Pagets Disease Treatment

Treatments begin with a lot of exercise as well as the minerals calcium and copper

Is there a single Pagets disease treatment that will actually work to help control this potentially devastating condition?

The bad is that the answer this question is a resounding no; there is no one single treatment that will help it.

However, the good news is that there are several treatments that when they are combined, can very easily control it, or in some cases, prevent it.


In fully understanding exactly which Pagets disease treatment could help, it is very helpful to understand exactly what it is as well as the symptoms.

It also helps to know where it will affect you, the causes, as well as which combination of treatments can help and why they help.

Pagets disease can affect you in three different places; your bones, breasts, or your nipples.

However, by far and away the most common form as well as the most devastating form is referred to as Pagets disease of bone, which will begin to affect the way your bones break down and metabolize.

Once this process is altered or slowed down, there are several things that will begin to happen to your bones and none of them are good.

There is a huge misconception that once you have reached adulthood and you quite growing, your bones quite growing as well.

However, there could be nothing further from the truth as the bone in your body are very active living tissues that engage in a never-ending process of renewal.

It is also referred to as remodeling, as your old bone is constantly removed and replaced with new bone.

However, with this disease, this process is disrupted or distorted to the point that it will cause several things to occur with the most common being misshaped bones, very fragile bones, or both.

Like most bone conditions that can challenge you during your lifetime, the older you get the more damaging they can become, and this is where the Pagets disease treatment begins to emerge.


Pagets diseasePagets disease treatment should include Vitamin D and 2 key minerals

The next step in selecting a Pagets disease treatment is to understand the symptoms that will develop, but it is here that this disease can become very difficult to control.

The reason for this is quite simple; the vast majority of people will show no symptoms at all until it is considered to be advanced.

Once it reaches this stage, the symptoms will begin to surface.

The most common of these are pain in both your bones and joints, tingling and weakness, as well as bone deformities that you will actually be able to see.

There are also four key areas of your body that can become affected and they include your pelvis, skull, spine, as well as your legs.

This disease may affect only one or two of these areas or it can be widespread and virtually affect all of them once it does surface.

If this disease affects your pelvis, you will begin to experience hip pain, and if there is an overgrowth of bone in your skull, you will experience hearing loss or a slowly developing series of constant headaches.

If it attacks your spine, it will challenge your nerve roots to the point that they become suppressed, and as a result, you will experience tingling and numbness in your arms and legs.

If it affects your legs, as your bones weaken they will also begin to bend and eventually end up in a condition referred to as bow-legs.

However, if it causes enlarged and misshaped bones to develop in your legs, it will eventually lead to wear-and-tear arthritis in your knees or hips.


Pagets disease treatment continues with the potential causes, and it this point it is also very helpful to understand exactly what is happening.

In the very early stages of this disease, the normal remodeling process becomes interrupted as your old bone begins to breakdown faster than your body can build new bone.

Once this occurs, the bone that is being replaced is not as hard as it should be which in turn causes weaker as well as softer bones to appear.

Although the specific cause of this disease has still not been identified, it is believed in some circles to be caused by genetic mutations.

However, there is another side of the argument that believe that this is very rare and the real underlying cause is poor diet that lacks specific nutrients, which makes the Pagets disease treatment even more important.

Even if it is related to viral infections in your bone cells as yet another side of the argument contends, this potential cause can be assisted by the correct diet and nutrients.

The risk factors are believed to include the aging process, your sex, as males are much more likely to develop this disease, as well as a family history of it.

Your origin is also a factor, and if you are from an Anglo-Saxon decent, you are much more likely to develop it.


Although there is no one single Pagets disease treatment that will work to slow done or prevent this process, there are several that when combined together can be extremely effective.

The first is to eat a well-balanced diet everyday if possible, which in most cases is much easier said than done.

Regular exercise can also help to keep this remodeling process at full operating strength especially when combined with several different supplements, and leading the list is liquid multivitamins.

Liquid vitamins are not only much easier for you to take than several pills at once, they also absorb into your system at a much higher ration.

Regular pill or caplet vitamins will only absorb at about a 25 percent ratio in your body, while liquid vitamins absorb at a 90 percent or higher ratio.

The next Pagets disease treatment will be with liquid calcium, as this will help to strengthen your bones even further as well as your overall skeletal system.

However, this is where the exercise comes into play, as simply walking for 10-15 minutes each day helps your body to absorb calcium directly into your bones.

The next form of Pagets disease treatment is with the minerals copper and boron, as copper is required for the formation of your bones, and boron helps to enhance the absorption of calcium in your body. 

Glucosamine is also very helpful, as it assists with both the development of your bones as well as the overall health of your connective tissues.

However, perhaps the two real power players outside of calcium are the vitamin D and the mineral magnesium.

Vitamin D also helps your body to absorb calcium, and magnesium helps all of these minerals to metabolize properly in your body.

However, the list is not complete as there are three herbs that can also help; Horsetail, Dandelion, and Red Clover.

Horsetail helps to maximize calcium, and Dandelion helps to detoxify your blood as well as build your bones.


Red clover helps to assist both in their respective processes, and when you combine all of these together, you can very easily control this beast.

Although there is no on single Pagets disease treatment, there is still a lot of natural firepower to help you.

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