Oral Thrush Causes

If you are lacking certain nutrients you are opening the gates for an attack from this fungus

Oral thrush causes and nutrients have a very strong connection in that they can help prevent this condition, especially when combined with some natural treatments.

There is, however, a huge misconception about this condition; it is not that serious.\

Although it can be very mild in some cases, in other cases it can be both serious and difficult to control.

There is also one other very threatening aspect to this condition; it may be the first sign that you have a very serious underlying disease that is causing it.

These underlying diseases include HIV, Cancer, Diabetes mellitus, or Vaginal yeast infections which are from the same type of fungus.


In fully understanding oral thrush causes and nutrients actual connection, is very helpful to understand exactly what this condition is, who it affects, as well as some of the symptoms.

The symptoms are extremely important for one very definitive reason; they will be different depending on who is actually affected.

Oral thrush can affect anyone at any time; however, it does seem to attack different groups of people.

The most targeted groups include infants that are breast feeding, people that wear dentures, as well as anyone that uses any type of inhaled corticosteroids.

However, there is also one other group and if you are in this group and develop this condition; you need to treat it very seriously.

If you have any type of an immune compromised condition, or if your immune system if weak, it can become very difficult to control.

Because of this, it may also be much more difficult to treat.

Oral thrushOral thrush can be helped by several key nutrients

It is also this group where the symptoms signal you that something much more sinister is occurring in your body.

Oral thrush causes and nutrients are also connected as this is a condition where the fungus Candida albicans is attacking you if you are not fully protected.

This fungus develops in the lining of your mouth and will generally cause white lesions to develop in one of two places; your tongue or your inner cheek.

If this fungus is severe enough, it can very easily spread to your gums, the roof of your mouth, as well as your tonsils.

If it reaches this degree of severity, it will also affect the back of your throat which can be very dangerous.

Once this fungus does start it attack, there are several symptoms that you can watch for but they may be much different depending on the group that you are in.


Oral thrush causes and nutrients start with the first group that will include children as well as adults that have a weak immune system.

Although it can be a very frightening experience if you are breast feeding and your infant develops it, you are not part of this group in the vast majority of cases.

In most all cases, the following symptoms will develop very rapidly and if it is a mild case, they can be treated and will recede just as quickly.

However, if the fungus attack is severe, these symptoms can last for several weeks or even months if they are not treated.

The first and most common symptom will be the very sudden appearance of lesions on your tongue that will be very white as well as creamy in appearance.

They will usually be confined to your tongue or your inner cheeks, but they can spread to other part of your mouth as well as your throat.

These lesions will also have one other very distinctive characteristic; they will be very painful.

In some cases they may start to bleed if you rub or accidentally scrap them, and they may also cause your mouth to crack at the corners.

There may also be two other very distinctive symptoms; cotton mouth as well as a loss of taste.

Cotton mouth is a condition where it seems like no matter how much water you drink, you mouth still feels very dry as this fungus is stealing your fluids.

However, if this condition becomes severe as the result of a weak immune system, it can very easily affect the back of your throat and spread into your esophagus.

This will make it very difficult for you to swallow.

If this condition affects an infant that is breast feeding, in addition to the cottage cheese like lesions, your infant will also become very irritable and quite fussy.

However, there is one other dangerous aspect when it affects infants; they can very easily spread it to the mother.

If this occurs, the nipples may become very red and inflamed, as well as extremely itchy and sensitive.

They may also become very painful not only when nursing, but also between feedings.


Oral thrush causes and nutrients will include Vitamins A, C, and E as well as the mineral zinc and a very simple home remedy.

However, it is also very important to understand that in the vast majority of cases, this fungus has been triggered by your diet, especially if it is very high in sugars as well as carbohydrates.

This type of diet not only feeds this fungus, it also depletes your body of several nutrients, including the B class of vitamins, as well as the minerals magnesium and selenium.

Vitamin C helps in two different ways; it is a very strong anti-oxidant and it also helps your immune system.

If does this by building up the strength of your white blood cells which are the front line of your immune system as they are very effective at beating these types of invasions.

It is also quite effective as it adds acidity to all of your oral areas and this is why it is so effective for cold sores and canker sores.

This form of fungus grows in acidity, and this nutrient provides an area for it to grow in, which in turn transfers most of the risk from your mouth to this nutrient.

Oral thrush causes and nutrients next major players are Vitamin A and E, and when they are combined with vitamin C, they can be extremely effective.

Vitamin A is very important to your immune system as it helps your body to manufacture enzymes, which kills invading germs, bacteria, as well as fungi.

It is also very important in keeping your mucous membranes, which are the inner linings of your nose, mouth, and throat, both soft and moist, which is critical for this condition.

Vitamin E, in addition to its very strong anti-oxidant attributes, also helps to produce interleukin -2, which helps to multiply your white blood cells. 

However, oral thrush causes and nutrients most potent contributor is the mineral zinc, as it stimulates the production of T lymphocytes.

These are the cells that have the major responsibility for cleaning any cells that has been invaded by any type of infection.

Supplement forms of this mineral help to provide your immune system the strength to accomplish this.

Zinc lozenges can provide very quick relief in your mouth as they immediately start soothing and repairing cells damaged by this fungus.


Oral thrush causes and nutrients will also be aided by warm salt water mouth rinses as well as proper dental hygiene.

But the real key is to build up your immune system.

If for some reason it is still attacked by this fungus, fighting back with the proper nutrients that can defeat it may stop it from intensifying and spreading.

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