either.

This vitamin is also essential for the maintenance and repair of tissues, and a deficiency of this vitamin is one of the major causes of acne.

The next grouping of Vitamins that help as natural acne products will involve the B class and include Thiamine, Riboflavin, and Niacin.

Thiamine, better known as Vitamin B1, helps are body as an antioxidant that helps to fight and reduce toxins, but also is essential in circulation.

Reducing toxins will help reduce the bacteria growth as every cell in your body depends on thiamine for reproduction.

Would it not make sense than that the cellular fight that is going on with sebum that this is the natural antioxidant?

Riboflavin, Vitamin B2 works in complete conjunction with Vitamin A, and is also critical for healthy skin, hair, and nails.

However, what makes this vitamin critical in the fight as another of the natural acne products is its use in cell respiration and growth.

It is recommended at higher levels for periods of rapid growth, especially during the adolescent years.

Niacin, Vitamin B3, is the last of the vitamins especially effective as natural acne products. It is essential for metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

It has also been documented in several studies, that a deficiency of Niacinmide, a byproduct of Niacin, is one of the major contributors to this skin condition.


Two minerals, Chromium and Zinc, are also critical in your battle and are the second line of natural acne products.

Chromium aids in the reduction of infections in the skin, especially chromium picolinate.

This mineral is not found readily in the food supply, and must be supplemented.

High quantities of sugar reduce chromium amounts in your body, and it could easily be argued that the adolescent age group consumes more sugar than any age group.

Zinc is essential at healing the tissues in the skin and helps to prevent scaring, but if this was not important enough in this battle, it also helps to regulate oil glands.

But there is one other super-agent that acts as a third of the natural acne products.

If there are any doubts at any of the above, you must try this one supplement, which is actually a spice.

When I tried it, within a week I was absolutely speechless on have extremely effective it was.

If you have even suffered with the most severe form of acne, boils, you can relate to how extremely painful they can be.

I have had between ten to twelve boils a year for almost thirty years.

These vitamins and minerals had finally controlled the acne, but not the boils.

It is also so inexpensive it is almost laughable making it a must in your arsenal of natural acne products.


TurmericAfter fighting acne for years I finally found the answer-Turmeric

There is a spice called Turmeric that has antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and just to top it off, antimicrobial properties.

It is widespread in Indian curry and I found about it while recently in New York City.

It can be taken orally or applied directly making it a much more versatile as one of the natural acne products.

When taken orally it improves blood circulation, strengthens your digestive system, and improves liver function, but most important to this topic, it takes out acne and boils so quick it again is almost laughable.

And, depending on where you buy it, it will set you back five to ten dollars for a small bag. My recommendation is to take one tablespoon full in either a glass of milk or water, three to four times a week.

I did it for 3 days with just plain water.

After the third day, a huge boil I had was gone, after three agonizing weeks. It was not receding, it was not less painful, it was flat out gone.


Combined with the vitamins, after a month or so, every life-long nodule that I had, again, not only receded, they just flat out went away.

It is probably a very safe assumption that an cure will never actually be found to effectively help everyone all the time.

Or, have these natural ace products been here all this time?

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