Symptoms of Bronchitis

All of them can be treated naturally if you know what to look for

There are several symptoms of bronchitis, and while coughing is the most common, it is by no means the only one.

Most people do not realize that there are natural treatments for them, but these forms are often the last ones actually used in the majority of cases for any of the symptoms.

These treatments will be in the form of vitamins as well as some herbs.

If you suffer from this condition and you smoke, the vitamins that can help with this condition are an absolute must as smoking can deplete them very rapidly.

However, if this condition lasts for several days or becomes persistent, it must be treated medically and you should not rely solely on natural treatments for the symptoms. 


In fully understanding the types of home treatment for symptoms of bronchitis, it is very helpful to understand exactly what it is.

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining in your bronchial tubes which are the tubes that carry air both to your lungs as well as from them.

Although the acute form of this condition is quite common it also comes in another form; chronic.

In the vast majority of cases the acute form of this condition develops as the result of the common cold or other similar respiratory infections.

These forms, if it is treated properly, will in most all cases begin to recede within a few days and will not cause any serious long term affects with one exception; you may still cough for several days.

However, if it does not clear up or if it comes and goes and becomes repetitious, it is no longer acute, as it has now developed into the chronic form.

This form can be extremely dangerous and must be treated with medical treatments as it now considered being in the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease groups.

The major cause of this form is almost always associated with some form of smoking.


In fully understanding the types of home treatments for the symptoms of bronchitis, it is also helpful to understand exactly what they are.

While they are similar in both forms there are some with the chronic form that will not appear with the acute form.

The first and by far and away the most common of the symptoms of bronchitis is coughing that is accompanied by the production of mucus or sputum.

The mucus that develops can be either very clear or it can be white or very yellow in appearance.

If the infection is severe enough this sputum may also be green in color. You may also experience wheezing as well as a shortness of breath especially with any type of exercise or exertion.

In some cases you may also have the lingering effect of the cold that has caused it and as a result, you may also have a slight fever or chills.

Chest discomfort may also be one of the symptoms of bronchitis if the infection is past the mild stage.

However, there is some misconception about the acute form; it does not always develop a mucus discharge and you do not have to have the acute form to develop the chronic form.

In fact, if you are a smoker, you can easily develop the chronic form.

The symptoms of bronchitis with this form will be much more serious in most cases, as the long term inflammation of your bronchial tubes will eventually lead to scarring.

Once scarring does occur, the mucus will not only be present in all cases, it will as begin to become excessive.

However, there is also one other thing that occurs; your airways will also begin to scar because the inflammation is now causing your tubes to thicken as well.

Once this occurs, your cough will be much worse in the morning than any other time of day and it will also be quite bad when you are in any type of cold weather.

However, there is more bad news as you are also much more likely to develop other respiratory infections as well as a cough that is both persistent as well as intensified.


Home treatment for the symptoms of bronchitis continues with the causes, as the acute form can very easily be caused by a cold, but it can also be caused by smoking or exposure to second hand smoke.

However, it may also the result of several other pollutants such as heavy smog or direct exposure to a household cleaner, dust, as well as some pesticides and fertilizers.

It can also be caused by GERD or acid reflux disease when the acids from your stomach back up into your esophagus.

The chronic form also has several causes but in the vast majority of cases it is from smoking.

This is where this form may be very difficult to actually detect if you are a smoker simply because clearing your throat in the morning becomes a normal like routine.

However, if you really stop and think about it, it is anything but normal.


BronchitisThe symptoms of bronchitis can be helped by antioxidents

The most common forms of treatments for the symptoms of bronchitis will include antibiotics to treat the infections, as well as cough medicine to clear your lungs and air passages.

In severe cases, you may need an inhaler to clear your air passages. However, there are also different types of home treatments, and leading this list is vitamin C.

Vitamin C is essential in protecting your body against pollutants such as smog and second hand smoke, but it is also critical in building as well as maintaining your immune system.

It is also considered to be an anti-viral agent and is very effective for all respiratory diseases and conditions as well as assisting with your pulmonary process.

This is a process where there is high blood pressure within the blood vessels that supply the lungs with oxygen.

If this process becomes compromised or develops into hypertension, it can very easily lead to chronic lung disease.

However, this vitamin is even more effective with either type of this condition if is combined with flavonoids and bioflavonoids as they are also very powerful anti-oxidants.

When these two nutrients are combined it drastically impacts damages caused by inflammation, and this is why it leads the list of potential home treatment for bronchitis.

Vitamin A is the next form of home treatment for the symptoms of of bronchitis it helps with the cellular repairs in your body especially those caused by the chronic form of this condition.

All three of these nutrients also help with regenerating your pulmonary tissues that have been scarred.

Beta carotene, which is converted in your body to vitamin A, is also extremely helpful in fighting this condition as it protects the mucus membranes that found in your mouth throat, nose, as well as your lungs.

It also preforms one other very important task; it helps to protect vitamin C from oxidation, making it another powerful form of home treatment for the symptoms of bronchitis.

There are also some very effective herbs that may also help and these include Echinacea as well as astragalus.

Both contain active substances that enhance your immune system, help to relieve pain, as well as reduce inflammation. 

Both also are considered to have very strong antioxidant qualities as well and can be quite effective with hay fever, allergies, as well as bronchitis.


The symptoms of bronchitis can be a one and done occurrence or they can become a chronic especially if you smoke.

Smoking does several bad things to your body as well as depleting these critical vitamins, and because of this if you are a smoker, it may be time to test these forms of treatments for yourself.

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