Natural Remedies for Indigestion

Will all center on attacking and then defeating the causes

Are there any natural remedies for indigestion that actually work, or do make this condition worse? The answer to this question can be both a yes and a no for several reasons.

However, if you understand why these natural treatments can help as well as why they may actually trigger this condition, you may have found the answer you have been looking for.


In fully understanding how these natural remedies for indigestion actually work, it is very helpful to understand exactly what this condition is, and what can cause it.

It also helps to know the symptoms that come with it, as well as what natural treatments can help and why they help.

Indigestion is also referred by other names such as an upset stomach, dyspepsia, as well as acid indigestion, and while it is often referred to as a disease, it is technically not one.

Instead, it is considered to be a collection of symptoms that can vary tremendously from person to person and is perhaps the most common ailment in the world.


The next step to understanding the natural remedies for indigestion is to understand the myriad of symptoms that may attack you, and this list goes way beyond just the feeling of nausea.

Although nausea is the most common of the symptoms, it is only one of them and understanding all of them makes it a lot easier for you to prevent them from attacking you.

The most common of the symptoms other than nausea is the sensation of being full at the beginning of a meal when you have eaten just a few bites.

This symptom is often overlooked but is the first real warning sign that you have developed this condition.

The next symptom will also involve eating, as you may feel very uncomfortable after you have eaten which is normal in most cases.

However, if it is indeed ingestion, you will not only have this sensation for much longer periods of time, you may also begin to suffer from this symptom on a regular basis.

The next of the symptoms that the natural remedies for indigestion can help with is the sudden onset of pain in your upper abdomen.

This pain is one of the symptoms that can vary tremendously from person to person as it can be a gradual pain or it can be quite sudden.

It can also be just a mild pain that is more of a distraction, or a may be so severe that it will virtually stop you dead in your tracks.

However, all forms will have one thing in common; they will develop at the bottom of your breastbone referred to as your sternum as well as your naval area.

You may also suffer from the next symptom which is a burning sensation in your upper abdomen that will literally feel like heat as it develops.

Bloating is yet another of the symptoms, which is a situation where your stomach is not only very uncomfortable, it also will feel like it is both swollen and tight.

It is very common for this symptom to feel like you are gaining weight as your pants or dress will being to feel tight, but in this case it is simply this condition that is attacking you on a regular basis.

There are however, a few other symptoms that you may experience.

If you suffer from any of these there are no natural cures for indigestion that will help you as these are real warning signs that there is something very sinister happening in your body.

These symptoms include a very sudden loss of appetite that quickly leads to a rapid weight loss, any type of repeated vomiting, as well as black and tarry stools.

Other serious symptoms include jaundice which is the appearance of a yellow tint to your skin and eyes as well as trouble swallowing, a shortness of breath and sweating, as well as any type of chest pains.


IndigestionThe natural remedies for indigestion center on four key Vitamins

In selecting the natural remedies for indigestion that may be the most beneficial to you, it is also very helpful to understand what is causing this condition.

There are several foods that cause indigestion, but by far and away the two most common are spicy foods as well as fatty or greasy foods.

Overeating is also very common cause as well as eating too quickly.

In today’s fast paced world, it is very common to eat very quickly and if you do this with any sense of regularity, it is only a matter of time before you develop this condition.

However, foods are not the only potential causes as too much caffeine can also trigger it as well as too much alcohol.

The major symptom of drinking too much is a hangover, but right behind this will be indigestion.

Eating too much chocolate can also trigger this condition in some people, as well as smoking, too many soft drinks, as well as nervousness and emotional trauma.

There are also some medications that can trigger it such as antibiotics and pain relievers, but it can also be the result of other disorders such as pancreatitis, peptic ulcers, gallstones, as well as stomach cancer.


There are some natural remedies for indigestion that can help relieve the symptoms if this condition is only a rare occurrence such as Alla-Seltzer, baking soda mixed with warm water, as well as peppermint.

However, if suffer from this condition on a regular occurrence, they will only mask the symptoms, and as a result, will not stop them.

The natural remedies for indigestion that will help you defeat this pesky beast will center on four vitamins: Vitamin A, C, B-6 and B-12.

However, this is where the yes and no comes into play with these natural treatments.

All four of these vitamins can actually trigger this condition in some people if you take them in very high dosages, take them on an empty stomach, as well as take them in a pill form.

If they do, instead of taking vitamins in pill form, take a well-known liquid form after you have eaten something even if it is only a few crackers as this can stop them from upsetting your stomach.

Liquid vitamins accomplish two things; they absorb into your system much quicker as well as much more effectively.

The first of these natural cures for indigestion is vitamin A which is a natural immune system enhancer but it also preforms one other very critical task; it protects your gastrointestinal system.

With this protection, your immune system is protected against toxins, viruses, as well as diseases that can increase the amounts of acidity in your stomach that cause indigestion.

By preforming this function, it also protects your stomachs lining.

Next on the list of natural remedies for indigestion is vitamin B-6.

This helps to repair damages in your gastrointestinal tissues, helps to heal them, as well as helping to neutralize stomach acids that can trigger this condition.

B-12 is next on the list as it is makes a very powerful one-two punch when combined with B-6 as it preforms basically the same functions.

The final of the natural remedies for indigestion is vitamin C, as it also helps to repair any type of damage to your stomach tissues that can be triggered by this condition.

It also helps to relieve all of the most common symptoms internally.


This is very important as it does not mask the symptoms; it actually helps to control them internally which is exactly what you need to not only control it, but to stop it from attacking you.

If you suffer from this condition and nothing else has worked or the pill forms of vitamins actually bother you, try the liquid forms.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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