Peptic Ulcer Remedy

The true underlying cause is believed to be a bacterium that can very easily be controlled

Is there a natural peptic ulcer remedy that can help to control the causes as well as the symptoms that are associated with this very painful condition.

The answer is yes to both of these questions, as you can eliminate or control the causes, and you can also help to not only control the symptoms, but the actual ulcer itself with four very powerful nutrients.


In fully understanding which natural peptic ulcer remedy may help you, it is very helpful to understand exactly what this condition is as well as the two major causes.

It is also helpful to understand the symptom as well as exactly what natural treatments can help as well as why they help.

Ulcers are best described as open sores that slowly begin to develop on three parts of your body; the inside of the lining of your esophagus, your stomach, as well as the upper portion of your small intestine.

Ulcers are best described as open sores that slowly begin to develop on three parts of your body; the inside of the lining of your esophagus, your stomach, as well as the upper portion of your small intestine.

However, this is where a lot of misconception about this condition begins to surface, as this form of ulcer will only develop on the inside of your stomach.

If an ulcer forms on the inside of your esophagus, it is referred to as esophageal ulcer, and if it affects the upper portion of your small intestine, it is referred to as a duodenal ulcer.

However, there is one of major misconception about this condition; it is caused by spicy foods or by stress.

Although these two conditions were considered for years to be the major peptic ulcer causes, this is no longer the case.

These open sores in your stomach occur when acid in your digestive tract begins to eat away at the inner surface of your stomach.

This not only creates these open sores, it can also cause them to bleed in some cases.

The reason for this is quite simple; your digestive tract has been compromised.

If everything is operating properly, your digestive tract is coated with a mucous membrane layer that protects against this very powerful acid, but if it is compromised, it no longer protects it.

There are two ways that this process can become compromised; too much acid is allowed to enter, or the amount of the mucous lining that is protecting it has decreased for some reason.


The next step in selecting a natural peptic ulcer remedy is to fully understand the symptoms.

Although a burning pain is by far and away the most common sign, it is not the only one, and this burning pain can also come in different forms or types.

The first of the symptoms is a burning sensation that can be felt anywhere in your mid to upper body, and it can be felt as low as your naval.

It can also be as high as your breastbone and in some cases it will literally seem to travel back and forth between these two points.

It can also seem to feel much worse when your stomach is empty, attack you only at night, as well as be relieved by certain methods of treatment.

These methods include eating certain types of foods that will act as a buffer for these acid attacks, as well as taking an anti-acid.

However, taking anti-acids for long periods of time can rapidly deplete your body of calcium.

This is where the connections between natural treatments for the actual peptic ulcer causes and the symptoms begins to surface.

But the list of symptoms is still not complete, as there are several others that are less known that you can also watch for.

They include this burning pain totally disappearing for days or even weeks, only to return with as much pain or more when it attacks you again.

You may also begin to vomit blood that will be either red or black, begin to have very dark and tarry stools, as well as a constant feeling of nausea.

If the ulcer is considered severe, you may also lose your appetite, and as a result, rapidly begin to lose weight.


For years the actual causes were believed to be the result of too much stress or spicy foods.

However, both of these are no longer believed to be the underlying cause and this is where a natural peptic ulcer remedy begins to emerge. 

The first of the potential causes is believed to be the result of some type of a bacterium, especially the bacterium referred to as Helicobacter pylori, or the H. pylori bacteria.

This particular bacterium not only lives within the mucous layer that covers as well as protects your stomach linings, it can also rapidly multiply there.

In the vast majority of cases it does not cause any type of problem, but when it does, it inflames your stomach linings which in turn results in the development of these sores.

However, what is not well known is that this bacterium is highly contagious and can be spread by close contact with another human.

The next of the potential causes is from the regular usage of pain relievers such as aspirin, ibuprofen, as well as naproxen.

These medications are found in several popular pain relieving products such as Advil, Motrin and Aleve.

However, you can control these medications from causing these sores by taking them with a meal as well as by taking certain nutrients that can offset their digestive risks.


Peptic ulcersAn effective natural peptic ulcer remedy includes 4 key nutrients

There are four nutrients that can assist as a natural peptic ulcer remedy.

In fact they not only help to control the causes, but also the symptoms, as they will attack both of them head on.

The first nutrient for a natural peptic ulcer remedy is vitamin A, as it is extremely effective in not only forming the soft tissues and membranes in your stomach; it also helps to maintain them.

If you can keep these tissues operating at full strength, you can very easily control the H. pylori bacteria from inflaming these tissues.

However, it can perform one other task; control the damages that pain relievers and ant-acids cause.

Vitamin C is next on the list as a natural peptic ulcer remedy and is perhaps the most important nutrient in building collagen, which is the building block of all of your tissues, including those found in your stomach.

In fact, if you are deficient of this nutrient, vitamin A is nowhere near as effective.

Vitamin C is also considered to be the strongest antioxidant nutrient, and this is also critical in maintaining your immune system.

When combined with vitamin A, the H. pylori bacteria may never have a chance to inflame your stomach linings. The final nutrient  is Vitamin K, and this is critical in healing these sores if they do develop.

It also helps your body make the proteins that are necessary for your stomach tissues to form properly, and it can also stop the bleeding by the power it possesses to form clots. 

The last nutrient that can help as a natural peptic ulcer remedy is the mineral calcium, and if you take ant-acids for this condition, this mineral is absolutely essential.

The reason for this is simple; all forms of ant-acids rapidly deplete calcium from your body which can have devastating effects on your bones and teeth.


The actual causes as well as the symptoms can very easily be controlled by eating a diet rich in these nutrients and controlling your alcohol intake.

Supplementing your diet with them as individually they each are a powerful natural peptic ulcer remedy.

However, when combined, they become even stronger.

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