Possible Causes of Neck Nerve Pain

Can all be successfully attacked if you build your collagen to its full strength

There is a very strong connection between the possible causes of neck nerve pain and vitamins, however, this connection is not well known.

What is well known according to the Harvard medical school is that this condition will affect seven out of ten people at some point during their lifetime.

If it is not caused by an underlying disease or by a traumatic accident, there is a very good chance that three nutrients may be able to help you defeat it.

In the vast majority of cases, the actual cause is the result of bad posture or weak neck muscles, which are the result of straining due to bad posture.

It could also be the result of what is referred to as wear-and-tear arthritis, but there are also several other potential possible causes of neck pain.


In fully connecting the possible causes of neck nerve pain and vitamins, it is very helpful to understand what all of the potential causes are as well as the risk factors.

It also help to know self-care measures you can take, as well as which nutrients can help you and why they will help.

It is estimated that over 70% of all neck pain is not the result of an underlying medical condition or a traumatic injury.

Instead, it is from bad posture as well as wear-and-tear arthritis, both of which can be helped by nutrients.

Bad posture is really a reflection of today’s lifestyle and it is not the way you stand or walk, it is instead, the way that you set.

If you work long hours in a shop setting or work at a desk and you are on a computer most of the day, you will have a very strong tendency to hunch over.

This is then inflamed even further when you get home and spend another hour or two on your computer doing the same thing.

All of this combined will lead to one major problem; pain in your neck, and this is where the connection between neck nerve pain and vitamins begins.

However, it is very important to note that if this pain suddenly develops in a shooting pain that goes into your shoulder or down your arm.

This is not normal and is a real warning sign that there may be an underlying medical condition that is causing it.

Other emergency warning signs include a numbness that will suddenly occur that causes you to lose your strength in your legs or your arms, as well as an inability to place your chin all to way to your chest.


Back painThere are some very safe natural treatments

If any of these symptoms occur, you need to seek immediate medical attention.

The actual location as well as the severity of the pain in your neck will help to provide important clues to your doctor as what the actual cause may be.

This will depend on of course if it is not bad posture or wear-and-tear arthritis.

Muscle strain is considered to be the third most common cause, especially if you drive a lot in your job.

Being hunched over for extended periods of time behind a steering wheel can very easily strain your muscles, especially those located in your shoulders and the back of your neck.

Nerve compression is another potential cause, especially those in the vertebrae of your neck.

This can have a huge impact on the amount of space that is made available for these nerves to branch out from your spinal cord.

There are three major examples of this; stiffened disks, herniated disks, as well as bone spurs.

Stiffened disks can occur quite naturally as you begin to age, as the cushioning disks that are located between your vertebrae will begin to become very dry as well as very stiff.

A herniated disk will occur as the result of the inner gel-like substance of one of your disks protruding through its outer covering.

Once this occurs, this protrusion can start to press on your nerves located in your spinal column, which causes pain in your spinal column itself as well as arm pain.

Bone spurs occur as the result of your arthritic joints in your neck developing small bony like growths that will press on your nerves.

Whiplash may also be the cause of your neck pain, as well as several underlying diseases.

The first of these diseases is rheumatoid arthritis, which affects the joints in your neck in the same way it affects your hands and feet.

Meningitis can also cause pain in your neck, as it causes the lining of your brain as well as your spinal cord to swell.


Neck painNatural treatments for neck nerve pain involves 3 key nutrients

The connection between neck nerve pain and vitamins involves three nutrients, vitamin B-5, D, and C.

There are several O-T-C pain relievers that you can take to ease this pain.

However if it remains persistent these can become dangerous if you continue to take them as they can have some serious side effects.

Because of this, it is much safer to treat this condition with nutrients that do not just relieve the pain; they fight it head on and may eventually cure it all together.

The first link between neck nerve pain and vitamins is B-5, also referred to as pantothenic acid, as is considered to be a very strong anti-stress nutrient.

Pantothenic acid is perhaps the B-class of vitamins strongest member in fighting stress, as it is absolutely critical in maintaining the health of your adrenal glands.

This nutrient is converted into a compound referred to as panthonene, which is considered to be the precursor of the enzyme acetyl co-enzyme A.

It is this enzyme that is needed for the production of cortisol and cholesterol.

Cholesterol is considered to be essential in this process as it a lipid that not only helps to make cortisol, but several other adrenal hormones that help to control stress in your body.

If this stress is not controlled, one of the first areas of your body to be attacked is your neck and shoulder areas.

Next in the connection between neck nerve pain and vitamins is vitamin D, for one very simple reason; your bones.

While B-5 attacks the stress that when combined with bad posture causes this pain, vitamin D is critical in keeping your bones strong so they can help you correct this posture once you are more aware of it.

A deficiency of this critical nutrient can very easily result in the loss of mineralization in your bones, which will make it virtually impossible to correct your posture even if you try.

When it is combined with calcium, it will lessen the strain on your aching shoulders and neck by easily allowing you to correct your posture.

The final link in the possible causes of neck nerve pain and vitamins is vitamin C, and while it preforms several very important tasks in your body, the role it plays with collagen is how it helps with this condition.

Collagen is the framework for most all of your muscles, tendons, as well as your ligaments, and without it in the proper amounts in your body; it can very easily trigger the pain in your neck and shoulders. 

However, it also has one other very important role in this condition; it is a key component in your blood vessels.

Waste products in your body need to be carried away by your blood vessels, and if they are not, it will begin to affect how your muscles work, including those located in your neck


The connection between the possible causes of neck nerve pain and vitamins is very strong.

It is much better to build your body to its full strength to help fight this condition and attack it head on, instead of just masking the condition with O-T-C pain medications.

However, stretching your neck and shoulder muscles several times each day and improving your posture will also play huge dividends in defeating it.

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