Scabies Home Treatments

While Vitamin B1 is very effective in relieving the inflammation there are also two powerful herbs that can help

Are there any scabies home treatments that will actually work?

The answer to these questions is not only a resounding yes, if you suffer from this condition you may be shocked at just how effective they actually are.

They will not only help to control the severe itching with this condition, they may also help kill off the mites naturally and protect you from ever being affected again.


To fully understand how these scabies home treatments may help you, it is very helpful to know what this condition is and what causes it.

It also helps to know the differences in the symptoms between adults and children, the risk factors, and then what remedies can help and why they help.

But perhaps the bigger question is; how do you actually get it?

Scabies is most often described as an intense itching skin condition that is caused by a very minuet mite that is referred to as Sarcoptes scabiei that is extremely contagious.

This mite is so small that it is microscopic in nature, has eight legs, and has two objectives when it attacks you; to burrow into your skin and lay eggs.

Once it has accomplished this task and the eggs hatch, the itching will begin to develop.

However, these will no ordinary itching sensation as it can become so severe that in trying to slow it down, you may actually damage your skin.

This is where the connections with the scabies home remedies begin to surface.

Once you are targeted by this mite, the female mite will burrow just beneath the surface of your skin where it will build a tunnel in order to deposit its eggs.

These eggs will reach maturity in exactly 3 weeks where this new army of mites will make their way to the surface of your skin and begin to spread.

Once they spread they will do two things; go to several areas of your skin as well as basically migrate to anyone you come into contact with.

The intense itching that you are about to experience is an allergic reaction to these mites, the eggs that they have laid, as well as to their waste product they are depositing on your skin.

ScabiesScabies home treatments must include Vitamin B1 for one key reason

It is very important to note that you cannot spread these mites to your dog or cat nor can they spread their mite infection to you.

They are host specific.

What this means is that dogs have their own specific species of mites, cats have yet another species, and humans yet another.

Each of these species prefer only one host, in this case, you or another human.

Your pet’s mite may land on you but unlike this species of mite, they will die very quickly.

However your mite will not only live much longer they will continue this process unless you can control them with scabies home remedies.


Scabies home treatments and how they can help continues with the symptoms you can watch for as well as how these symptoms are slightly different in children.

The first symptom is the most common, which is mild itching that begins to slowly develop but will quickly evolve to where it becomes quite severe, especially during the nighttime.

You will also begin to see tiny blisters or small bumps on your skin and these are the actual burrow tracks of these mites.

These burrow tracks will in most all cases be in the folds of your skin, but they also develop in any part of your body as these now adult mites have migrated.

The most common areas you will see these tracts are under your armpits, around your waistline, between your fingers, or on the inside of your wrists.

You may also find them on the inside of your elbow, around your breast, the soles of your feet, as well as your knees, shoulder blades, or your buttocks.

If you are male, you may also find them in your genitals.

However, when they attack a child these blisters or small bumps will not be nearly as wide spread as they will appear on their face, neck, scalp or on the palms of their hands as well as the soles of their feet.

Conventional treatments as well as scabies home treatments are critical at this point, as intense itching can very easily lead to what is referred to as impetigo, which is a secondary bacterial infection.

Impetigo is an infection in your skin that is superficial in nature and is in most all cases is caused by either a staph or a strep infection.

If they becomes severe, it can also quickly lead to what is referred to as crusted scabies, partially in certain risk groups.

These risk groups include anyone with a compromised immune system such as leukemia or HIV infection, as well as very ill people in hospitals or nursing homes.

The crusted from can be extremely difficult to treat, including any of the scabies home remedies as it can and does often lead to wide scale scaling skin.


There are some very effective conventional treatments for this skin condition, but there are also some extremely effective scabies home treatments.

If the itching does become intense, you may need to have your doctor give you an antihistamine to control it.

However in most cases you can quickly defeat it with these natural remedies and they also may prevent it from ever reoccurring.

The first of the scabies home treatments is to cool and soak your skin preferably in a cool shower or bath at first, and then repeat the process in the affected areas with a damp, cool washcloth.

Calamine soothing lotion is also extremely effective as well as vitamin B1.

Vitamin B1 can help calm down some of the itching naturally, but it is growing in popularity in preventing these infections from ever occurring to begin with.

B1 is widely held as a natural flea repellent in both dogs and cats as fleas hate the smell of this nutrient in the skin, and mites also seem to dislike the odor it causes.

However, the real power players in scabies home treatments are four herbs; Tea tree oil, balsam of Peru, as well as calendula and golden-seal.

Tea tree oil has been used for centuries to fight this species of human mites, as it is a very potent herbal sanitizer as well as an antiseptic agent.

If you take the liquid form of this herb that you can purchase in any herbal store and place it on the infected areas two times daily, it will very rapidly kill the mites as well as the itching they are causing.

Balsam of Peru is the next of the scabies home treatments as it has extremely power anti-parasitic qualities. 

It too can be applied in topical form and it will do two things; heal as well as sooth the infected areas and bring the itching to an almost complete halt by applying it 3 times a day.

The final of the scabies home treatments is using an ointment made up of calendula and golden-seal.

This can also be found in any herbal store or website as it also very rapidly stops any form of infection and cools the skin almost instantly.


These scabies home treatments are very inexpensive, extremely effective, and most of them have been used for centuries as this mite infection is certainly not a new development.

If you have been infected, you might want to try them as you will be pleasantly by the very quick results.

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