Natural Eczema Treatments

The B-complex of vitamins can play a huge role but only if used properly

Natural eczema treatments can be extremely effective but there are still several members of the medical community that refuse to acknowledge them.

In fact they will suggest that the only treatments are anti-inflammatory or anti-itch medications.

However, there are several nutrients including vitamins A, C, and E, as well as most of the B complex that can have a huge impact with this condition.

There are also several minerals that can help and most of the anti-itching medications will contain all of these nutrients.


In fully understanding natural eczema treatments, it is very helpful to understand exactly what this skin condition is and the potential causes.

It is also helpful to know the symptoms and some of the risk factors that can make it worse.

This condition is also referred to by another name; Atopic dermatitis, and it is an itching inflammation of your skin that is considered to be chronic in nature.

There are some occasions when it will come and go, but in the vast majority of cases it is a long lasting condition that can also be associated with asthma as well as hay fever.

It also has some very challenging aspects about it, in that it is very common in infants as well as children, and because it is chronic, it can very easily last into adulthood.

However, it can also be just the complete opposite, and may not begin to develop until you are in mid-life.

It can very easily affect any area of your body, but in the vast majority of cases, it will affect only two places; your arms and behind your knees.

The other very challenging aspect about this skin condition is the actual cause, which to this date is still not fully understood.

However, there is very strong speculation that it may be the result of your immune system malfunctioning.


Eczema treatmentsNatural eczema treatments must include the minerals copper and zinc

Understanding the natural eczema treatments that can help you will also include the various symptoms of this skin condition.

In the vast majority of cases the first to appear is generally red or brownish-grey patches.

As they are forming, the next symptom starts to surface and are the most well-known; itching.

In some cases, the itching can become so severe, that you will not be able to sleep.

This is considered to be another very challenging aspect about this disease, as is also not fully understood why it occurs at night.

But what is understood, is how this lack of sleep can affect your health.

The next set of symptoms will be very small bumps in the affected area that will be slightly raised off of your skin, and if you scratch them, they will leak fluid and then immediately become crusty in nature.

If they are severe enough, you may also develop thickened, cracked, or scaly skin.

Once this occurs, the final symptom develops which is where your skin becomes very raw from all of these combined symptoms.

Although these patches are much more common on your arms and behind your knees, they can also appear on both your hands and feet,.

They can also form directly in the front of your elbow where it bends, as well as on your ankles and wrists.

However, they can also appear on your face, neck, as well as the upper part of your chest or around your eyes.

If they do affect the skin around your eyes, the itching that it causes may result in the loss of your eyebrows as well as your eyelashes.

There are also two other very challenging aspects about this condition; breaking the itch cycle and the method of attack and this is where the benefits of natural eczema treatments begin to surface.

Once the itching starts, it most cases it will become chronic, and itching is the worst thing you can do as it will only intensify the problem.

There may also be periods where the attacks will hit very suddenly and then go away just as quickly, only to remain dormant for several years until it attacks again.

It is for this reason that the connection between eczema and natural treatments is so important, as they may help stop it from even attacking again.


Natural eczema treatments has another very important aspect; the risk factors.

Although some of these risk factors may be very hard to avoid, it is still very helpful to understand what they are.

The first risk factor that can easily cause this skin condition to reoccur or become worse is long hot showers or baths, especially with any kind of scented soap or body scrub.

Most skin conditions can be helped by soothing baths, but in this case, if they are too long it may do more harm than good.

Other risk factors include dry skin, sweating, rapid temperature changes, as well as very low humidity.

Scented soaps, detergents, or any type of cleaners can also intensify this condition, as well as wool, polyester, and dust.

Cigarette smoke and certain foods such as milk, eggs, fish, as well as soy and wheat products may also trigger the symptoms.

Cigarette smoke and certain foods such as milk, eggs, fish, as well as soy and wheat products may also trigger the symptoms.


Natural eczema treatments start with vitamin A, which is very important in both the maintenance as well as the repair of your skin tissues.

It is also a very powerful antioxidant and fights against free radical damages.

If you become deficient of this vitamin, your skin will begin to dry very quickly. Topical A forms of this vitamin are also very helpful in calming the itching.

Next on the list of  natural eczema treatments is vitamin C and E, as they are also both very strong anti-oxidants and they help to prevent cellular damages in your skin by reducing dryness as well as soreness.

When these two nutrients are combined, they also help with the oxidation of fats, which in turn, protects your skin.

The B-complex of vitamins is also very important to your skin, as they are referred to as the anti-stress vitamins.

They are critical for your muscle tone and the health of your hair, but they are critical for your nerves as well as your skin.

Since this disease is considered to be the result of your immune system malfunctioning, it is critical to protect the myelin sheath that protects your nerves.

If these become damaged, your pain threshold is compromised and the itching may be even more intense as your nerves receptors are not communicating properly.

However, as important as these vitamins are, perhaps the real power players with natural eczema treatments the minerals copper and zinc.

When these two minerals are combined with vitamin C, they help to build your elastin, which are the actual fibers that support your skin structure from underneath.

Topical copper creams are also very important as they help to firm your skin as well as restore elasticity, which can have dramatic impacts not only on the itching, but the sores and crusting that develop.

It can also help to improve the roughness of your skin. Zinc is universally known as the skin friendly mineral as it not only cleanses your skin; it also soothes and relaxes it.


Natural eczema treatments continue with Omega-3 fatty acids which help to keep your skin healthy and can be very helpful both internally as well as in ointments.

This is perhaps one of the most difficult of all skin disease to treat because of its unique challenges, but there are other options other than anti-inflammatory and anti-itching medications.

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