Natural High Blood Pressure Cures

Will center around potassium and magnesium but this is just the beginning

Are there any natural high blood pressure cures that actually work?

In the past, this answer was a very definitive no by the medical community.

However that is now starting to change with the emergence of several minerals and a few vitamins that can very easily be supplemented in your diet.

The reason for this is quite simple as the actual causes of the fluctuations of this condition, also known as hypertension, was not fully understood just a few years ago.

That is also now starting to change.

For years, the rise and fall of your blood pressure has been blamed on salt, but this is now starting to emerge as a huge misconception.

The facts are that there are several causes of this condition, and reducing salt may not be the answer.

Instead, the answer may be to add other minerals into your diet as the can very easily act as natural high blood pressure cures.

Does it really make sense to you that if your body requires sodium to survive, it could actually be harmful to you?

In fact, the next time someone suggests to you that too much salt does indeed cause high blood pressure, ask them where this has been proven and backed with any documentation.


High blood pressureNatural high blood pressure cures must include Vitamin D and Potassium

In fully understanding exactly how natural high blood pressure treatments can work by additional minerals into your diet, it is very helpful to understand exactly what it is.

This condition is one of the most common in the world, and it is best described as the force of blood against your artery walls becoming high enough that it will eventually lead to several health complications.

This can include heart disease, but this is by no means the only problem that it can create.

Your blood pressure is determined by two basic factors; the amount of blood your heart pumps and the amount of resistance to this blood flow there is in your arteries.

You may have this condition for several years and may never show any of the symptoms, but if it is not controlled, it is only a matter of time before they will begin to surface.

The good news is that it is very easy to detect, and there are several new advances that are being understood everyday on how to control it naturally without medications.

This is where natural high blood pressure cures begin to emerge.

There are two types of high blood pressure; primary and secondary.

The primary form is also referred to as essential hypertension, and for several years has had no real identifiable cause but the major scapegoat has been too much salt in your diet.

This form does not occur rapidly as it generally develops very gradually over several years.

The secondary form, on the other hand, can develop very rapidly and is the result of some type of an underlying cause.

Some of the causes include kidney or adrenal gland problems, as well as some type of a defect in your blood vessels.

There are also certain medications that can cause secondary high blood pressure such as birth control pills.

Some prescription drugs that by law have to be explained to you by your pharmacist as well as on the label of the drug how they can affect your blood pressure.

However, perhaps the most common medications that can trigger this form are cold remedies, decongestants, as well as several types of pain relievers.


The next step in understanding natural high blood pressure cures is to fully understand the risks of this condition.

The first risk factor in developing high blood pressure is your age, especially in men.

Age is not as big of a factor in women, however, it is believed that once women passes menopause, it does become a factor.

Race is also a factor, especially in any one from a black hereditary background and because of this; this grouping is also at a much higher degree of risk for strokes and heart attacks.

Genetics or family histories, being overweight, as well inactivity are also risk factors.

Tobacco usages, drinking too much alcohol, as well as stress are also considered to be risk factors.

However, what is not well known is that a Potassium deficiency as well as a Vitamin D deficiency can also be very strong risk factors as well as high cholesterol and diabetes.

There are several potential compilations that develop because of high blood pressure and while strokes and heart disease are the best known, they are not the only ones.

Aneurysm, which is where your blood vessels begin to weaken and bulge, is another real issue, as it may cause a rupture to occur which is a life threatening situation.

Heart failure can also occur, as well as weakling and narrowing blood vessels that can affect your kidneys, and thickened and narrowed torn vessels that can affect your sight.

High blood pressure can also affect your body’s metabolism as well as your memory.


So how exactly do minerals and vitamins act as natural high blood pressure cures?

According to David McCarron, M.D., professor of medicine and head of the Division of Nephrology, Hypertension and Clinical Pharmacology at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, salt has been blamed on this condition without conclusive evidence.

He suggests that too much salt is not the problem as it is absolutely essential for your body to function properly.

The real issue is not cutting back on salt, but instead adding minerals to your body including potassium and magnesium to balance the salt or sodium.

He also suggests that salt has been used as the reason for high blood pressure for years because doctors did not have research that actually clarify the balance between salt and other nutrients.

He also goes on to suggest that if people do have an increase in blood pressure because of salt, it is because they may have a deficiency of other nutrients in their body.

These are also natural high blood pressure cures when corrected.

There have been several studies where placing people on low salt diets did not have anywhere near the impact that was expected, but adding these minerals did.

Potassium does several things in your body, but one of its main tasks is to keep sodium levels in check.

There was a three week study done on African-American men and women at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore that all had high blood pressure and half the group was given 3,120 milligrams of potassium in a supplement form, and the other half were given a placebo.

The group that took the potassium had both Systolic and well as Diastolic reading decreases, but the group that took the placebo had no changes even with a reduced salt diet.

Magnesium can also play a major role as one of the natural high blood pressure cures as it is has shown to have the same results as potassium.

However there is one major difference; it is the most common mineral deficiency in the world’s population.

It has also been tested time and time again at successfully helping with headaches, which is usually one of the first signs of high blood pressure.

Vitamin D also is believed to play a role as another of the natural high blood pressure cures as it has a huge effect on enzymes produced by your kidneys that can affect your blood pressure. 

High blood pressure has for years been blamed on too much salt in your diet.

However, sodium is critical for your body to function properly and the next time anyone suggest this is the problem, ask them for the facts.


The real fact is that more and more evidence is coming out that if you are have a deficiency of potassium, magnesium, as well as vitamin D, this may be the real cause of this condition.

If they are corrected they also become natural high blood pressure cures.

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