Natural Remedies for Bipolar Disorder

Will all center around the production of myelin which is the fatty sheath of protection for your nerve fibers

Are the any natural remedies for bipolar disorder that can actually help, and if they do, what is the connection?

The answer to this question is quite controversial.

While there is no concrete evidence that they can actually cure this very dangerous disorder, there is very strong evidence that they can and do help with the symptoms that it causes.

This is where the real connection comes in, as if you can control the symptoms and reduce the dangerous mood swings, you may possibly beat this beast at its own game.

However, there is one other very important factor to consider in this equation which is one of the leading potential causes of this very dangerous disorder; neurotransmitters.

If your neurotransmitters are out of balance as the result of a vitamin deficiency, it may be the control factor that you are searching for.


This disorder is also subdivided into three basic groups or sub-types: Bipolar I disorder, II disorder, and Cyclothymia.

The first type, bipolar I disorder, is considered to be the most serious of the three, and it can cause mood swings that can affect your employment and your ability to maintain relationships.

In some cases it may also affect any type of social or school activities.

It is this form that can lead to manic episodes that can become not only very severe; they can also become very dangerous to you as well as the people around you.

Type II is considered to be less severe, but you will still have various degrees of mood swings with one major difference; you will be able to manage them.

With this form you may also develop what is referred to as hypomania, which is a much less severe form of manic depression or mania.

The final form, Cyclothymia, is considered to be the mildest of the three, and although it can still be disruptive to some degree, the highs and the lows are not nearly as extreme.


Bipolar disorderNatural remedies for bipolar disorder center on 3 B Class Vitamins

Natural remedies for bipolar disorder and their connections will continue with the signs and the symptoms, and unlike other types of disorders, this one has a literal laundry list that is quite extensive.

The first warning signs that you may have this disorder will be mood swings of complete euphoria and extreme optimism.

This may also be accompanied by a very sudden high esteem of yourself that will result in poor or improper judgments that you would not normally make.

It may also be accompanied by thoughts that will be literally exploding across your mind that can also result in very rapid speech, aggressive behavior, as well as agitation.

All of this will suddenly develop for no real reason.

Because of this, you may also feel an almost superman type of activity, take very risky actions, and then develop an almost instant inability to concentrate or focus on any tasks at all.

If it is type I, you may also break into what is considered the other side that is delusional where you break away from reality.

It is this stage that is by far and away the most dangerous.

However, this is just the high portions of the mood swings as the low or depressed symptoms will also occur.

They include a very sudden sadness for no real reason, hopelessness, anxiety, as well as guilt for no apparent or real reason.

It is this stage where suicidal thoughts may enter into your mind, sleep problems will begin to develop.

You may have huge appetite swings where one minute you have no appetite and the next you will have a voracious appetite.

You will also become fatigued very easily, irritated for no reason at all, as well as develop chronic pain without any real actual cause.

If all of these occur, you are now to the point of it affecting your work, your life, and all of the people around you and maybe time to explore the connections between bipolar disorder and vitamins.


Natural remedies for bipolar disorder and their connections will also involve the potential causes that may trigger it.

The first on the list is potential biological differences or changes in the brain, but to this date, the actual cause of this still cannot be identified.

However, it is widely held that it may involve a hormone imbalance, a neurotransmitter imbalance, or both, but it does seem to favor an imbalance that occurs in brain chemicals that are referred to neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters, if they are operating properly, help to regulate several important functions in your body including your mood swings.


The natural remedies for bipolar disorder are centered on three B vitamins; B-1, thiamine, B-6, pyridoxine, and B-12.

Vitamin B-1 is well known for its ability to make energy available not only for your body, but your brain as well.

If you are for some reason not getting enough of this critical nutrient, it will reduce your brains ability to use glucose.

If your glucose levels become impeded, it will over a period of time begin to affect your mental functions.

It is believed this may help to trigger this disorder, and this is where the natural remedies for bipolar disorder begin to take shape.

A deficiency of this vitamin also can lead to the loss of brain cells and may be one of the issues that lead not only to anxiety and irritability, it can also cause tingling and night terrors that are also very common with this disorder.

Natural remedies for bipolar disorder continue with B6, which is also very important to the proper functioning of your brain.

This nutrient is critical in creating neurotransmitters, which are the chemicals that allows your brains cells to properly communicate with each other.

A deficiency of this vitamin can lead to memory interruptions or impairment, as well as your ability to register, retain, as well as retrieve information from your brain, all of which are classic symptoms of this disorder.

However, perhaps the most critical of the natural remedies for bipolar disorder is B12, which is vital in the production of myelin.

This is the fatty sheath that provides protection to your nerve fibers by insulating them.

If they are properly insulted, it allows the electrical impulses to move around your body as they were designed to do.

If you are deficient of this vitamin, it can very easily cause memory loss, confusion, delusions, as well as pain for no apparent reason.

Deficiencies of any of these three critical nutrients so closely emulate most of the symptoms of this disorder that it must be considered to be not only a possible connection, but perhaps even those actual causes that may trigger it.


These natural remedies for bipolar disorder and their connections are very real.

If you or someone that you love suffers from this very serious condition, it is something that you should strongly consider.

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