Pink Eye Home Remedies

The first step is to treat and then control the oxidative stress

Are there any pink eye home remedies that actually work?

The answer to this question is a very definitive yes.

However, in order for them to work effectively you must strengthen your eyes, your connective tissues, as well as build up your immune system with three key nutrients.

If you combine vitamins A and C and the mineral zinc with these remedies, they will have a much better chance of treating this condition and then eliminating it once and for all.


In fully understanding the pink eye home remedies that actually work, it is very helpful to understand what this condition is and the potential causes of it.

It also helps to know exactly why these nutrients are so important in this process.

Pink eye, which is also known as conjunctivitis, is best described as an inflammation or some type of infection of your transparent membranes, which are the membranes that line your eye as well as a portion of your eyeball.

Once this inflammation has occurred, it causes the small vessels in these membranes to become much more apparent, and as a result, they will turn the whites of your eyes pink or a dull red in coloration.

Once this has developed, two things can occur if it is not treated and stopped; it can affect your vision and it can very easily become contagious.

Although in the vast majority of cases the most dangerous threat is that it will spread, it can affect your vision if it becomes severe enough.

However, whatever form it takes, there will be one common theme; it is extremely irritating as well as embarrassing.


The list of symptoms with pink eye is not very extensive as there are five signs you can watch for; redness, itching, a gritty sensation, discharge, as well as tearing.

The pink or reddening that occurs most commonly affects only one eye, however, depending on the underlying cause; it can also affect both eyes.

The itching that occurs may also affect just one eye, but what makes this condition so challenging is that even if both eyes do not turn pink, they can very easily both itch.

This is one of the major reasons that any type of pink eye home remedies must be combined with these key nutrients, as they can attack this itching internally very quickly.

You may also experience a sandy or gritty sensation in the affected eye, but just like the itching, it can affect both of your eyes even without the pink or red tints.

However, perhaps the best known of the five symptoms outside of the change in color is the discharge that occurs.

This discharge can also affect only one eye but can also affect both, and when you wake up in the morning you will have the most famous characteristic of this symptom; crusting.

In fact, you may actually notice the crusting before you see the pink or red tint occurring.

Pink eyePink eye home remedies will involve three key nutrients

The final of the five symptoms is tearing.

Once this develops, this is where the danger of it spreading really starts to come into play.

Because it is contagious and can spread, this is another reason why any type of pink eye home remedies must be accompanied by these nutrients.


In further understanding pink eye home remedies and the connections to these nutrients, it is also helpful to understand the three main potential causes.

They include viral or bacterial infections, allergic reactions, as well as some type of an irritant or foreign object.

However, it is also extremely important to note that if this condition occurs in infants, it is almost always the result of a blocked tear duct.

Because of this you should never attempt any type of home remedy as you need to have a professional treat your infant.

The first of the potential causes, viral or bacterial infections, are extremely contagious and can spread very easily if not treated, and generally affect only one eye.

However, if not treated, it can rapidly spread to your other eye.

Viral infections for whatever reason seem to affect adults more than children, and then the opposite occurs with bacterial infections as they seem to affect children much more commonly than adults.

There is also two other major differences between viral and bacterial infections; the type of discharge.

Viral infections will generally cause a lot more tearing and as a result, will produce watery discharges, while bacterial infections will produce a much thicker discharge that will be a very ugly yellow-green color.

Both types may accompany a cold as well as a sore throat.

Allergic causes are a reaction by your body’s immune system to a substance such as pollen, which in turn triggers your mast cells in the linings of your eyes to produce histamines and other substances.

Irritations such as exposure to some type of a chemical or foreign body can also be an underlying cause.


Although there are several pink eye home remedies that involve herbs and other natural treatments, by far and away the most effective will involve four basic steps.

They include a compress applied to your eyes, eye drops, eliminating contact lens if you wear them, and the three key nutrients.

The first step with pink eye home remedies is to use a compress on your eyes, and the key to this step is to make sure it is a lint free cloth and only dipped in water.

Any other substance may make this condition worse, and because of this, water is the only safe method you should take.

However, there is one other very important factor; use cold water only for allergic causes, and warm water for bacterial or viral causes. You should never, under any circumstances, use hot water on your eyes.

There is also one very important factor with this step; if you have the infection in only one eye, “never” touch the cloth to your other eye as it can very easily spread the infection.

Eye drops such as artificial tears are also very effective and if the underlying cause is from an allergic reaction, select an eye drop that has antihistamines in it.

If you wear contacts, you may have to quit wearing them until this condition can be corrected as they may be the irritant that is causing it.

Vitamin A is known worldwide as the eye vitamin as it can help to prevent macular degeneration as well as cataracts in most cases.

The reason for this is that it does several things for your eyes including maintaining and feeding your transparent membranes.

Because of this, it is absolutely essential for any of the forms of pink eye home remedies.

Vitamin C is also critical as it helps to relieve oxidative stress in your eyes, and is always used in conjunction with vitamin A in preventing several eye diseases. 

But it goes one step further, as it is perhaps the strongest of all the nutrients in fighting free radical damages that can very easily affect the tissues and the linings of your eyes.

It also helps in building up your immune system.

The mineral zinc is also essential for the overall strength of your immune system, but it also helps to build and maintain your collagen levels.

These are the connective tissues that heal wounds and keep all of your tissues healthy, especially those around your eyes.


There are several pink eye home remedies, but very few of them will contain these three critical nutrients. If you suffer from this condition, maybe it is time you tried this one.

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