Supplements for Eye Health

There are several key nutrients that can help but there is also one you might want to reconsider

The need for supplements for eye health increases as we age, and there are numerous choices that can help with the aging process.

Both the National Academy of Science as well as Lighthouse International, an American charitable organization devoted to visual rehabilitation as well as an advocacy group for the blind, recognizes that certain nutrients can help your eyes.


Although eating a healthy diet is always the first step for your eyes to be healthy, there are several diseases that can and do affect your eyes if they are not properly nourished. 

These diseases include glaucoma, cataracts, as well as dry macular degeneration just to name a few, and while nutrients can not cure these diseases, they may help to prevent them or slow them down.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin

The first of the supplements for eye health will involve two very strong antioxidants, lutein as well as zeaxanthin.

While lutein is a very well known eye nutrient, zeaxanthin is not. However, when they are combined together, they will supply you with two ‘super antioxidants” in protecting your eyes.

Lutein is not a vitamin; instead it is considered to be a carotenoid and has proven to help eye disorders such as dry macular degeneration.

In an average diet most people will consume about 2 to 3 mg (milligrams) and while there is no actual RDA for this nutrient, most eye experts believe that you need more then the 2-3 mg, thus the need for supplementation.   

Zeaxanthin is a pigment type natural material that is found in almost all forms of fruits, herbs, as well as vegetables and belongs to a group of bioflavonoid more commonly referred to as carotenoids.

It is this natural pigment that makes all of these food groups so valuable in your diet.

The retina of your eye actually contains a lot of this particular nutrient, making it among the first of the supplements for eye health you should select.


Most eye experts will select beta-carotene as the next of the supplements for eye health, as it is actually a precursor to an extremely powerful eye nutrient; vitamin A.

While vitamin A is a very powerful eye antioxidant as well, this form of it is documented to help with many other functions as well.

Eye healthSupplements for eye health include both Vitamins and Minerals

It is also believed to help with preventing night blindness as well as dry eye syndrome.

This is especially true if taken with the mineral zinc and vitamins C and E.

Both of these nutrients are also real power players as natural antioxidants, which is critical for healthy eyes.

There is also no RDA for this nutrient, but most supplement forms will contain 15,000 to 25,000 IU or International Units.

However, there is one word of warning against this nutrient if you smoke; lung cancer.

There are some studies that have shown that in large quantities it may be linked to lung cancer, but that is still not fully documented.


There are two key minerals that should also be included in your selection of supplements for eye health and they are Selenium and Zinc.

Selenium is also a very strong natural antioxidant, but when it comes to overall eye health, it plays a much bigger role.

There is mounting evidence that people with several eye conditions including macular degeneration as well as cataracts have very low levels of selenium in their bodies.

The primary cause of these conditions is a lack of lipids in the eyes.

This is a process where free and rogue radicals actually steal the electrons for your eyes cell membranes and use them for their own growth.

Once this occurs, there is only one result and it is not good; cellular damages.

The mineral zinc is also a must for supplements for eye health as it is quite often referred to as a molecule assistant.

It does this by helping to bring Vitamin A from your liver directly to the retina of your eye.

Once it is there, it produces melanin, which is protective coat like pigment structure for your eyes.

However, there is one other critical factor in making this nutrient a must for your arsenal; it is found in very heavy concentrations in your eye.

These concentrations are in the vascular tissues that make up the layer under your retina.


There are several vitamins that are also a must when deciding on supplements for eye health and they will include Vitamins A, C, E as well as D.

Vitamin A is perhaps the most critical of the vitamins as it plays a key role in the overall health of your retina.

In fact a deficiency of this critical nutrient can lead to several eye conditions in both the young as well as older people.

There is a form of childhood blindness that is referred to as xerophthalmia that has a direct link to a vitamin A deficiency, as well as a condition referred to as dry eye syndrome.

Dry eye syndromes first form of treatment is with this crucial nutrient, making it a common sense must in your selection.

The next of the supplements for eye health in this category include vitamins C and E which are both very powerful antioxidants.

However when they are combined, they are extremely effective at fighting the damages from free radicals.

This combination can help prevent or slow risk of cataracts, glaucoma, as well as both forms of macular degeneration.


The list of supplements for eye health is still not complete as vitamin D is also believed to help improve your overall eye health as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids do a lot of wonderful things for your body including keeping your eyes moist and lubricated, but they are not manufactured by your body.

Because of this, they are also on the list of supplements for eye health.

If you have not tried these natural nutrients and are having any type of eye problems, maybe it is time you tested them for yourself. 

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