Natural Treatments for Primary Aldosteronism

Vitamin D may be a potential miracle drug for this condition

Are there any natural treatments for primary aldosteronism that actually work, or are conventional treatments such as aldosterone blocking drugs the only effective way to control this disorder.

The answer to this question is a very definitive yes as there are two of them, but contrary to a lot of misconception, potassium is not among them.


In fully understanding which natural treatments for primary aldosteronism can actually help you if you have this disorder, it is extremely helpful to understand exactly what it is and the symptoms.

It also helps to know what the potential causes are, and then what natural treatments can help as well as why they help.

Primary aldosteronism is best described as a type of hormonal disorder that can very rapidly lead to high blood pressure if it is not controlled as quickly as possible.

The major catalyst of this disorder is your adrenal glands which produce several essential hormones, including aldosterone.

These have the responsibly of controlling the sodium and potassium levels in your body.

When this process is interrupted, your adrenal glands will begin to produce too much of this hormone, which triggers the loss of sodium in your body while at the same time you are retaining potassium.

Once your body begins to build up excessive levels of potassium, you will also begin to hold excessive amounts of water.

This in turn will begin to increase your blood volume as well as your blood pressure.

This turn of events will make diagnosis as well as treatment extremely important, as it will dramatically increase your chances of both heart disease as well as a stroke.

Primary aldosteronismNatural treatments for primary aldosteronism start with Vitamin D

However, there is a very good chance of defeating this potential beast.

It can be controlled by conventional medications, lifestyle modifications, as well as two natural treatments.

But if it allowed to advance unchecked, your only option may be surgery, and there are several risk factors with this procedure.


The next step in selecting the natural treatments for primary aldosteronism that may help is to understand the symptoms to watch for not only with this disorder, but also with low potassium levels in your body.

The list of early warning signs is really quite simple and very easy to identify; high blood pressure combined with low levels of potassium in your blood which is referred as hypokalemia.

The other real warning sign is also high blood pressure that is very hard to control, and as a result, will take several medication to control it.

This is perhaps the most telling symptom that will confirm that you have this disorder.

There is however, one very challenging aspect with this disorder; not everyone will have low levels of potassium.

This is the major reason it is a misconception that taking potassium supplements help this disorder, but if you do have low levels of potassium, there are other symptoms you may experience.

These include weakness, cardiac arrhythmia which are situations where your electrical impulses that control your heartbeats do not work properly, as well as muscles cramps.

Muscle cramps can affect anyone at any time, but in this case it will become a regular event that will be very difficult to control.

Excessive thirsts as well as frequent urination are other symptoms, as your body is retaining water at dangerous levels as all of the water is not being flushed out of your system properly.


Selecting the natural treatments for primary aldosteronism that may help will also include understanding the risk factors of this disorder.

They include being a male over 45, overweight, as well as a tobacco user.

Other risk factors include leading a very sedentary lifestyle with little or no exercise, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, as well as a poor diet.

The final step in selecting the natural treatments for primary aldosteronism is to understand the potential causes, which can lead to an overproduction of aldosterone.

This includes a benign growth in an adrenal gland referred to as Conn’s syndrome, as well as over activity of both of your adrenal glands, which is referred to as bilateral adrenal hyperplasia.

In some cases it could be the result of a cancerous growth of your adrenal gland but this is extremely uncommon.

However, what is not uncommon and is found in the vast majority of people that suffer from this disorder is a deficiency of the most critical nutrient to your adrenal glands.

This deficiency can very easily trigger an overproduction of aldosterone; Vitamin D.


Although vitamin D is best known for activating and controlling the phosphorus and calcium levels in your bones, it is also emerging as a very powerful agent in increasing your sodium levels as well as the secretion of potassium.

By preforming this task, it takes center stage of the two natural treatments for primary aldosteronism.

Your aldosterone targets your collective ducts in your kidneys as it does two things; it increases sodium and water re-absorption, as well as the secretion of potassium in your body.

There is an enzyme that is secreted by your kidneys referred to as renin, which are the primary regulators of both your aldosterone production as well as the release of it.

There was a study that was released in the July 15th 2002 edition of the “Journal of Clinical Investigation” that reported that vitamin D successfully suppressed the production of renin in animals.

This was later followed up by a report in the June 2010 issue of the “International Journal of Clinical Chemistry”.

It substantiated that for the first time it was confirmed that low levels of vitamin D also up-regulated the rennin-angiotensin-aldosterone system as well.

This was a huge report as it proved that vitamin D is also very effective in improving the functions that regulate your systems that directly affect your cardiovascular system.

Because of this, it makes it the most powerful of the natural treatments.

The second of the natural treatments for primary aldosteronism is the herb milk thistle.

Although it is not known to affect your adrenal glands directly, it does help them by removing as well as deactivating toxins directly from your liver which allows it to function much better as a filter. 

In doing so, it helps to relieve any type of chemical stress in your body which allows your adrenal glands to release hormones properly.


These natural treatments for primary aldosteronism may help your adrenal glands to control the potassium and sodium in your body to the point that conventional medications may never have to be used.

If you suffer from this disorder and are in the very early stages or have a family history of it, perhaps you should give them a try, as you may be very pleasantly surprised by the results.

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