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Natural treatments can be very effective if you select the right ones

Is there an sty in eye treatment that actually works for this painful and embarrassing condition?

The answer to this question is very simple; yes, as there are actually several treatments but perhaps the most effective ones are natural.


In fully understanding exactly what treatment may work for you, it is quite helpful to know exactly what this condition is and the potential causes.

It also helps to know what you can do and should not do, as well as the various treatments that may help.

A sty, also referred to as a hordeolum, is a red and very painful lump that is located on the edge of your eyelid, and can very easily be confused with a boil or a very large pimple.

However, much like a boil, the last thing you want to do is try to pick it, simply because this will make it much worse.

Although it is filled with pus, in the vast majority of cases if you use the right sty in eye treatment, it will disappear in just a few days.

Although this condition will generally form on the outside of your eyelid, there are occasions where it could form on the inner side of your eyelid as well.


StyesSty in eye natural treatments include 2 Vitamins and 1 powerful mineral

In further understanding the correct sty in eye treatment for you, it is also helpful to understand the symptoms as well of the causes of this condition.

The list of symptoms or signs with a sty is quite limited, but it bears repeating again; even though this may look like a pimple or a boil, the last thing you want to do is to try to pick it.

In fact, other than some very specific forms of sty in eye treatments, you should not even touch it. If you touch it, it will do two things; get worse and take much longer to go away.

The first and most obvious sign of a sty is the very sudden development of a red lump on your eyelid, and once this occurs, the next symptom will develop; eyelid pain.

This will then be followed by swelling on your eyelid itself, as well as possible swelling around it.

The final symptom will be tearing in the affected eye, as the eyelid is trying to react to this unwanted attack.

The causes of a sty are also quite limited, and if you can identify the actual cause, it will help you identify the most effective sty in eye treatment to use.

The first and the common of the potential causes is the result of poor hygiene that results in one very detrimental effect; it exposes your eyelids to bacteria.

This bacterium is referred to as staphylococcus, and it can very easily be transmitted by not washing your hands after using the restroom and then touching your eyelids.

For years the old wives tale that a sty is caused by relieving yourself in a ditch is just that; an old wives tale, although there is a small grain of truth in it because of this bacterium.

However, although this is the most common cause, it is by no means the only cause and determining the exact cause is very helpful in finding the correct sty in eye  treatment.

The next potential cause is from some type of an eyelid inflammation such as blepharitis.

Blepharitis is a chronic form of eye inflammation that not only affects your eyelids; it can also very easily result in the formation of a sty.

There are also several risk factors that expose you to this condition.

They include changing your contact lenses without rinsing your hands with both soap and a hand purifying product, as well as not properly disinfecting your contact lenses before placing them into your eyes.

Using old cosmetics that are out of date as well as leaving any type of eye makeup overnight can also very easily cause this condition.


Finding the right sty in eye treatment may not be necessary for some people as in some cases if you do not touch it, it will go away on its own as your immune system reacts to this invasion.

However, this is not always the case, and for this reason, there are several options.

The first sty in eye treatment is with antibiotics in the form of eye-drops as well as topical solutions that will contain vitamin C, E and the mineral zinc.

In the most severe of cases, surgery may have to be done to relieve the pressure, and this will involve lancing the sty.

However, this is quite rare as there are several natural steps you can take to stop this condition very rapidly before it reaches this stage and they should all be part of your eye sty treatment.

The first step is to not touch it no matter how much it hurts or bothers you, for one simple reason; it will only make it worse.

You can also use the very slow method of placing a warm wash cloth over the sty with your eyes closed several times a day in the hopes that it will begin to drain.

Much like a boil, this may take several days if it works, and the key to this is “if it works”

The most common cause of a sty is some type of bacteria, and for this reason once it does develop, you need to utilize a sty in eye treatment that will attack this cause head on.

By far and away the most effective way to do this is with herbs and nutrients that will include Echinacea, Golden seal, a liquid multi-vitamin, as well as the mineral zinc.

The most effective of all the forms of eye sty treatment is with the herb Echinacea.

It is very powerful in stimulating your body’s immune system and boosting its infection fighting capabilities very rapidly, which is exactly what you need with this condition.

Echinacea supplements are very easy on your system, have virtually no side effects, and can react very rapidly to this specific infection. The next treatment is another herb, Golden seal.

Golden seal has been used for centuries and it contains berberine, an active compound that is also very aggressive in fighting infections such as the ones causing your sty.

Long term use of this herb may cause some side effects, but it can very quickly clear up this condition in just a matter of a few days, and because of this, it does not require long term usage.

Multivitamins in a liquid form will in most all cases prevent this condition from ever developing, and if you are not taking one and you have a reoccurring sty, maybe it is time you test them for yourself.

With this form of treatment you will be getting several of the anti-oxidant vitamins in one source and this may be exactly what you are looking for to stop this bacterial infection.


The mineral zinc is also a very effective sty in eye treatment and it is well known for healing your skin and is found in all topical treatments as well as eye drop antibiotics.

This may be just a coincidence, but test it yourself to answer this question.

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