Symptoms of Carotid Artery Disease

Understanding and identifying them as early as possible are absolutely critical

Is there a natural form of treatment for the symptoms of carotid artery disease that can actually help with this very dangerous condition?

The answer to this question is not only yes, there are also several lifestyles changes you can make in addition to these treatments that can work very effectively together to clear up your arteries.

However, if you have any type of a family history of this very dangerous disease, you should start immediately with these treatments for one very simple reason.

The symptoms generally do not surface until it has already attacked you.


In fully understanding which form of natural treatment for the symptoms of carotid artery disease may be the best for you, it is extremely helpful to understand exactly what this disease is.

It also helps to know the symptoms, the causes and risk factors, as well as what natural treatments can help and exactly how they will help.

Carotid artery disease is best described as a condition that develops as the result of fatty deposits of plague clogging your carotid arteries, which are extremely important to your head as well as your brain.

This pair of arteries is the major source of transmission of blood and oxygen to both of these areas, and if they become clogged, several very bad things can happen.

This disease is extremely challenging as it develops very slowly and because of this, it is very easy for you to miss it altogether.

In fact, the first indication that you may have it is the sudden onset of what is referred to as a transient ischemic attack, or TIA, which is much better known as a mini-stroke.

Once this occurs, there are several conventional ways to treat it that will include medications and surgery in severe cases.

However there are also various methods of natural treatments including lifestyle changes that can be very effective at preventing it from ever attacking you again.

If everything is operating properly and these pair of arteries is healthy, they are smooth and very flexible and they will provide a clear and trouble free pathway for blood to flow to your head and brain.

In fact, if you were to place your index finger underneath your jawbone to the left or right of your Adam’s apple, you can feel this pair of arteries pulsating.

The reason for this is simple; they are carrying oxygen and nutrient supplied blood to these critical areas.

However, over time they may be affected by atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis is a process that causes a gradual accumulation of plague to build up in these arteries, and as a result, they will become narrow and quite stiff.

This is where the first form of natural carotid artery disease treatment comes into play as they can reduce this stress and inflammation.


Carotid artery diseaseUnderstanding the symptoms of carotid artery disease is the first line of defense

Understanding the symptoms of carotid artery disease is perhaps the most important single thing you can do with this disease. 

The reason for this is very simple.

They will signal to you a mini-stroke is about to attack, and once you have one of these and you do not treat it as quickly as you can, there is about a 95% or higher probability that a major stroke is not far behind.

Although these symptoms take a very long time to reach the point where they will cause a mini-stroke and are very easy to overlook, if you experience any of them, you need to take them very seriously.

The first symptoms of carotid artery disease will be a very sudden numbness or weakening sensation that attacks your face, arm, or leg and in almost every case it will only affect one side of your body.

The next one will be even more frightening, as you will experience slurred or gobbled speech as well as a difficulty in understand anyone trying to communicate with you as your flow of blood to your brain has slowed down.

The final symptom will also attack very suddenly as you may temporarily lose the sight in one of your eyes.

Even if these symptoms last for just a very brief period of time, take them extremely serious as they are anything but normal and seek immediate medical attention.

If you do not, you may never have the chance to test a natural carotid artery disease treatment.

It is also worth repeating again that if you have a family history of this disease, if you are not on one of these natural treatments, you should consider them as quickly as possible as a preventative measure.


In selecting which form of natural treatment for the symptoms of carotid artery disease may be best for you, it is also very helpful to understand the potential risk factors of this disease.

This may steer you in the right direction.

Much like any other major disease or artery problem, there are severe risk factors and the first of these is age.

If you are not protecting your arteries with the correct nutrients, as you age they will begin to lose their elasticity which makes them very prone to any type of injury or attack.

High blood pressure is also a leading cause as the excessive pressure weakens your arteries and high levels of blood fat causes the plague to accumulate.

Diabetes, lack of exercise, obesity and hereditary are also risk factors, but all of them combined may not be as dangerous as the last one; smoking.

Smoking does several bad things to your body, but with this disease it sets the stage for an attack as nicotine irritates the lining of your arteries, and this pair is no exception.


Treating the symptoms of Carotid artery disease treatment begins with two very powerful natural nutrients; Vitamin E and polyphenols.

According to a study published in the November 2007 edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vitamin E helps with coronary artery diseases of all types, including this one, by reducing both oxidative stress levels as well as inflammation.

However, there are some other very important facts you need to know if you are selecting this nutrient as treatment.

Vitamin E is considered to be a class of chemical compounds as opposed to one select or specific type of vitamin.

For this reason, you need to select the correct form for it to be effective in fighting and preventing this disease.

The America diet utilizes the gamma-tocopherol form primarily, but the most effective form is what is used in Europe.

This is referred to as the alpha-tocopherol form and it is much more effective in not only protecting your heart, but also your veins and arteries.

Polyphenols is the next form of natural treatment for the symptoms of carotid artery disease that you should consider, and these are a group of chemicals found in fruits, vegetables, as well as other plants.

However, there is also a type of polyphenols referred to as EGCG that is found in green teas that is extremely effective at protecting all of you arteries, including your carotid arteries.

This form helps to smooth your muscles which will then help them to expand and tighten properly.

All of this combined will insure that your blood as well as the nutrient rich oxygen reaches your head and brain on a regular basis.


Either form of natural treatment for the symptoms of carotid artery disease should also include lifestyle changes.

This include quitting smoking, limiting your cholesterol and fat intake, regular exercise, and then backing up polyphenols with a variety of fruit and vegetables.

Potassium and folate supplements in addition to vitamin E and polyphenols will also provide additional antioxidants in protecting you against this disease.

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