Parkinsons Disease Early Symptoms

Have several very effective and safe natural treatments

Are there any natural treatments for Parkinsons disease early symptoms that actually work even if there is no cure for this very challenging condition?

The answer to this question is yes, but the key is to catch them as early as you can, as this may allow you to at least control them.


In fully understand which natural treatments may help you control Parkinsons disease early symptoms, it is very helpful to understand exactly what it is and the actual signs you need to watch for.

It also helps to know the potential causes as well as which natural treatments may help and why they help.

Parkinsons disease is best described as a slowly progressive disorder of your nervous system that will begin to affect several of your movements.

What makes it so challenging is the fact that it develops very slowing over a period of several years and the early symptoms are very hard to detect.

However, it the vast majority of cases, you will begin to notice a very slight tremor developing in one of your hands.

In fact, this early symptom may be so small that instead of you noticing it; your friends or family generally will notice it before you do.

Although to this date this is still no known cure, there is growing momentum in the medical community that if you can catch these symptoms quick enough, you can easily defeat them.

Not only is there conventional medications that can help to control it, there are also several natural treatments that may also help but all of them will have one thing in common.

You must catch them as early as you can.

This is extremely important as the earlier you can catch it, the early you can begin to fight back to control them.


The next step in selecting the best natural treatment Parkinsons disease earl;y symptoms is to fully understand all of the potential signs as they can vary tremendously from person to person.

By far and away the most common of the early symptoms will be tremors or shaking that will begin to develop in one of your hands but this sign also has some tell-tell characteristics.

Instead of just shaking in your hand, you or someone very close to you will notice a back and forth rubbing of your thumb and forefinger that is referred to as pill rolling in addition to the trembling.

However, the real warning sign to watch for occurs when your affected hand is resting or motionless other than this movement.

It is also very important to note that as common as this first warning sign is, it does not affect everyone.

The next of the Parkinsons disease early symptoms is referred to as bradykinesia, which is a slowed motion of some of your voluntary movements.

This will also develop very slowly but as it begins to surface, there will be several other very telling signs you can watch for.

Parkinsons diseaseParkinsons disease early symptoms need to be treated very early

These will include even the most basic of tasks such as tying your shoes or adjusting your clothing beginning to become very time consuming as well as the way you are walking.

Instead of a normal walking motion, your steps will become very short to the point that you will actually be shuffling.

Or worse yet, it will literally feel like your feet have become frozen in place making it very difficult to take a step once this sensation attacks you.

Next on the list of Parkinsons disease early symptoms will be a rigidity developing in your muscles that can literally affect any part of your body.

Once this symptom attacks you, it can begin to severely impact your normal range of movements as well as afflicting a lot of pain when you try to move your limbs.

The tell-tell sign of this symptom is you will no longer swing your arms when you walk and this is something you may not notice, but your friends and family will be able to pick up on this very quickly.

Impaired posture and balance is another of the Parkinsons disease early symptoms as your posture will become extremely stooped.

You will also begin to experience periods where you will easily lose your balance.

The next set of symptoms will be a loss of automated movements such as smiling or blinking, as both are very normal movements.

In fact, in some cases these movements will totally disappear as your eyes will begin to stare with no expression at all, you will not blink at anything.

As a result, you will have absolutely no gestures when you speak.

The bottom line is that you will become almost robotic in appearance.

The final of Parkinsons disease early symptoms will be changes in your speech as well as Dementia.

Once this disease begins to grow, you will speak very softly, be rather monotone is pattern, or you may begin to slur and repeat yourself.

Although Dementia, which is a loss of memory as well as mental clarity, is more common in the latter stages, it is still one of symptoms you can watch for.


Although to this date the exact cause of this disease is still not fully understood, there are several theories.

The first is some type of a genetic mutation that has occurred, as well as some type of an environmental trigger that sets it in motion.

However, the fastest growing theories center on the lack of a chemical in your brain referred to as dopamine, as well as a chemical messenger in your body referred to as norepinephrine.

If the levels of this chemical become very low, it can have a huge impact on your autonomic nervous system, which not only control your automatic functions, it can also affect your blood pressure regulatory process.

Because of these potential causes, the natural treatments for Parkinsons disease early symptoms will center around the herbs Ginseng, Broad bean, the mineral Copper, as well as Vitamins E, A, and D.

Ginseng has been used for centuries as it is believed to help regulate the dopamine levels in your brain and can be found in liquid forms, powder, or tea.

There have been several very successful tests in rats that have demonstrated that this herb can have a dramatic effect on the brains dopamine levels as well as the herb broad bean.

Broad bean, especially when made from the broad bean pod, contains the compound l-dopa, which is the precursor to dopamine found naturally in your brain.

If your levels are low, this may be the help you are looking for.

Copper is also critical in this process as it plays a huge role in your body in regulating your dopamine levels.

It not only activates the enzymes that convert dopamine, it also helps to keep it at safe levels in your body.

Vitamin E is growing in reputation as a natural treatment for Parkinsons disease early symptoms as well, as it protects your nerve cells because of its antioxidants abilities in regulating this neurotransmitter.

Parkinsons disease early symptoms can also be helped with vitamin A which is merging as a natural method of controlling your norepinephrine levels, especially when combined with vitamin E.


The final natural treatment is vitamin D, which has one very common trait in the vast majority of people tested with this disease; their blood levels all show very low levels of this vitamin.

If you have tired the conventional treatments and they are not working, maybe it is time you tested these natural forms for yourself as soon as you identify these early signs.

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