Supplements for Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Defeating the erosion of cartilage is the key objective in selecting the right nutrients

Are there any supplements for osteoarthritis symptoms that will actually work?

Although to this date it still has no known cures, what may be surprising to you if you have this very painful disease, is the number of natural treatments that are available.

Some of these treatments are very familiar nutrients and some may be forms that you may have never heard of.

But there is one thing that is absolutely certain with this disease; if it not treated it will get progressively worse to the point you may no longer be able to live a normal life.

If it does reach this stage, you may have no other option then to have a joint replacement.


Osteoarthritis, which is also referred to as osteoarthritis, is a degenerative joint disease and is considered to be the most common form of arthritis.

It almost always occurs as the result of wear and tear in your joints that eventually wears them down if you do not treat them or feed them properly.

It can and does occur in any joint in your body, but it is much more common in five key joints; you’re hands, hips, knees, neck, as well as your lower back.

As it progresses, it will become increasingly worse as well as more painful.

The warning signs that you are developing osteoarthritis symptoms never hit you all at once; instead, they will develop very slowing over long periods of time due to wear and tear on the affected joints.

The first sign or symptoms is a slight pain in one of your joints that will occur during an activity or directly after wards.

You may also feel what is best described as tenderness in the affected joints that will be very noticeable even with just a slight amount of pressure.

Once these signs do occur, the next symptom, stiffness, develops and this is perhaps the best known of all of the osteoarthritis symptoms.

This stiffness in most all cases will be much more noticeable when you first wake up or after extended periods with very little activity.

You may also experience the next symptom, which is a partial or total loss of flexibility for a period of time.

Once this occurs, it will become more difficult for you to move the affected joints through what would be considered a normal range of motion or movement.

Once all of these have developed, you will begin to hear the last thing you even expected to hear form your body; a grating sensation.

This is difficult to fully explain but when you hear it you will know it as it will sound like your joints are dragging against something because they are; other bones.

All of this can very easily lead to the last and most telling of all the symptoms, bone spurs.

These bone spurs, which will fell like very hard lumps, form around your affected joints and the result is the grating sound that you are hearing.


OsteoarthritisOsteoarthritis symptoms can be helped by 2 key Vitamins

There is another very challenging aspect about osteoarthritis symptoms; the exact causes.

Although there is a lot of speculation, no one fully understands what the actual cause is.

Instead it is believed that there are several factors that combine forces to trigger this disease.

Osteoarthritis symptoms develop as the result of the cartilage that cushions the end of your bones in your joints beginning to wear down and deteriorate.

As this is occurring, this smooth surface starts to become rough and leads to the irritation and early symptoms.

If this cartilage wears down enough, your bones can only do one thing; start to rub against another bone which is the grinding sound you are hearing.

The aging process as well as heredity is considered to be possible factors, as well as some type of a joint injury, unusual stress to your joints, muscle weakness, or too much body weight.

Your body is designed to carry only a certain amount of weight, and if you are heavy or obese, it will begin to affect your joints.

Women for some reason, contrary to some misconception, actually seem to develop this disease more commonly than men, but again no one understands why.

Any type of a sports related injury or an accident also places you at a higher degree of risk of developing this disease.


Osteoarthritis symptoms have no known cure, but there are several natural treatments that may help you with this disease.

The first is vitamin B12 as it plays a very important role in your body by maintaining a healthy blood supply.

In your bone marrow, this vitamin also stimulates stem cells which are specialized types of bone cell that helps to make red blood.

However, that is not the only role it plays in your bones, as it is also believed to stimulate what are referred to as osteoblasts, which is another type of bone cell.

However, this cell does not help to generate red blood; instead, it helps to generate bone itself.

This by no means suggests that vitamin B12 can cure Osteoarthritis, but since the erosion of cartilage of the bone is considered to be one of the factors that cause it, it can only help with the process.

However, there is also one other very important fact to consider.

As you age, your body has a much more difficult time absorbing B12 and it is estimated that over 95 percent of the population that has a deficiency of this vitamin are older than 60 years of age.

Vitamin E is also quite effective as it helps with inflammation.

Although rheumatoid arthritis causes more inflammation than this disease, your joints still become inflamed.

Vitamin E helps fight inflammation in your body by neutralizing bio-chemicals that are released by you immune cells and contain free radicals, which cause inflammation.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that take electrons from your healthy molecules and weaken your immune system.

This vitamin offers its own molecules as resistance, and as a result, helps to protect these cells from damages.

However, there is also one other vitamin that is considered to be extremely effective against this disease and may be one that you may not be very familiar with; niacinamide.

Niacinamide is a form of niacin, which is in the B family of vitamins, and has been used to fight osteoarthritis since the early 1940’s.

It has shown over time to be quite effective but only if it is taken in the early to mid-stages of the disease.

If your joints become severely damaged without any treatment, nothing will work including this form of niacin.

Niacinamide helps to reduce the pain as well as the swelling of this disease and although it does not have the side effects of niacin, it should still be used only under the direct supervision of a physician.

The natural herb ginger has also been found to be effective with osteoarthritis symptoms in supplement form but it can interfere with warfarin, which is a blood thinning medication.


Glucosamine and chondroitin may also be very effective and are used with tremendous results in animals with joint problems, but can also be very effective in humans.

Although they may not be as effective as vitamin B12, vitamin E, or niacinamide, they may be worth the try just to see if they work for you.

However, they can also interfere with warfarin and if you are allergic to shellfish, they are not recommended.

ASUs, also known as avocado-soybean unsaponifiables, have also been suggested. 

This is an oil form of avocados and soybean that are mixed together and taken orally, and is believed to not only slow down the degradation of cartilage, it also helps in repairing it.

This will help with several of the osteoarthritis symptoms.


Osteoarthritis symptoms are the most common type of arthritis symptoms and can be extremely painful as it progresses in your joints.

It has no known cure, however, that does not mean that it cannot be successfully treated.

There are medications that can help, but treating it with vitamins as well as natural treatments may bring the relief you are looking for.

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